15 Honest Pieces of Advice for the Taurus Sign…

Taurus Advice

Taurans are known as some of the most level-headed creatures in all of the zodiac. They know are reliable, independent and can be counted on by others.  However, even the best of us can sometimes do with a little bit of honest advice to help us on our quest for self-improvement.

Without further ado, here are 15 honest pieces of advice for the Taurus sign.

1. Don’t suppress your sensuality!

As a Taurus, you are incredibly sensual and this is not something which should be suppressed. You crave intimacy, connection and sensual play (don’t confuse sensuality for sexuality here), so you need connections, friendships and loving partnerships that honor your sensual nature. Due to the other major aspect of your personality and earthy nature, which is your need for security, structure and practicality, suppressing your inner sensuality is the same as suppressing your senses; you need to feel free to explore your own senses and express yourself.

This can be done through a number of means, such as dance, art, poetry, walking in nature, cooking or any creative craft. Just remember how important this aspect of yourself is.

2. Remember your yang.

You are a feminine sign which means you are predominantly yin. The opposite of yin is yang, the masculine, action-oriented and “assertive” force of the universe. Yin and yang complement each other and construct a whole- a unity. Balancing your inner yang, therefore, can help you develop confidence and healthy self- esteem, and lead to your self- empowerment and ability to speak your truth.

Yang relates to the sun, the solar, active, will-oriented and light aspects of both the natural world and our own natures. Yin links to the moon, the lunar, passive, subconscious and dark or shadow aspects. You have a tendency to be over-emotional, or at least wholly passionate about something (or someone?!). This can lead to some of your shadow personality traits emerging. Any activity which helps connect you to your inner yang will assist in overcoming any potential “negative” traits of being a feminine sign. Honest advice? Remember your yang and aim to balance your yin and yang energies within.

3. Let it shine.

You, dear Taurus, are very talented. Whether this be talent in some creative craft, professional path or unique gift or ability, your talent shines through. And your friends and family want you to shine, as when you shine you inspire others to shine too – and further inspire others! Accepting and embracing the magnificence of your gifts and strengths allows you to be a way-shower for others, and everyone needs some inspirational energy and motivation in their lives. The other perspective to this point is that you can sometimes shy away from our true self just to appease others. Stop doing this and be your true, brilliant and real self.

4. Meditation is your medication.

One of the major shadow elements of your personality is your temperament and subsequent “outbursts.” On the whole, you are chilled and relaxed, laid back and down-to-earth person, actually more so than most. However, you do have a bull-like temper which can sometimes show its head, and when it does you can be very explosive. Or, at the very least your perspective- regardless of how true and wise it is- doesn’t come through in the best way. The most effective thing you can do, therefore, is to practice and integrate meditation into a daily routine.

Meditation is your medication, or at least it should be! When you meditate you fill yourself up with empty space, chi and consciousness awareness, which further allow you to be an observer of your thoughts, feelings and emotions. You can begin to start responding instead of reacting, and this is the key to success and peace of mind in all areas of life.

5. Admit defeat.

Let’s be real, you can extremely stubborn. Actually, you can be so stubborn that you often get in your own way. Learning to admit defeat, or admit your mistakes and when you may have “just once” been wrong, is the key to your success. Your innate drive for stability, security and sensuality can all be enhanced and secured through admitting defeat from time to time. This also teaches humility so you can continue to shine and excel!

6. You are ruled by Venus, so don’t become a martian!

Venus is the ruler of Taurus and Venus is a feminine planet of love, beauty and sensuality. Venus rules the finer things in life, art, nature, music, luxury, material wealth and prosperity, and divinely inspired creative expression and works. She (as Venus is a planet and all planets are conscious) also rules sexuality in a pure, “godly” and divine sense. The best way to understand this is in relation to her opposite or dual planet, Mars. Mars is another planet of passion, sexuality and love, yet he is completely opposite to Venus. Whereas Venus is about divine or pure expressions of love, Mars represents lust. Whereas Venus values inner beauty, Mars has a passion that can become aggressive, destructive or domineering.

So, some key advice to survive, thrive and shine as a Taurus is to steer towards your ruling sign and her traits & qualities, and not become “Martian.”

7. Loyalty is to self too…

You are incredibly loyal, and it is an admirable trait to possess. BUT it is important to remember self- love and loyalty to yourself. Practicing self- care and engaging in a daily self- love routine can greatly help you develop the loyalty you need for yourself. This will not only strengthen your own talents, professional goals and successes, and self- worth, but also your relationships with others. Love for self is love for others!

