Gemini and Libra Compatibility: Love, Sex & Relationships…

Gemini and Libra love compatibility

These two are probably never going to finish anything and that includes their relationship. There will be half written songs and plays, blueprints for houses that never get built and unused exercise equipment in the spare room.

Gemini and Libra flit through life, sometimes completely without direction but always bringing light and laughter to old and new friends. They may be hopeless but you just want to hang out with them for the silly grin they put on your face.

Decoding Gemini and Libra friendships…

Gemini friendships are often more constructive or practical than relationships – especially when influenced by finishers in their group. The greatest example of Libra/Gemini dynamics is that of two wanna be musos – John Lennon and Paul McCartney – energy and talent to burn but balanced by two other band members – that is until love killed the bromance. Together they bought us some of the 20th century’s greatest songs.

Musical friends

When Gemini/Libra combine their creative juices amazing things can happen – social and charming they’d sell ice to Eskimos and are always exciting other people with their ideas. They often start numerous businesses together and – with the right backing – success is a real possibility.

Because they do truly adored each other sometimes friendships flip into relationships and that’s where things can go awry. Alternatively the depth of exclusiveness in their friendship gets in the way of developing lasting romances – Gemini/Libra – please don’t let love pass you by.

First signs of attraction & compatibility…

Two air signs together are giggly and nutty. That immediately attraction makes them appears light and sparkly – a warm summer breeze effect. Both are outrageous flirts so expect things to progress quickly and yes there will be over the top displays of public affection.

Gemini and Libra flirting

Libra loves love and Gemini craves attention – they retreat into their own little world when the sparks start flying. Expect Libra to serenade Gemini and Gemini to pull out their best Saturday Night Fever dance moves. It doesn’t get much more sickening than these two in the first stages of romance. Thankfully they have a habit of disappearing of the face of the Earth to privately worship each other behind closed doors.

The Gemini and Libra in relationships…

They are the bright shiny nucleus of their friendship circle. Once Gemini/Libra emerge from their love fest and are ready to mingle again with the rest of humanity a social whirl of activities fill their calendars. Friends get invited to murder mystery nights, themed dinners and karaoke battles. Neither are very good at time management so expect to be invited 20 minutes prior and eat before you go – the main course might not be ready till midnight.

Gemini and Libra relationship

Gemini is a mutable sign which means they go with the flow and are flexible. Libra is cardinal – they like to lead and manage. Its a good combination because this dynamic allows the twins to constantly brainstorm whilst Libra works out the how to – neither know how to finish something so their world will be full of half made projects – which doesn’t worry Gemini/Libra – life is about the journey not the destination.

Where they may encounter turbulence…

At some stage Gemini may tire of being a perennial Gypsy and seek to put down roots – and for all Geminis keen intelligence they usually miss the signs. Sometimes its necessary to hit the twins over their head with a reality mallet – Libra you need to speak up and not harbor resentment.

Gemini-Libra relationship problems

Gemini is blunt and lacking in tact whereas Libra possesses advanced diplomatic skills. When they argue hurtful things are often said that Libra never fully recovers from. Gemini – work on your emotional maturity and think before you speak.

When Gemini and Libra fall in love…

When Gemini and Libra fall in love they recognize a soul mate and someone who has the capacity to put up with their deficiencies. Libra does a lot of mooning around and star gazing which is normal for them because they are always in love. Gemini showers Libra with expensive gifts – Libra is likely to write exquisite love letters and compose symphonies dedicated to their new muse.

Gemini and Libra in love

The twins who are naturally commitment shy may test Libra by acting out – not calling, flirting with someone else or forgetting an important date. Emotionally intelligent Libra usually understands that this is behavior born out of insecurity. They’ll gently read Gemini the riot act and bring harmony back to the relationship.

Gemini and Libra sexual compatibility…

They’ll spend the first few months of a fresh relationship in bed pulling out all the bells and whistles and inventing some new ones. Earthy Libra loves being loved and is generous between the sheets. They are famous for their kissability and numerous other oral skills.

Gemini and Libra sexual compatibility

Gemini adores the human body and its capacity for sensual pleasure – The Twins bring circus to the bedroom – gymnastics, acrobatics and probably a trampoline or a trapeze. Gemini/Libra are also quite loud – if your their next door neighbour – invest in a pair of noise cancellers.

Gemini and Libra marriage compatibility…

It has all the potential to make a good if unorthodox marriage. They may live in a commune or build a home out of egg cartons and hazard alert! – clutter will abound!. Gemini can be anxious and overthink things so Libras calm and easy going temperament is a good balance for marriage. They both have a love of fantasy and shocking people – the actual wedding is bound to be different – think medieval, Shrek or Star Wars themes.

Aries and Libra marriage

Children are a good idea as they will force Gemini/Libra to be a tad more responsible although its still possible for the baby to be left on the bus. Where children are not in the 5 year plan – if indeed there is a plan – these signs are happy to live a nomadic existence – and give birth to artistic endeavors instead.

The Good:
Artistic alchemy.
The hostesses with the mostesses.
They inspire each other.
The Bad:
They never finish anything.
Indecisiveness can kill the romance.
Watch out - chaos ahead!
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