Gemini and Sagittarius Compatibility: Love, Sex & Relationships…

Gemini and Sagittarius love compatibility

When two social butterflies meet there’s bound to be wining, dinning, laughter and fun. Its going to feel like a whistle stop world tour with so many re-connections in airport lounges you’ll think Gemini and Sag are auditioning for “Love Actually” – the sequel. Intelligent and nimble – there may well be enough substance to challenge both signs for a lifetime – if they can keep track of and pin each other down.

Decoding Gemini and Sagittarius friendships…

Friends with wanderlust Sag/Gemini are the perfect pair to travel overseas for a gap year or, even in old age, embark on a Contiki tour together. Gemini always wants to change plans at the last minute and Sagittarius loves to go off the beaten track but they find it easy to accommodate the habits and whims that irritate others.

Gemini-Sagittarius friends

Back in the real world they keep each other inspired by researching and planning the next big adventure. There’s a genuine recognition that boredom is worse than death for either sign so they prank each other, organize surprise birthday parties and locate the newest most fashionable restaurants and nightclubs to attend. Energetic and at time silly a Gemini/Sag friendship is similar in spirit to a pack of untrained puppies.

First signs of attraction & compatibility…

Playful, energetic and probably talking at the speed of light – partly due to nervousness and partly because that’s the way they are. Both zodiac signs are mutable signs which means they are free flowing and great communicators – there will be lots of intellectual prodding – neither wants to be with someone who’s one dimensional and hasn’t got layers like an onion.

Gemini-Sagittarius attraction

Gemini is tactile and has unashamedly sensual body language – think pelvis tilting, hair flicking and neck stroking. Sagittarius dazzles with their razor sharp wit and natural timing – they’ll bring out the best stories and deadliest jokes to tickle Gemini’s funny bone. Literally, they often fall into each others arms and in love whilst laughing.

The Gemini and Sagittarius in relationships…

Busy. Busy, Busy – its good thing these two are experts at social media because Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are platforms necessary for keeping in touch with each other – especially if they are not in the same country – and they are very likely to have jobs where travel is a requirement.

Gemini-Sagittarius couple

Gemini/Sag aren’t the sort to try and define their relationship either, or to put parameters around it and a kind of “If it ain’t broke why fix it” mentally reigns – which means monogamy may not be a deal breaker. The childlike quality in these signs is bound to see squabbling as a regular occurrence – but half way through a dispute they often crack each other up or forget what the issue was.

Athletic and into all things physical team sports where mates can be involved are a must – think mixed netball, futsal and basketball – although whether Gemini/Sagittarius can commit to a full roster will always be a challenge.

Where they may encounter turbulence…

Not making the relationship a priority can see them drift apart – and when they realize no one compares, regret and sometimes bitterness set in. Don’t leave things unsaid or not done until its too late. The problem is Gemini/Sag gets sustenance from so many people and other interests its hard to focus on just a twosome.

Relationship problems

Anytime an air sign (Gemini) and a fire sign (Sagittarius) get together they need to construct a memorandum of understanding. Gemini must allow Sagittarius to blaze like a bush fire with single minded ideas until they eventually burn themselves out and Sagittarius must accept that Gemini has a tendency to blow hot and cold and is unable to finish anything. Big personalities require big open spaces.

When Gemini and Sagittarius fall in love…

Falling in love – for Gemini and Sagittarius – is both thrilling and down right terrifying. They might try to run away from each other by accepting a transfer interstate or overseas but continue to use their advanced stalking capabilities to check out statuses and updates on social media.

Couple falling in love

Its hard to resist one another because they play so well together and friends continuously get surprised by the lame excuses Gemini/Sag come up with in order to accidentally cross the others’ path – “Oh I had no idea Sag worked in that bakery, I was just dying for a sausage roll” or “I’ve always been into collecting 19 Century coat buttons – I was genuinely shocked to see Gemini had a stall at the button festival.” No one but the signs are buying into those coincidence theories.

Gemini and Sagittarius sexual compatibility…

They play like a bunch of kittens on speed – tickling, scratching biting and wrestling are all to be expected. Childlike and full of energy Gemini/Sagittarius are in it for the pleasure, not necessarily the passion. Sometimes they play so hard they give up on completing the act and exhausted, fall asleep.

Gemini-Sagittarius couple in bed

Like puppies they mark their territory and, as world wide travelers, each new country or city must be christened with a celebratory bonk. Visually curious creatures these signs are also turned on by beauty and are driven heavily by physical attraction.

Gemini and Sagittarius and marriage compatibility…

Its not likely to be a priority but should they decide on heading down the aisle there’s a good change that the marriage will stick. That’s because neither are going to enter into the act lightly – intellectually they’ll have had internal deliberations and probably couples counselling – just to avoid things going pear shaped.

Getting married

An open marriage is a possibility or one spent in separate houses, on different continents – as long as they maintain that keen ability to communicate – old age might just deliver a porch and a rocking chair built for two.

Any children are treated as Global citizens – passports are heavily stamped by the age of 6 and Gemini/Sag may choose home schooling just so that the family’s’ nomadic existence can continue, unabated.

The Good:
Global citizens.
Fun, funny and rather fantastic.
Brilliant minds.
The Bad:
Constant scheduling clashes.
Distance can make the heart grow disinterested.
All play and no hard work.
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