Scorpio and Sagittarius Compatibility: Love, Sex & Relationships…

Scorpio and Sagittarius love compatibility

Lovers or fighters? It’s hard to tell with Scorpio/Sagittarius! They’ve got passion in spades and are sexy, horny beasts but their values and ways of looking at the world are vastly different. Sag likes to laugh, the Scorpion likes to brood – they often kill each other’s buzz with a single look.

The relationship is intense and full of misunderstandings – perhaps the only way to move forward is to base the relationship on sex – and eliminate talking – that’s when communication takes a nose dive. Scorpio is good with silence but Sag wouldn’t last five minutes – it’s hard to see how they can avoid a slice of World War III every so often.

Decoding Scorpio and Sagittarius friendships…

Initially Sagittarius might avoid Scorpio – finding them too joyless and intense but both are intrigued by the human condition and like to push boundaries – eventually curiosity draws them together and they form a mutual admiration society based on each other’s intellect. Sagittarius loves playing with words usually to create comedy and Scorpio has the soul of a poet – they use words to sculpt beauty.

Friends playing chess

As friends, love of language spills over into books, films and music. Sagittarius also uses Scorpios’ forensic eye-for-detail to proof read Job applications and other written submissions. Scorpio learns to be more spontaneous thanks to Sag – although if it means taking a spur of the moment road trip they’ll still formulate a mental to-do list.

There are times when Sag feels trapped in the friendship and is terrified of telling Scorpio they hang out with other mates on the sly. Scorpio too can find Sag a touch lightweight and immature – not everything should be reduced to a fart joke. Scorpio needs to control their jealousy and Sag should go for more sophisticate humor if this friendship is to last.

First signs of attraction & compatibility…

Often the first signs of attraction are verbal put-downs. Scorpio/Sag use words like swords and they try to landed deadly blows to deflect possible attraction. Scorpio won’t laugh at any of Sags’ jokes and perhaps raises an eyebrow of disdain. Sag encroaches on Scorpios personal space and makes stupid noises just to annoy them.

Hidden attraction

Both will be bristling – like cats in a cat fight. The problem is they’re not able to stay away from each other and Friends often remark, “If you can’t stand Scorpio/Sag why the hell do you always end up talking to them?” The answer is – mutual attraction and lots of sizzling heat.

The Scorpio and Sagittarius in relationships…

Sagittarius is a fire sign – burning bright and fierce and repelling anyone who tries to stand in their way -when Scorpio attempts to temper their impulsiveness a battle royal ensues. Sag hates nitpicking and glass half full attitudes whereas Scorpio just considers they are being thorough. Expect lots of fights about Sags’ lack of preparation – the Archer often storms off and disappears for days in order to cool down.


Scorpio is water which means they are sentimental and moody. The cone of silence is adopted when important dates are forgotten or not enough reverence is given to the past. This couple often take separate holidays and have separate friends – Sag likes to go on extreme adventures with 50 new acquaintances whereas Scorpio prefers listening to Viking sagas in a Norse bar with one or two long term friends. They just naturally rub each other the wrong way and spend a lot of time wondering why they love someone who makes them feel so miserable.

Where they may encounter turbulence…

When they’re not having sex – everywhere! Scorpio is a fixed sign – they view life as a serious of building blocks, organized in a linear sequence. When mutable sign Sagittarius enters the relationship picture, life changes to a scatter gun model which drives Scorpio insane. In order to survive Scorpio must try not to be too obstinate about change and Sag needs to practice the art of “preparation”.

Relationship tensions

The Archer gets silly with their zingers and one liners – Scorpio sees this as immaturity and doesn’t understand the need for pranks or pratfalls. Sag, on the other hand, accuses Scorpio of being a “Stuffed shirt” and a “negative Nellie”. Compromise is necessary to avoid them losing respect for each other.

When Scorpio and Sagittarius fall in love…

Scorpio, afraid of having their heart broken try to call things off – numerous times, which makes Sagittarius confused – “Aren’t we just out for a good time without all this break-up business!” Sag enjoys love and romances Scorpio with fun dates – think Luna park, comedy festivals and laser skirmishes whilst Scorpio goes for moonlight walks and candlelit dinners.

Red love hearts

Initially Sag views Scorpio as a comedy challenge and is intent on melting that icy exterior but they need to focus on sophisticated humor to guarantee any success. The physical attraction is so overwhelming that Scorpio/Sag overlook a lot of potential red flags and try to be on their best behavior to make good impressions. Hot sex temporarily patches up a many emerging cracks.

Scorpio and Sagittarius sexual compatibility…

Now this is where Scorpio/Sagittarius shine or rather explode – regularly! Both have highly charged sex drives and the electricity between them generates a natural urge to rip each other’s clothes off.

Sexual chemistry

Scorpio challenges Sagittarius to bring fantasies alive whilst Sagittarius injects joy and fun into love making. Sagittarius is a great kisser and not just on the lips – Scorpio is a master of pleasure and pain – expect them to be late to work – often – looking sheepishly flushed – these guys just cant keep their hands off each other!

Scorpio and Sagittarius marriage compatibility…

It’ll be very short lived if differences aren’t sorted out. Everything should be discussed beforehand – children, living arrangements, bathroom rules. For Scorpio in particular nothing is too small to over analyze and, although it drives Sag crazy, the process is necessary.

Just married couple

Scorpio proposes marriage – it may come after years of too- and-froing. There’s no guarantee freedom loving Sag will say yes – they are wary of Scorpios possessive and controlling ways. When the wedding does go ahead expect a combination of elegance and goofiness – think Armani suits with bright red firemen braces. The first year of marriage is always hard with Sag struggling to accept the exclusivity of “Till death do us part”.

Children are on Scorpios’ agenda – Sagittarius initially resists but gives in to make Scorpio happy. Children are a uniting force – Sag discovers they are a good parent, even if it’s in the big kid kind of mold and Scorpio loves the unconditional love that children provide. There’s bound to be arguments over their differing parenting styles but both would walk over hot coals to make their offspring happy.

The Good:
Awesome sex life.
They like to push the envelope.
The Bad:
Scorpio thinks Sagittarius is immature.
Sagittarius thinks Scorpio is glass half empty.
They have little in common.
Compatibility Score

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