Gemini and Taurus Compatibility: Love, Sex & Relationships…

Gemini and Taurus love compatibility

These two run very different races when it comes to love. The Taurus sign is slow, methodical and direct. The Gemini sign takes one step forward, two steps backwards, stops to smell the roses and then embarks on an unexpected detour.

The trick is to sync them so that love can blossom. Most likely Taurus will get there first – patient and stubborn the bull can wait for a long time – until Gemini realizes that fireworks of the red hot passionate kind are about to explode.

Decoding Gemini and Taurus friendships…

Gemini/Taurus don’t really gravitate towards each other when they are young. Air sign, Gemini is all over the place like a rogue wind testing boundaries and cutting loose. Taurus is conservative, steady and probably wearing a pocket protector.

Friendships are more likely to develop with age – after Gemini has crashed to the ground enough times to know that being measured isn’t necessarily a bad thing – and when Taurus has lost some of their youthful self consciousness.

Taurus and Gemini friendship

As mature friends these signs admire what they once found tedious in each other. Earthy Taurus shows Gemini how to achieve some semblance of stability – think financial advice or career planning and Gemini coaxes Taurus out of their shell to participate in extroverted activities like karaoke and interpretive dance.

First signs of attraction & compatibility…

Taurus believes in actions rather than words and the first signs of attraction are often offers of help – perhaps moving house or volunteering to be designated driver on a night out with friends. They seek to impress – to show Gemini they have substance.

Gemini and Taurus attraction

Talkative Gemini may be unusually quite but in keeping with their twinning nature are likely to blow hot and cold. Poor Taurus is often unsure as to whether they are actually in a relationship – spending a lot of time moping until Gemini gets serious about commitment.

The Gemini and Taurus in relationships…

They’ll either be really amazing or the couple no one wants at dinner parties. Much depends on the level of emotional intelligence. Taurus is a fixed sign meaning they like structure and well thought out planning – Gemini is mutable and requires a daily dose of creativity and free thinking.

Gemini and Taurus in relationships

If both signs are in the right head space and mature enough, then Gemini can continue to be the dreamer as Taurus puts energy into turning those dreams into reality. In this sense they make good business partners and work colleagues – friends will envy their ability to achieve the impossible.

If this duo fails to be in sync Geminis tongue lashes Taurus within an inch of their life and no one does grumpy and broody like the bull. That’s when you take them off your dinner party list.

Where they may encounter turbulence…

Gemini and punctuality have problems co-existing and Taurus believes lateness is about wasting someone else’s time. Its a small thing that causes the worst Gemini/Taurus rows. A tip for these signs, Taurus – move all the clocks back by half an hour in your shared household. Gemini – the first outfit was always the one you were going to wear – save time and go with that one.

Relationship proeblems

Geminis ability to flip flop and plan on the hop will also drive Taurus to distraction. Uncertainty makes the bull feel nervous and insecure. Alternatively Gemini becomes agitated with predictability and hates the bulls tendency to micro manage. A few sessions of couples counselling may be needed to sort these issues out.

When Gemini and Taurus fall in love…

Gemini, ruled by fleet footed Mercury, is sure to lead Taurus on a merry dance. Its almost like they are trying to shake the bull – which is partially true – being hamstrung by love represents the death of their individuality. Taurus on the other hand is ruled by Venus – the mother planet of love.

Taurus/Gemini in love

Once the bull acknowledges their feelings – nothing – not even Geminis bad behaviour – will act as a deterrent. Its not unusual for a drunken Gemini to ring Taurus at 3am to bail them out of a holding cell. Once they form a strong connection they will basically always have each others backs.

Gemini and Taurus sexual compatibility…

Here’s where Gemini can unlock some of that Taurus reserve. Athletic, flexible and armed with a wicked imagination this sign can introduce the bull to role playing, dirty talk and props. Go with it Taurus – you know there’s more out there than just the vanilla.

Gemini/Taurus in bed

Lessons will need to be doled out in stages – if Gemini empties their whole bag of sexual tricks in one session Taurus may head for the hills and never come back. Once again maturity and the ability to empathize with each others position (in Geminis case there a multiple positions) will enhance activities in the bedroom.

Gemini and Taurus marriage compatibility…

When Gemini/Taurus find themselves in the same romantic space and Gemini stops saying yes, no, maybe – marriage is a real possibility. Gemini needs to have sown their wild oats and Taurus must trust that the twinning sign is really here to stay.

Wedding planning will not be easy as the control freak and loosey goosey clash over style, venue guests, food – just about everything. If they do survive the wedding there’s a good chance the romance might last a lifetime – it’s all about realizing that resistance is futile.

Getting married

Parenting comes surprisingly easy for these two as they appreciate the different textures each brings to raising children. Taurus builds the home and sets boundaries whilst Gemini makes up fantastic stories and thought provoking games. Children of Gemini/Taurus are often bright, well rounded and very loved.

The Good:
Taurus gives Gemini roots.
They give each other room to move.
They have each other’s back.
The Bad:
They give up before they get started.
Gemini speaks before they think.
Taurus can be too stubborn for Gemini.
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