15 Hidden Properties of the Diamond Birthstone…

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Diamond birthstone

Birthstones offer a unique opportunity to connect with your birth month and harness many incredible metaphysical properties that can assist you throughout your day-day-to life.

If you were born in the month of April then one of your primary birthstones is the diamond – a highly sought-after gem that’s renowned for its rarity and value.

The diamond is an extremely powerful birthstone for the Aries and Taurus, which is capable of bringing strength, abundance and even boundless creativity. You can tap into the many hidden properties of this stone by simply wearing or being in close proximity to a diamond.

To help you to better understand the meaning of this birthstone here is a full list of it’s metaphysical properties.

1. Diamonds can help to protect you from negative energies.

With the help of your diamond birthstone, you can stop negative energies and spirits in their tracks. This can leave you feeling more positive about your surroundings and more optimistic about your future.

2. Diamonds can bring you great clarity and truth.

Should you feel a bit foggy or confused about the direction that you should be taking in life, your diamond birthstone can bring you a sharp sense of clarity about any task or decision that you may be facing.

3. Diamonds can soothe the soul and melt away stress.

If you are feeling anxious about a particular situation, you may find yourself surprisingly calmed by being in the presence of a diamond. The energies that emit from this stone can help you to forget about all of your problems, leaving you feeling refreshed and care-free.

4. Diamonds can enhance your connection with the spiritual realm.

With the aid of the diamond birthstone, you can form a much stronger to the spiritual realm. This stone serves as a constant reminder that the material world is not all that exists around us. If you’re looking to get more in touch with your spiritual side then the diamond is an excellent way to do this.

5. Diamonds can be used to attract and manifest great abundance.

The diamond is a powerful birthstone for attracting abundance and prosperity in every aspect of your life. They have the capacity to turn you into a magnet for success. Suddenly, you will be seeing great opportunities everywhere you go, which you might not have otherwise spotted.

6. Diamonds help you to tap into your intuition.

You might find that your sense of intuition is dramatically heightened when in the presence of this stone. You’ll be able to sense things that you couldn’t previously, helping you to make better decisions and steer clear of any obstacles.

7. Diamonds can bring you great strength.

The diamond birthstone is an energy amplifier that never requires recharging. The energy emitted by this stone is believed to bring great endurance, stamina and overall strength. When you’re nearby one of these stones you’ll be a real force to be reckoned with.

8. Diamonds can assist with emotional growth.

This birthstone can be used to move passed mental obstacles that you may be burying deep inside or struggling to overcome. They can help you to tackle your inner demons in a way that allows you to overcome them once and for all.

9. Diamonds can stimulate creativity and imagination.

Should you find yourself feeling uninspired or suffering from writers’ block, the diamond is said to be phenomenal for bringing more creativity into your life. This birthstone can be a powerful aid for writers, musicians, poets or anyone in the arts.

10. Diamonds can be used to attract more love into your life.

If you’re feeling unlucky in love and are in need of a bit of assistance then the diamond can help attract more romance and affection into your life. You’ll find people are more receptive to your advances and more eager to get to know you whenever you have one in your possession.

11. Diamonds can bring feelings of invincibility and fearlessness.

Diamonds are well-known for being some of the strongest and most indestructible stones around. They can bring with them a feeling of total invincibility to the wearer. You’ll feel less fearful about “what might go wrong” and more willing to make the type of bold moves that can pay off big time.

12. Diamonds can open up your chakra channels.

This birthstone can assist greatly with opening up all of your chakra channels but will particularly hone in on the 7th chakra – which is also known as the crown chakra. The crown chakra can help you to connect deeply to Mother Earth and the universe around you.

12. Diamonds encourage self-respect and love.

Wearing this stone can instill confidence and make you feel as valuable and respected as the diamond itself. If you’re feeling down on yourself and as though you aren’t worthy of love then this stone will remind you of how worthy you are.

13. Diamonds can help to restore your energy levels.

Are you feeling tired, worn out and like you don’t have enough energy to complete all of your tasks? The diamond birthstone can help to rejuvenate your energy levels in a major way. You’ll feel as though there is nothing stopping you from completing that to-do list.

14. Diamonds can scare away nightmares and bad dreams.

If your dreams are plagued by negative imagery and bad vibes then the Diamond is said to be a good remedy. They can help to encourage much more positive and vibrant dreams – the types that you wake up from feeling happy and refreshed.

15. Diamonds can reinforce faithfulness.

This stone is believed to be highly effective for bringing longevity to struggling relationships. It can reinforce feelings of love and faithfulness for both the wearer and their partner. If you are in a relationship that needs a bit of assistance then the diamond might be the perfect aid.

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