Sagittarius and Pisces Compatibility: Love, Sex & Relationships…

Sagittarius and Pisces love compatibility

It’s a stormy, explosive affair. Like the Titanic, they are bound to hit an iceberg, but, unlike the Titanic, its going be more than one. Pisces has a track record for sabotaging relationships with behavior that ranges from stalker-like terror to sleeping their way through the pack. Sagittarius possesses an acid tongue and itchy feet – they’ll come out fighting when cornered and make a run for it.

However, the Pisces personality is a master at emotional manipulation and continuously draws the archer back with promises to behave. They drive each other nuts but they are also nuts for each other – at the end of the day they both thrive on drama and excitement. Its amazing how many times theses signs are willing to get back on the relationship merry-go-round.

Decoding Sagittarius and Pisces friendships…

As friends they are a solid combo – attracted to the fact that each is on a philosophical journey to find meaning. Pisces is often deeply spiritual and Sag likes the calm and focus this brings to their chaotic lifestyle – expect Sag to adopt Yoga poses or attend church with Pisces – they won’t necessarily believe but they’ll find the practice therapeutic.

Creative friends

Together Sag/Pisces are a creative force. Sag gives the extra sparkle to Pisces ideas – think a killer riff for a dreamy love song or a dynamic catch phrase for a shiny new product. Pisces blossoms with the belief Sag has in their capabilities and grows in confidence “Its okay to dream big!” says the Archer and Pisces buys into this simple mantra.

These are goofy friends with lots of teasing and light-hearted silliness. They’re the ones on the dance floor breaking out draggy moves or wearing ugly Xmas jumpers in July. Sag knows how to get Pisces out of a funk and Pisces nourishes Sags capability for compassion. In the friendship zone they are very, very good together.

First signs of attraction & compatibility…

Both love a good flirt fest and they don’t take each other all that seriously at first. But, the attraction is lightening quick – neither are hung up on waiting to get hot and heavy on the second or third date. Friends know exactly where all that cooing and eye batting is going – straight to the bedroom – if they make it home.

Sagittarius and Pisces attraction

The thing is, once Sag/Pisces start flirting with each other they just can’t stop and find ways to be in each other’s presence so that the attraction-dance can continue. They’ll go home together many times and with other people before talking about commitment.

The Sagittarius and Pisces in relationships…

Both are mutable zodiac signs which means they embrace change and spontaneity. As a couple they’ll travel to far flung places together and follows whatever’s new and emerging in the arts and entertainment world. They’ll also adopt fitness fads – expect Paleo one week and Israeli diet the next. They enjoy physical activities – Pisces loves happy endorphins and Sag likes getting rid of all that bottled up energy – you’ll catch them at the gym and enrolled in Trapeze lessons.

Happy relationship

When they’re good they’re really good – when they’re bad everything goes to crap. Just when the relationship is humming along nicely, Sag or Pisces get bored and creates chaos – often by flirting with other people or suddenly calling the relationship off. There’ll be recriminations, packing of bags – Pisces usually threatens to throw themselves off a bridge.

Friends phone each other and warn, “It’s happening again – get out of town!” – sounds of plates smashing and doors slamming are heard, several blocks away. Sag goes into hiding, Pisces hunts them down and despite swearing that the relationship is dead for all time Sag relents and gives it one last chance – yet again!

Where they may encounter turbulence…

Sagittarius is a fire element sign – independent, adventurous and unafraid to make mistakes. Pisces is a water element sign – loving, intense and prone to melancholy. As a couple they need to strike a balance which allows Sag to go walkabout, on occasion, and permits Pisces to get sentimental and teary on a regular basis. Instead of lashing out and getting frustrated by each other’s behavior, they should adopt a more supportive and carefree attitude.

Broken heart

Pisces over-analyzes everything whilst Sag hates to talk, ad nauseum, about feelings and gets verbally prickly if pushed – in some cases more action and less talking is a better and more constructive option. They need to hold and soothe each other, and keep their mouths shut before words are said that can’t be taken back.

When Sagittarius and Pisces fall in love…

“Falling in love” for Sag/Pisces is about discovering each other. This couple work their way backwards from meeting then landing in bed two seconds later, to sharing passions, interests and probably – last names. This includes dating outside the boudoir – they start by hanging out and get involved in joint activities like jogging and after work drinks.

Red love balloon

As the contact increases so does romance and they move from casual activities with groups of friends to one on one tropical getaways and mountain retreats. Pisces cooks nurturing and healthy food whilst Sag introduces the fish, wine tasting and exotic ingredients. Gradually they stop dating other people and notions of exclusivity start popping up but Pisces is terrified of being hurt and Sag of losing control. It’s a struggle that sees them blowing hot and cold for some time.

Sagittarius and Pisces sexual compatibility…

Some adjustment is required. Sex is a high priority for both signs but Pisces gets very intense and probably needs to lighten up so that laughter and fun are part of their repertoire. The Fish is also way too “giving” and the Archer too “taking”.

Sexual compatibility

If Sag continues to let Pisces do all the pleasing and doesn’t pay attention to what turns them on the result is a very frustrated and resentful partner. If Sag is more generous and Pisces less serious really good stuff happens in the bedroom and elsewhere.

Sagittarius and Pisces marriage compatibility…

Sometimes they opt not to marry – concerned that their relationship has a track record of being rocky and combustive. When they do take the plunge it’s usually spontaneous or after a very short engagement – it might be seen as a way of making the relationship more stable.

The wedding is low key – Pisces hates a lot of tizziness and Sag just wants to dance – expect a ceremony in the park followed by some serious boogieing at the local reception hall. The one thing they do splurge on is a honeymoon – both like collecting memories rather than things – it’s usually an off the track location in a faraway land.

Black and white wedding

Career wise Pisces seeks security whilst Sagittarius flits from job to job, getting bored easily – this may be a bone of contention and when you add that to the 101 other things Sag/Pisces fight about, divorce courts are always looming. Believe it or not this couple also has the reputation for remarrying each other not once but sometimes twice.

Children are often accidental which works out well for these perennial non-planners. Sag may have a moment of “Oh God now my life is really over!” and if Pisces is female they need to watch out for hormonal changes that affect mental health. The good thing is Sag/Pisces are doting parents who mature significantly when they have to focus on someone else.

The Good:
They love the intensity.
Sagittarius provides Pisces with self-belief.
Pisces blesses Sagittarius with compassion.
The Bad:
Not good for Pisces mental health.
Too much drama.
Sagittarius craves too much freedom.
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