Taurus and Libra Compatibility: Love, Sex & Relationships…

Taurus and Libra love compatibility

It’s a like uniting a square and a squiggle. Taurus has sharp edges, and doesn’t enjoy deviating whereas Libra is all over the place – in a delightfully insane kind of way. They can frustrate each other to a level that requires medical attention – Taurus conservatism headbutts with Libras’ Liberal view.

But, if willing to iron out a few critical sticking points and eliminate religion and politics from their pillow talk – love and respect does often blossom. Watch out for huge learning curves and lifelong mentoring on both sides.

Decoding Taurus and Libra friendships…

Friendships often begin with an automatic dislike of each other. Intuitive Libra is upset and shocked by some of the more outrageous and tactless statements that Taurus spews forth – Taurus thinks Libra is a scatterbrained hippy. Its only by when they work together intensely – perhaps as colleagues or study partners – that respect starts to cut through.

Taurus and Libra friendship

Both are keen on aesthetics – they like things to be beautiful and memorable so when a communal project is undertaken headbutting inevitably occurs along the way – but by completion differences are appreciated and tolerated – especially when the end product is something neither could have singularly achieved.

A Taurus/Libra friendship is built on trust and honesty – in the best pairings they reach out for different perspectives and play devils’ advocate on critical decision. To keep the friendship wheels smoothly turning, Taurus must soften their acid tongue and Libra should to focus on reliability.

First signs of attraction & compatibility…

Emphatic Libra flirts with everyone which won’t impress the Bull who may feel played and respond with sharp words. If smitten – which happens to Libra 3 or 4 times a day – they just keep trying to soften those crusty Taurus edges with charming compliments and soothing words.

Libra and Taurus attraction

You can tell that Taurus is starting to feel the burn when they adopt that “deer in headlights look” and become extraordinarily clumsy – glasses of Moet are spilt, doors walked into and banana peels slipped on. Friends are often asked not to invite Libra to the next function as the Bull can’t stand them – nothing could be further from the truth. It’s a merry dance that requires Libran persistence to crack the Taurean nut.

The Taurus and Libra in relationships…

It’s a bit like pairing off Winston Churchill with Marilyn Monroe – Taurus is a blustery beast – opinionated and conservative – thankfully smart Libra knows perfectly well how to manipulate the Bull – friends are often in awe when magic is woven to make this crusty old professor-type rethink their original stance. Taurus protects Libra from being too impulsive or allowing undeserving people and activities to emotionally drain them. They are an odd couple but endearing and amusing.


Both have a strong romantic streak and a love for music – dancing, music festivals and even joining a choir or forming a band are not uncommon activities – although Taurus will always vote for traditional jazz and Libra – modern free form.

These two adore food – it acts as a natural accompaniment to everything – happy times, sad times and sexy times – they don’t particularly enjoy structured excerise – but need to watch out for extra love handles – perhaps taking Tango lessons or regular bushwalks are solutions for Taurus/Libras tightening waistbands.

Where they may encounter turbulence…

As mentioned, politics and religion can be thorny subjects. Libra is more transcendental than organized religion and Taurus more free market than socialist. Neither are extremists – they are quite capable of appreciating each other’s view – in fact Libra likes the philosophical balance that opposing perspectives create.

Grumpy couple

Libra is chronically untidy and their filing systems are anything but alphabetical – a red flag to practical Taurus who colour codes and forensically cross references. We suggest hiring a cleaner or allocating a messy room for Libra creative projects – in order to avoid a Taurus meltdown.

When Taurus and Libra fall in love…

Lots of teasing occurs as the signs settle into their respective roles. Earth sign Taurus eye-rolls and prays for strength as air sign Libra spreads fairy dust throughout the universe – but is ultimately captivated by their charm. Expect the bull to get a slightly funkier haircut and Libra to temporarily discard the tie-dyed Kaftan range.

Love sign

Libra, as a cardinal sign, likes to lead and initiate and drags Taurus into the 21st century when it comes to art, music and literature appreciation. Taurus, as a fixed sign, wants to stay exactly where they are in regards to opinions and interests – they’ll complain about modernisation being part of the devils’ work – but secretly like all the Libran attention and effort.

Trust may take time to build – Libra doesn’t believe in justifying where they are going and with whom which unsettles Taurus who feels left out of the picture – often this behavior leads to an ultimatum and the Bull demands commitment or splitsville!

Taurus and Libra sexual compatibility…

If Taurus is willing to undo that starchy top button a whole world of imaginative play awaits them with a Libra partner. Imagine weekend getaways to get some alone time and raunchy role playing to boot. In many ways hiding behind a character makes Taurus feel more comfortable – and that’s great because creative Libra has thousands of scenarios to investigate.

Taurus and Libra in bed

Both signs are ruled by Venus – the planet of love – expect plenty of intimacy, touching, kissing and declarations of love. The only Taurus/Libra stumbling block is that the Bull occasionally becomes addicted to sex with Libra – using it for constant escapism – they should try mixing it up with cardio and meditation to unleash those feel good endorphins and give exhausted Libra a break.

Taurus and Libra marriage compatibility…

Taurus opts for the white wedding and elegant ceremony and may chose a historic place like Paris or Tuscany. Intuitive Libra doesn’t require a piece of paper to feel committed but goes along for the party and dancing – and because it’s what makes the bull feel secure.

Taurus and Libra wedding

Their marriage is one of constant compromise – but not in an adverse way – after years of being together Taurus likes the softer version of themselves and Libra discovers they have followed through on more creative ideas than ever thought possible – all with the Bulls support.

Children are probable – Libra dresses them loud mismatched hippy pieces which Taurus then swaps for Country road ensembles. The household is always full of music and good baking smells – with singalongs around the piano and cute traditions that just organically evolve over the years. Taurus tells Dad Jokes and Libra dresses just a little too young for their age – embarrassing, but parents that are very loved by their children.

The Good:
Protective of each other.
Music brings them together.
Two sides of the same coin.
The Bad:
They can clash philosophically.
Taurus is a bit of a fuddy-duddy.
Libra is too happy-hippy.
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