8. Ground yourself – daily!

As an earth sign daily grounding is essential to your health and well- being. Meditate with crystals, learn about special gemstones, plant seeds, garden, walk barefoot on the earth, light some candles and incense in prayer, and journal to your heart’s content… All of these will aid greatly in the inner feelings you desire; comfort, security, and connection to yourself, others and the world around. Quite simply, get grounded. This is the most helpful piece of advice anyone could give you.

9. Remember your manners.

You are very honest, laidback and easy-going- with a fabulous down- to- earth and relaxed nature. This signifies that you have a strong level of self-assurity and a strong sense of “expectancy,” i.e. you expect others to be like you. How can someone possibly be so dishonest? What do they mean they were lying? I don’t understand, they weren’t on my wavelength after all? These are just some of the questions many Taurus’ find themselves asking when hidden truths come to light.

The implications of your down- to- earth and honest nature are that you can often come across in ways you never intended. In other words, you can be misjudged! A lot. To counter this, it is important that you remember your basic manners and take a page out of tradition’s book. Traditional values and “things your parents’ taught” will help you go a long, long way in life, and they may just be your saving grace. Remember that not everyone is on your wavelength, so being mindful of tradition and respect for others are paramount.

10. Don’t suffer for others’ shadow!

Linking to the last point is the importance of self- respect, it is very well being supremely kind, generous and loving towards everyone else (which you naturally are, so don’t let anyone ever tell you otherwise), but where does this leave you? A tendency to “suffer for others’ shadow” can be prevalent, and this means that in your desire to be a genuine, sincere and honest kind-hearted person, you may be played for a fool. Other’s can deplete you- mentally, emotionally and spiritually- or deplete you of your resources, many of which you have worked hard for!

Furthermore, other people’s shadow traits, the parts of self which are less than holy, pure and desirable, can weigh you down or you may feel the need to take on their trauma, darkness or wrongdoings. This is not healthy for you Taurus!

11. Find your calling.

One of the best things for a Taurus sign is to find their passion, calling or creative craft. Taurus’ are incredibly creative, so expressing yourself creatively or artistically and mastering that trade/ craft/ skill is deeply empowering, and further great for your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual well- being. Your calling will be unique to you, but do set intentions for finding and aligning with your inner creativity and extraordinary sensual-creative-earthy power!

12. Accept your sexual nature.

So, it was suggested earlier to not confuse sensuality with sexuality. This is true, however, Taurus’ still have a vastly sexual nature. Sexuality is a beautiful thing and finding a lover or soulmate on your wave to express yourself sensually and sexually is important. This can also help your inner non- sexual passions, and stimulate your creative and imaginative self. To keep it short and sweet, be open to love and sexual- intimate self- expression.

13. Develop your intuition.

Developing your intuition and spiritual- psychic gifts can help you considerably, and in many aspects of life. You are very practical and level- headed, and this is by no means a flaw or negative. However, your strong sense of practicality and realism may sometimes leave you overlooking the importance and power of your intuitive self.

Learning about spiritual or esoteric systems and developing a spiritual practice will help with this. Developing your intuition and spiritual awareness can also lead to greater intellectual, imaginative, creative and innovative realms of thought.

14. Be healthy!

This cannot be stressed enough. Quite simply, you are an earth sign AND a feminine sign, ruled by the planet Venus. This is a triple whammy in terms of your physical body and health. Cut the sugar, change the “treats & sweets” to fruits and herbal teas, and be mindful and conscious of the foods you eat. Curves are beautiful, or a bit of healthy weight is fine, but sugars, fats and carbohydrates can be extremely damaging to your health. Eat healthily and mindfully, Taurus.

15. Learn to let go.

Finally, learn to let go. Travel, take frequent mini outings, or bursts of adventure… these can all help you balance and liberate your need for structure, routine and security. Also, “lighten up” and remember to balance your need for responsibility, hard- work and physical or material success with joy and being in tune with your inner child. Finally, harmonize your strong independence with a healthy sense of co-dependence. Let go and surrender to the other parts of yourself which aren’t so apparent or integrated. You may be a practical, security- loving, highly grounded and realistic earth sign, but you are also made of light. So lighten up, with love.

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