Leo and Virgo Compatibility: Love, Sex & Relationships…

Leo and Virgo love compatibility

A comedy of errors – Leo/Virgo are forever working through misunderstandings and mending communication fences. Often, it’s as if they speak different languages – friends play the role of interpreters “what she really meant…”, “what he is trying to saying…” are common conversation starters for intermediaries.

In a relationship they remain a constant mystery to each other – at least neither is going to get bored. Leo brings flash, splash and panache whilst Virgo supplies the relationship with detail, order and grace. Enduring fascination and a willingness to compromise might just keep them together – fingers and toes crossed.

Decoding Leo and Virgo friendships…

Probably not “do everything together” kind of mates as they are bound to have wildly different interests and pursuits. They may be part of a shared friendship circle or work in different departments of the same company – think Virgo in accounting or compliance and Leo in sales or marketing.


It takes a major event to intensify the relationship – think weddings, funerals, Xmas parties – where Leo/Virgo find themselves talking about things other than work and superficialities. Leo discovers a razor-sharp mind and Virgo realizes the Lion is not a total ego maniac.

Friendship is based on their individual strengths – Leo goes to Virgo for practical advice on health, relationships and finances. Virgo seeks confidence and assertiveness training from the Lion. They probably won’t holiday together but may well go into business – combining Leo’s leadership and Dynamism with Virgos ability to troubleshoot and problem solve. There’s a good chance that any ventures will earn substantial coinage.

First signs of attraction & compatibility…

Leo pounces and Virgo, invariably, plays hard to get, rebuffing the Lion and appearing completely underwhelmed by their charms. This of course drives Leo into a frenzy of heightened passion – they pull out their A game and deliver super-hot maneuvers. The funny thing is that such scenarios are usually Virgo-devised and orchestrated.

Hidden attraction

They’ve probably observed the flamboyant lion in action – noted that everyone submits to their charisma and decided to go in totally the opposite direction. If played correctly Leo becomes a love-sick pussy cat showering gifts and attention on Virgo who only thaws when the deal is signed, sealed and delivered with a promise of commitment.

The Leo and Virgo in relationships…

Leo is a fire element sign and in such a tricky relationship the flames burn furiously – whether it be in moments of passion or during blazing rows. Virgos pedantic nature – and their need to always be right drives Leo to distraction. An unpredictable couple who can turn on a dime – kissing one minute and throwing vitriol bombs the next. Leo also fears growing up and when paired with mature Virgo tends to act like a spoiled brat – throwing temper tantrums and deliberately trying to sabotage the relationship.

Leo-Virgo couple

Virgo is an earth element sign – solid and centered. They might be quiet and shy but don’t mistake that for weakness or lack of will power – this sign embraces their inner control freak with religious fervor – they strive for order and the Lions’ innate messiness drives them nuts – so does the endless partying. A much older Leo and younger Virgo are probably more suited.

In a relationship Leo/Virgo probably shouldn’t live together but if they must the home needs walk in wardrobes and several shoe towers for fashion conscious Leo and minimalist furnishings to suit Virgos’ aesthetics. Leo/Virgo are a stylish elegant couple – into fitness and building prosperity who desire and despise each other in equal amounts.

Where they may encounter turbulence…

When you combine hypochondria with self-absorption codependency occurs. Virgo frets over every cough, bump and bruise and encourages this behavior in their Lion. As a couple it’s not unusual for them to doctor shop until they get the desired diagnose – as prescribed by Google – be careful of prescription drugs and overuse of antibiotics.

Relationship tensions

Leo doesn’t deal well with aging and Virgo wants to be in control of how they look – plastic surgery nightmares eventuate unless surgeons firmly tell them enough is enough. Trust may also be an issue for Virgo – they know Leo likes to spread the love around – but is it just words – or words followed by actions? Leo needs to be silly and play – Virgo must pull back on the wet blanket attitude and give the Lion space to express themselves.

When Leo and Virgo fall in love…

Both have high energy levels – lots physical activities occur – dancing, sport, gym hiking. Activity is a good thing – Virgo needs endorphins to reduce their anxiety and Leo to keep their temper at bay. Virgo is a bit of a tease – for much off the “Falling in love” phase they love-starve Leo who shamelessly begs for morsels of affection. It actually makes the attraction between them electric.

Love balloons

Leo loves to show off on a fancy date and Virgo demands a clean kitchen and movie time. When it comes movie genres they surprisingly enjoy thrillers and action films – Virgo enjoys being scared and Leo is addicted to adrenaline. There will be coolings-off and reunions, over the top frustration and some wild accusations – expect a bumpy ride.

Leo and Virgo sexual compatibility…

Virgo may look like butter wouldn’t melt in their mouth but there’s actually an inner tiger that they unleash in the bedroom which challenges and inspires Leo. Virgos about quality rather than quantity and as a mutable sign can mix it up, change techniques, fast track and rewind all in a split second.

Leo and Virgo kissing

Leo, as a fixed sign, possesses a bag of bedroom tricks which whilst showy and playful may need expanding. These signs work well in the bedroom if they are willing to grow and experiment together sexually and if Virgo doesn’t withhold sex as emotional punishment.

Leo and Virgo marriage compatibility…

Virgo loves a wedding and Leo loves a party so if they manage to combine flashy with elegance it’ll be a fairly eye-popping affair. Both like the idea of marriage – Leo wants to protect loved ones and build a fabulous fortress and Virgo wants to show everyone their version of a perfect home, children and marriage.

Wedding party

It won’t always be easy though – determined to build careers, houses and families all at the same time – there’s a real chance of exhaustion and not enjoying the present. Top level negotiations are undertaken on everything from raising the children to vanity handles – often the negotiations will tip into world War III. When kids come along they replace friends as mediators. The whole family may need a lifetime of therapy to survive.

The Good:
Virgo teaches Leo patience.
Leo teaches Virgo to have fun.
They are fascinated by each other.
The Bad:
Messy Leo drives neat freak Virgo crazy.
Negative Virgo brings Leo down.
Poor communication abounds.
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