Cancer and Sagittarius Compatibility: Love, Sex & Relationships…

Cancer and Sagittarius love compatibility

Cancer/Sagittarius make a great stand-up duo with Cancer playing the straight man and Sag going for laughs. They replicate this dynamic in any relationship – Cancer is continually trying to save Sag and get them to grow up – it’s pointless and useless as it will never happen. The archer makes it their lifelong ambition to loosen up Cancer and get them laughing – Sag loves a tough audience and sometimes loosening does happen.

One needs freedom and wide vistas – the other Home and intimacy – it’s going to be hard work – trying not to squash each other’s dreams – and without comedy the relationship turns quickly into tragedy.

Decoding Cancer and Sagittarius friendships…

They frustrate each other but sometimes, begrudgingly, mutual respect develops. Both have different energy levels – Cancer thoughtfully works through a project whilst Sagittarius has ten on the go – Cancer plans extracurricular activities – Sag is totally spur of the moment. How they become friends is a mystery – even to themselves.

Cancer and Sagittarius friendship

The perfect analogy for these two is “Shrek and Donkey” – a grumbling home loving Ogre forced to protect his home by saving a Princess meets an over-positive hyperactive donkey who just loves the idea of adventure. Their relationship is totally Cancer and Sag – the unflappable archer bats away the crabs’ fears and caution and drags them out of their comfort zones.

At the heart of things both are very kind people which enables trust – although Cancer will remain eternally cautious when it comes to Sagittarius flights of fantasy and Cancer needs a nana nap or two to recover from all that high voltage energy.

First signs of attraction & compatibility…

Sag makes Cancer laugh – the Crabs sense of humor is sophisticated, dark and often absurd – you don’t often hear them laughing out loud but when these two signs click they discover in each other, a fellow devotee of subversive comedy – think Monty Python, Ricky Gervais and Black Adder – Crab laughter will happen.

Flirty couple laughing

Sag flirts with words – compliments, stories, jokes – listening to feel good anecdotes relaxes Cancer who turns on the sensuality – leaning in close to hear, stroking hands and unbuttoning their top button. Sag/Cancer flirting is sweet and sexy.

The Cancer and Sagittarius in relationships…

This is a bumpy ride punctuated by moment of crazy bliss. Sag are commitment-phobes and gypsies – every time these signs get comfortable and love seems on track Sag is liable to head for the hills or skip states. This leaves Cancer in a perpetual state of anxiety – only temporarily diminished by the Archers’ return and entreaties for forgiveness. This could become a bit of a revolving-door relationship.

Roaming couple

Cancer is a cardinal sign – they want to initiate, control and performance manage the relationship which is near on impossible when you’re going up against a mutable sign that flip-flops and back-flips on an hourly basis. There’ll be lots of blowups and cool downs – often Sagittarius won’t even realize they are in the bad books.

In moments of crazy bliss, they cook up a storm and buy seasons tickets to comedy festivals. Athletic and energetic, Sagittarius is likely to have numerous sporting activities on the go – Cancer is happy to play the part of an enthusiastic supporter and massage tired muscles after the games. There’s laughter and lots of smooching – if only in small doses.

Where they may encounter turbulence…

Sagittarius can be flippant and tactless – they don’t mean to – it’s just that comedy is their natural default. Sensitive Cancer is crushed by thoughtless words and tail spins into passive aggressive behavior. When the emotional volcano eventually erupts Sag accuses the Crab of making mountains out of molehills and Cancer places another notch in their grudge belt.

Cancer and Sagittarius argument

Commitment and differing agendas will cause a clash of the Titans. Making something work where one person has perennially itchy feet and the other one doesn’t want to stray beyond their front door is so tricky. Cancer might continually give Sag one more chance to settle down and Sag might keep returning just because it’s a safe harbor – for a short while – they won’t be doing each other any favors.

When Cancer and Sagittarius fall in love…

In the “love conquers all stage” they’ll be out to impress. Both are great foodies – dates consist of wine trails and gourmet dining with a few rom-coms thrown in for good measure. Emotions are high as Sag/Cancer exist from date to date – usually Cancer does the follow-up or both swear it’s only a fling but still keep ending up in bed together.

Falling in love

If Sag is in a bit of a hiatus from travelling the universe or gained some semblance of maturity, and Cancer doesn’t get too clingy or desperate they might just be able to wing it – still much of the relationship will be kept secret from their respective friends – both fear disproving looks and admonishment.

Cancer and Sagittarius sexual compatibility…

Sagittarius is athletic and fun – they are likely to blow raspberries on your stomach and use tickling as foreplay. They are also curious and have plenty of stamina – so all in all, a riot in the bedroom. Cancer brings romance and intensity – they want sensual touch and passionate words – candles music and a slow reveal.

Playful couple in bed

What you have here is a water sign (Cancer) and a fire sign (Sag) with very different styles – Cancer crave ebb and flow and gradual build ups to tidal wave climaxes whilst Sag just burns all the way through – relentlessly. It shouldn’t work but sometimes it does – laughing decreases Cancers performance anxiety and romance improves Sagittarius technique – sweet times can be had between the sheets.

Cancer and Sagittarius marriage compatibility…

“You’ve got to know when to hold them and when to fold them” sang Kenny Rogers. Unfortunately, this doesn’t apply at all to Cancer/Sagittarius. Sometimes Cancer sees marriage as the final destination – no matter how arduous the journey and browbeats Sag into matrimonial submission. When this happens, divorce is only a matter of months away. But if Sagittarius suggests marriage it’s a true sign of growth and ability to commit – there’s a much better chance of a Sag instigated marriage lasting.

Marriage compatibility

Cancer creates and maintains the home and often Sag has a career that involves travelling – think Soldier, Pilot, Diplomat. If trust is firmly established with Cancer happy to have a part time partner this relationship can work. Children are Cancer-raised and showered with presents and activities when their Sag parent is present – in this household they’ll grow up feeling secure but with a sense of adventure.

The Good:
Sagittarius makes Cancer laugh.
Gourmet heaven.
Cancer gives Sagittarius a home.
The Bad:
Trust issues abound.
Sagittarius gets cold feet.
Cancer feels used.
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