Leo and Pisces Compatibility: Love, Sex & Relationships…

Leo and Pisces love compatibility

Leo/Pisces were born to do drama together so there’s more twists and turns than a soap opera – and they love it. This romantic rollercoaster has all the hallmarks of a Shakespearean tragedy – melt downs, blazing rows and painful reunions. At times it’s not very healthy or constructive but if they decide on elevation instead of destruction it could be a beautiful thing.

Both are creative and wildly imaginative but have tendencies towards mania – they need to visit the real world every to avoid burn out and maintain relationship with practical friends who can turn their flights of fantasies into financial bonuses – exhausting, but always exhilarating.

Decoding Leo and Pisces friendships…

Leo/Pisces usually make for excellent friendships because their differences and similarities are so complimentary. Mystical Pisces brings out the natural protector in Leo – often friendships are formed when the Lion steps in to stop Pisces being bullied or intimidated. The other meeting arena is anywhere with a creative heart – whether it be working as graphic designers for the same company or running into each other at a gallery opening. Their friendship is fantastically cerebral and hours are spent deconstructing movies, art, theatre and the length of a piece of string.

Tight friendship

Old soul Pisces calms Leos restlessness with a good dose of mindfulness. There’ll be lots of grumbling when Leo finally dons the Yoga pants but it’s a sign of respect and friendship commitment. Sometimes Leo/Pisces’ tendency for self-absorption creates a temporary estrangement and Pisces joins a cult whilst Leo gives into heavy partying. They’ll miss each other like mad but eventually gravitate back – onces the crazies are out of their system.

First signs of attraction & compatibility…

These two really are champion flirters – Pisces moves in like a shark – silent, deadly and intense whilst Leo pounces- verbally and physically. What happens next is unexpected – a lull occurs where each sign gets overwhelmed by the electricity between them.

Flirting action

Witnessing restraint with these two is when you know attraction has set in -Leo might see Pisces to their car and end the night with a firm hand shake whilst Pisces goes home early to meditate on the encounter. The ground beneath them has shifted and it takes a week or two before the handshakes and meditation turn into making out.

The Leo and Pisces in relationships…

Leo is a fixed zodiac sign so they plant their flag in a piece of ground and build from there – everything has progression and connection. Not Pisces though, who as a mutable sign, operates like a game of snooker – thoughts and ideas shoot all over the place, in opposing directions. This drives Leo crazy – watch out for Migraines and panic attacks caused by an inability to plan anything with surety. Constant blowups occur and often the pair arrive at functions terribly late and looking daggers at each other.

Creative Soulmates

But the thing is, they’re attacked to the craziness and determined to make the relationship work. Both are passionate and forgiving – usually it’s impossible to remember what yesterdays’ fight was about. They have fun together as well – playful and childlike Leo/Pisces spend weekends playing old school-video games or laser tag.

Holidays are planned with recuperation in mind as Leo has workaholic tendencies and Pisces is always on the verge of a nervous breakdown – think detox escapes or remote retreats where they can shut the world out and get some sexy time happening.

Where they may encounter turbulence…

Jealousy is a prime source of turbulence. Pisces collects attention to bolster their lack of self-worth – as soon as there’s trouble in paradise – off they go to spread the love. Leo is a collector too but with the Lion it’s all about ego stroking and power – they don’t necessary set out to be unfaithful but they do get themselves into some tight spots. Leo/Pisces need to establish that cheating is not a go- to response whenever things get difficult.

Relationship bickering

We probably need to talk about mental health too. Both burn and crash – but Leo goes into resistance and denial. Pisces must teach Leo that it’s okay to fail and go a little loopy occasionally and to trust putting their well-being into the hands of a fishy soulmate. Looking out for each other and listening to each other is critical for stability.

When Leo and Pisces fall in love…

Leo is a fire element sign – impetuous and very much a rampant bush fire when falling in love. Their dazzling personality attempts to ignite Pisces’ passion with tried and true methods – think sky writing, hot restaurants and dancing till dawn. Like a runaway train there’ll be acceleration and no brakes – particularly with Pisces who Leo recognizes as a similarly adventurous soul. It becomes frustrating because Pisces is never out of a relationship and is likely to have two or three love interests on the go – Leo may well confront them and claim possession which causes the first of many blazing rows.

Vibrant love

As a water element sign Pisces is likely to try and douse Leos fire – they are happy with multiple love interests and never feel quite ready to settle down. They also keep every ex-lover in their lives which doesn’t sit well with Leo at all. Feeling pushed in to relationship Pisces breaks it off with Leo multiple times – there’s so much to and fro-ing that Friends give up on asking about the relationships status.

Leo and Pisces sexual compatibility…

Its a good match – partly due to the fact that Pisces is very chameleon and able to adjust their bedroom play to the needs and wants of their partner. Pisces romantic history usually means they have had a greater range of sexual experiences and can seamlessly move the Lion to new positions and proposals.

Bedroom passion

Leo spends their life thinking they are in charge of what goes on in the bedroom but if you look closely the master is really Pisces. An athletic duo with a copy of the Karma sutra on their bedside table Leo brings passion and Pisces intensity into the bedroom.

Leo and Pisces marriage compatibility…

Leo may push for marriage – just to confirm Pisces is committed to monogamy. Alternatively, they could have an open relationship for years which does nothing but inflict continuous pain on each other. If there is a wedding expect it to be styled by Leo – Pisces will choose the setting – often on a beach or by water.

Marriage compatibility

They’re arestless couple who move houses a lot and possibly countries. They also do a lot of talking about plans and goals but seem to sabotage just when the prize is within reach. Sometimes Leo/Pisces just go off the grid only to resurface when they want to complain about each other. It’s a colorful, chaotic relationship and no one can figure out why they stay together.

Children happen during a good patch and the notion of parenting is quite romanticized. The realty is something else – it’s a bit like children raising children in regards to emotional capacity, however there’s plenty of love and excitement. Leo provides play and risk taking and Pisces brings spirituality and spontaneity into the home. If these two make it their children will give them a standing ovation.

The Good:
Leo protects Pisces.
Pisces fuels Leo’s soul.
Passionate lovers.
The Bad:
A twosome with bad habits.
Beware the green-eyed monster.
It's fight club.
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