Scorpio and Capricorn Compatibility: Love, Sex & Relationships…

Scorpio and Capricorn love compatibility

It’s a slow burn – which often means “Good things come to those who wait!”. Scorpio and Capricorn test potential partners and have secret tick lists which require achievement before moving to the next level – they want to see how a potential partner rates on holidays, in social settings and in the sack.

When they finally realize that near perfection is standing right in front of them it’s a beautiful thing and a truly great zodiac love affair emerges. Expect hearts, flowers and cannons going off in the distance as Scorpio/Capricorn smooch their way into permanent bliss!

Decoding Scorpio and Capricorn friendships…

Initially there’s a fair amount of distrust – Scorpio thinks Capricorn is cold and calculating and Capricorn finds Scorpio distant and aloof. They warm to each other through activities involving teamwork – think sport, schoolwork or business projects. Once thrown together shy Scorpio realizes Capricorn has the same attention to detail and is willing to receive input. Capricorn comes to appreciate Scorpios ability to follow through from inception to completion.

Scorpio and Capricorn friendship

As friends these two can morph into the Kings and Queens of taste and culture within their social group – something which could see them labelled as snobs if brand-love gets out of hand. But, for the most part Scorpio/Capricorn friendships are sturdy and solid – creatures of habit they’ll attend sporting games together, revisit favorite restaurants and have each other’s family over for dinner on a regular basis.

First signs of attraction & compatibility…

Scorpio/Capricorn often move in the same circle for a while without feeling the fluttering of attraction, then one day a penny drops. It might be a thank you or a token of appreciation – a small gesture that makes them see each other in a new – romantic light.

First signs of attraction

Capricorn usually has their heads buried in work and Scorpio comes across as secretive and impenetrable – when the chink appears, small steps are made towards romance – a gaze, a smile and even swapping numbers on the pretext of carpooling. Expect sharp new hairdos and high-end fashion as a means to further ignite the attraction. – although Prada at the laundromat can look out of place.

The Scorpio and Capricorn in relationships…

Once in a relationship they appear rock solid – only because both believe in sorting out differences behind closed door. Capricorn is the earth element and future forward – they want things in logical increments and together with Scorpio they’ll create timelines for marriage, mortgages and children. Scorpio is the water element – deeply emotional and sentimental – they enjoy the planning and construction of a future but balk at buying a house if it doesn’t feel like a home.

Scorpio and Capricorn couple

For the most part they bring out the best in each other – armed with finely honed aesthetics they research joint purchases with an eye for form, functionality and price. Family and friends are important as well – Scorpio/Capricorns’ generosity ensures support is given during hard times and adversary. They make a wonderful networking team with Scorpio gaining trust and Capricorn attracting admiration from people who help them succeed. A private powerhouse duo who always look perfect for every occasion.

Where they may encounter turbulence…

Capricorn is a cardinal zodiac sign – born leaders who are used to running a tight ship – their way! Scorpio is a fixed zociac sign which creates fear of change and extreme obstinance. Goals must have meaning and if Capricorn seeks to ruthlessly progress up the corporate ladder or makes relationship decisions without consulting Scorpio a dark and difficult time prevails.

Distant couple

Both have a tendency to put walls up – Capricorn says “I’m not letting you mess with my head” and Scorpio replies, “I’m not letting you stomp on my feelings”. They get lost in mind games and recriminations when things aren’t going right and word are that can never be taken back. Neither are good at saying sorry so the stony silence behind closed doors can last forever.

When Scorpio and Capricorn fall in love…

Although Scorpio/Capricorn move at a slow and gradual pace they revel in the “falling in Love” stage. Both signs want desperately to prove that they’re an outstanding catch – not unlike that TV text book on romance, “The Bachelor”, expect extravagantly planned dates and a slow build of physical intimacy.

Love balloons

Privately Scorpio/Capricorn cull all other contenders and spend an in ordainable amount of time on personal appearance. But its not just about the superficial – Love brings out good qualities in Scorpio/Capricorn – at work they smash out tasks and in private they visit neglected family members. Capricorn becomes more caring than ever whilst Scorpio spreads new found warmth to all and sundry. Its obvious romance is in the air.

Scorpio and Capricorn sexual compatibility…

This is where things get interesting – Scorpio possesses dark desires and, whilst Capricorn has abundant sexual energy, they sometimes opt for a brilliant shade of vanilla, sexually. Scorpio is highly intuitive and knows what buttons to push and what to avoid but seeks intimacy on a very deep level – when frustration sets in sex goes out the window.

Sexual compatibility

Capricorn needs to try a few new tricks and Scorpio needs to speak up – after all the Goat isn’t a mind reader! When this happens in a safe and non-judgmental environment great sex is possible.

Scorpio and Capricorn marriage compatibility…

Capricorn is a traditionalist and that includes marriage, Scorpio needs the security and commitment that such a convention provides and together they’ll meticulously plan a classy wedding with family, friends and oodles of VIPS.

Honeymoons are often delayed due to work commitments – both find it hard to wrangle windows of opportunity from their busy schedules – not to worry, Scorpio/Capricorn always make time for love and leisure but perhaps at the next round of holidays.

Wedding party

Their home is a sanctuary where the public masks come off, and when not buying, selling and renovating, they spend quality time behind closed doors drinking fine wine, eating beluga caviar and making love.

Children are a must-have, although Scorpio is bound to be more hands on. Financially, everything is provided for and Capricorn selects the best schools and academic activities. Family holidays and get togethers are essential and create precious memories – woe betide any child or parent (Yes that includes workaholic Capricorn) who is absent – Scorpio has a long memory and will never forget that one time the family was abandoned. Dramatic – yes, but delivered with love!

The Good:
Commitment is for life.
Upwardly mobile.
Private but passionate.
The Bad:
Problems in the bedroom.
Capricorn leads too much with their head.
Scorpio leads too much with their heart.
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