Leo and Libra Compatibility: Love, Sex & Relationships…

Leo and Libra love compatibility

All hail! Announcing the arrival of his/her royal highness Leo – followed by the zodiacs’ number one mistral and merriment maker – Libra! Yes, in the fairy-tale kingdom of Leo/Libra there’s songs, laughter and excitement a-plenty. It’s a stellar if not slightly chaotic relationship, supported by mutual respect and admiration.

Fiercely protective off each other, they work tirelessly to build a legacy of creative output and professional success – only occasionally falling in a heap which is usually due to the tyranny of distance or sheer exhaustion. A couple to bet on in the longevity stakes.

Decoding Leo and Libra friendships…

At the core of their friendship is a flaunting of convention. Leo stands out because they want attention and to be remembered for doing things differently. Libra defies the norm because they are driven to create balance and therefore look beyond existing conventions. Drawn to each others’ spunk and tenacity, Leo/Libra often discover powerful ways to combine talents – think Libra writing songs for an outrageous front man or Leo drumming up support for Libras’ crowdfunding cause.

Happy friendship

These two are in and out of each other’s lives as their careers take off, in different directions – Leo is more likely to view power and prestige as the ultimate prize whilst Libra seeks socialist ventures that have a feel-good vibe. Being worldly travelers, they tend to meet up all over the planet with a connection that is immediately rekindled – 5 years apart and within 5 minutes this sentimental twosome is laughing over good times and fond memories.

First signs of attraction & compatibility…

Oh dear, the flirting that goes on here is truly outrageous. Air element sign, Libra, is an empath and reads body language with the skill of a forensic detective – one-minute responding like a warm summer breeze – all warm and soothing and the next, unleashing a gale force wind of attraction. The fire element rules Leo – its often a burn all – taking no prisoners kind off flirting. The Lion appears luminous and intense and sexual sparks literally leap from their presence.

Major flirting

The attraction starts in performance mode – Leo holding court at a party or Libra singing in a folk club – they seek each other out and before you can say “Get a bucket of iced water” these Zodiac hotties are flirting up a storm – it could result in just a one-night stand – neither are particularly prudish about sex – or the beginning of a lifelong passion.

The Leo and Libra in relationships…

A gorgeous fashion forward couple who frequently turn up late to events, but hey – who cares, cos that’s when the party really gets started. These two initially spend a while working out priorities and goals simply because they are having too much fun turning up at galas, festivals and red-carpet events.

Leo-Libra couple

To outsiders its almost over night that their party loving friends suddenly do a 360 and move over-seas to start up new careers or announce there’s a little Leo/Libra on the way and that’s because Leo gets restless and Libra embraces change.

They are passionate but not clingy – Libra is happy for Leo to hog the spotlight although the Lion educates Libra in the arts of self-belief and showmanship. Both love learning – whether it be via experiences or formal education and much time is spent trading opinions or planning a Himalayan assault. They also make plenty of time for Saucy activities – in the bedroom and on top of Mount Everest.

Where they may encounter turbulence…

The biggest problem this Zodiac couple encounter is advice from well-meaning friends. Leo mixes with movers and shakers who think Libra is flakey and lacking in ambition. Libra hangs out with Artsy sorts and the odd bleeding heart – they think Leo is arrogant and even cruel. Leo/Libra must be careful not to let the hidden agendas of others tear them apart.

Distant couple in bed

There are other traits which might create some head butting – Leos’ temper, rashness and sometimes thoughtlessness requires a strong Libra reign. Alternatively, Libras messiness and indecisiveness has the potential to ignite some Lion-type fury. They need to make slight adjustments to irritating habits.

When Leo and Libra fall in love…

Libra turns into a squishy marshmallow and Leo has the brilliance of a shooting star! The Lion orchestrates dates to facilitate name dropping – high-end restaurants and film premiers – and shamelessly invites Libra to watch them do whatever they do well – compete in sporting events, receiving awards, leading motivational classes and so on.

Deep love

It’s up to Libra to tone things down, to introduce a calm and soulfulness into the relationship – this probably happens through family as both have strong ties – which in Leos’ case keeps them real – think Sunday barbeques and occasionally babysitting the nephews and nieces.

There’s potential for jealousy to interrupt the bliss – the ego takes a battering when Leo realizes Libra weaves their sensual soft-spoken charm on everyone. The problem is they want that charm all to themselves and must learn to share – not an easy task for a possessive sign.

Leo and Libra sexual compatibility…

Leo thinks they rock between the sheets. As a fixed sign, they are set in their ways and don’t sometimes take constructive criticism well. Libra, as a cardinal sign, also likes to lead but do it by persuasion and good timing.

Deep passion

Once the Lion has executed all his/her signature moves – in rapid succession, Libra moves in for the slow dance and provides lessons in anticipation and imagination. It takes a bit of time to reach compatibility but when they get there it’s nothing short of miraculous!

Leo and Libra marriage compatibility…

Marriage is not a priority unless it’s for family or a green card – although Leos do like a party! Leo/Libra are often too busy having adventures and living in the moment to think that far ahead. Children are the same – when you’ve got a Lion for a partner that’s already a child and a half – Libra are happy to devote their nurturing skills to one partner or a dozen offspring.

Marriage compatibility

Homes are full of priceless objects, musical instruments and nostalgic mementos. Leo/Libra create a sense of community wherever they land and soon become known for their block parties and musical soirees. Both can be prone to ill health around middle age – Leo must watch cholesterol levels and Libra is notorious for back problems. An early retirement is on the cards for at least one sign – they need to be careful with nest eggs and keep adventures budget friendly. All in all, a great couple to have in your neighborhood.

The Good:
Libra gets Leos insecurities.
Leo turns Libra into a star.
Adventure seekers.
The Bad:
Leo gets jealous.
Libra gets flighty.
They live too much in the moment sacrificing the future.
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