Scorpio and Aquarius Compatibility: Love, Sex & Relationships…

Scorpio and Aquarius love compatibility

It’s a weird mashup – the Dark Lord and the Mad Scientist. Both are as different as night and day and yet there’s often a strange attraction and intrigue that can’t be defined. Aquarius’ endless curiosity loves the terrifying beauty of Scorpios’ mind and Scorpio champions the Aquarians need to save humanity – no matter how pointless they think the effort is.

Indeed Scorpio/Aquarius are so different they become complimentary – Scorpios’ Dexter-like eye for detail and Aquarius broad-bush inventiveness combine to create things of wonder including a lasting and fulfilling relationship.

Decoding Scorpio and Aquarius friendships…

Scorpio/Aquarius friendships are often born of necessity. Aquarius has an idea for a car that runs on distilled water but needs Scorpio to check the design blueprint. Scorpio needs mental health tweaking and uses Aquarius’ psychological wisdom to let go of the past. When they discover a talent lacking in themselves, gratitude and friendship blossoms – they seize the opportunity to get projects and ideas realized.

Scorpio and Aquarius friendship

As friends Scorpio/Aquarius use each other as sounding boards, seeking out relationship, career and lifestyle advice. They may start an online business or a charity together – Aquarius predicts the need for products or services and Scorpio creates the emotional buy-in through incisive marketing.

Sometimes the water bearer goes walkabout if the friendship becomes claustrophobic – Scorpio overreacts to this abandonment promising revenge and hellfire, however, absence does the heart grow fonder – Aquarius returns and talks Scorpio down from complete annihilation and within a week they’re combining talents once again.

First signs of attraction & compatibility…

It’s usually Scorpio who makes the first move after discovering they are attracted to Aquarius’ off-center intellect and expansive compassion. As well as using their mesmerizing charisma, Scorpio provides offers of assistance – whether it be moving house or completing a job application, giving them the chance to showcase their skills.

Initial attraction

There’s also a sense of “getting” each other’s humor – Scorpio’s loves of black comedy compliments Aquarius attraction to that which is kooky and offbeat. Romance may blossom from a love of Monty Python or The Young Ones – before you know it Scorpio/Aquarius are quoting lines and gazing intently into each other’s’ eyes.

The Scorpio and Aquarius in relationships…

Scorpio is born under the water element, meaning they are sensual creatures who prioritize trust and security – they build relationships and move them forward. Aquarius is born under the air element and needs change and chaos to thrive – they duck and weave when it comes to staying in one place. On the surface these opposing traits should clash but Aquarius loves that Scorpio remains a mystery and is willing to settle down because there’s still so much to explore and unlock. If Scorpio doesn’t hold the relationship reigns too tight a fascinating couple will emerge.


Both are drawn to ideas and experiences such as religion, time travel and medieval sword fighting. Expect Scorpio/Aquarius to always be off on an unusual path of discovery – this includes holidays – think archaeological digs and tours of the most haunted houses in Paris. They also gather an eclectic and diverse group of friends who vary in race, age and political beliefs – there are plenty of lively dinner parties with conversation to fill Aquarius’ head and Scorpios’ soul.

Where they may encounter turbulence…

If Scorpio gets too clingy or starts issuing ultimatums it’ll be all over Rover! Aquarius doesn’t want to be questioned endlessly about their loyalty or to provide a breakdown of their daily movements. On the other hand, Aquarius needs to turn down their cool and detached dial – reassure Scorpio with words and physical affection to keep them feeling secure.

Relationship argument

Both are fixed signs which means they’ll fight to the death for something they believe in – stubbornness and an unwillingness to compromise has the potential to cause a Mexican stand-off where neither sign concedes an inch. Scorpio/Aquarius need to thoroughly investigate any deal breakers before becoming committed.

When Scorpio and Aquarius fall in love…

It’s exciting and exhilarating – both are scared to death but the adrenaline puts them on a permanent high. There’s a lot of star gazing and dreamy looks as if they’re hiding a gorgeous secret. Friends notice Aquarius is more nutty and forgetful than usual and that Scorpio is full of light and joy.

Vibrant love

Aquarius like to do the unexpected – they could turn up a 2am outside Scorpios’ house armed with a Mariachi band or spontaneously book an experience with Lions at the local zoo. Scorpio goes for romance and elegance – candle lit dinners and week end getaways in front of a roaring fire. There’ll be the odd stumble where both feel they are in too deep and call time out but this only lasts a day or so – inevitably there’s a midnight call or visit, begging for reunification.

Scorpio and Aquarius sexual compatibility…

This is actually pretty spectacular. Aquarius is un-shockable and finds Scorpios’ dark desires intriguing. Basically, both signs are up for anything – Scorpio comes up with raunchy bedroom games and Aquarius’ love of change embraces each new experience.

Sensual compatibility

Cameras, toys and lots of zips and leather are used – Scorpio/Aquarius may well be the filthiness Zodiac coupling – their sex life is a life-time journey, guaranteed to keep the relationship alive and sizzling.

Scorpio and Aquarius marriage compatibility…

It’s always hard getting Aquarius to see the point of marriage, but if anyone can, its Scorpio. Some might call it manipulation and Scorpio certainly has the coercion knack – in fact Aquarius often think they came up with the idea in the first place. Aquarius might leave the finer details to Scorpio with a broad brush-stroke decree to “Make it anything but boring!”. Its quite possible a mystery wedding is planned with clues for guest to find the venue, bride and groom – Location will either be a cathedral or run-down country church with lots of spooky history.

Wedding rings

Married life has ups and downs – Aquarius gets itchy feet and wants to move to another town or country whilst Scorpio settles for life – both have a tendency to suffer from depression caused by Scorpios dark thoughts and Aquarius’ grief for humanity’s’ future. Tenderness and an amazing sex life usually heal all wounds and brings the sun back out.

Scorpio wants children, Aquarius is unsure – it may or may not happen depending on who debates the argument more vehemently. If they decide to go childless you can be sure Scorpio adopts a vast menagerie of rescue animals including the odd snake and tarantula which Aquarius tolerates – such is the depth of their love.

The Good:
They make each other laugh.
Their differences complement each other.
They have an amazing sex life.
The Bad:
Scorpio gets jealous.
Aquarius gets preachy.
Opposing beliefs can ruin the relationship.
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