Gemini and Scorpio Compatibility: Love, Sex & Relationships…

Gemini and Scorpio love compatibility

You know how Pro boxers circle each other in the ring before landing a punch – well that’s Gemini and Scorpio in courtship and relationships. To quote the late great Muhammed Ali these two dance like butterflies and sting like bees.

They push and prod each other – and have the capacity to either destroy or transform each other. With razor sharp minds you probably wont ever feel completely comfortable around them but God will it be thought provoking and challenging!

Decoding Gemini and Scorpio friendships…

Intense and private Scorpio likes having a friend who’s all over the place and a bit flaky because it make them look good. Gemini is attracted to mystery – so of course a dark brooding Lord Byron type in the corner is an attraction. They often bond over intellectual sparring – taking obscure subjects and turning them into 3 hour deliberations – think great synthesizer players of the twentieth century or Tibetan throat singing as examples.

Leo the cool cat

This friendship can last a lifetime because they never run out of things to discuss. Gemini knows that Scorpio wont put up with bad behaviour – like forgetting important dates or poor maintenance of friendships so they tend to do a bit of growing up out of respect for their friend whilst Scorpio enjoys the levity that Gemini brings to the relationship.

First signs of attraction & compatibility…

They’ll be a bit hit and miss at first – whilst Gemini unleashes a power flirt, Scorpio uses their dark sensuality to drawn in the twins – and its entirely possible that neither will be wise to the signals. Air sign, Gemini flits around like a mischievous breeze whilst water sign, Scorpio remains rooted tho the ground static and smoldering.

Gemini and Scoprio flirting

Both are such opposite personalities they may have moved in the same circle for some time but barely said a word. It just takes a bit of magic or Gemini knocking over Scorpios drink for eyes to lock and sparks to fly. Expect these signs to be deep in mental foreplay once attraction is established.

The Gemini and Scorpio relationships…

To the outside world it looks like a strange pairing – the glass half full Gemini with the Glass half empty Scorpio – however it kind of works in that they neutralize each other. These sign possess a strong curiosity and are not afraid to stick their head through a wormhole or two. Its this search for meaning that keeps them together as they forensically investigate the universe.

Scorpio doesn’t possess the need for constant socialisation that inhabits Gemini and requires a lot of alone time to think dark thoughts – and that’s okay because Gemini gets weighed down by doing everything together. Sometimes friends wonder if the two are still a couple after numerous Scorpio no shows – don’t worry, these absences actually make the Gemini heart grow fonder.

Where they may encounter turbulence…

Fixed sign Scorpio embraces big, soul shifting change whereas mutable Gemini takes on change for changes sake. This annoys the Scorpion no end and they start to view the Twins as superficial and scatty. Gemini need to either learn to slow down or roll through change mania in times spent away from Scorpio.

Relationship tensions

Scorpio frustrates Gemini when they remain in a funk for extended periods of time and take themselves too seriously. Scorpio must come out of the dungeon and bask in some Gemini sunshine on a regular basis to keep things in balance.

When Gemini and Scorpio fall in love…

Scorpio is a big romantic and loves moonlight and candles – expect feasts, ghost tours even skinny dipping in the dark. Gemini initially wants to introduce Scorpio to their entourage which is usually the size of a football oval. Be careful Gemini, Scorpio does not like crowds and you run the risk of stalling the relationship.

Romantic relationship

Arguments and fall outs occur over trust and honesty. Scorpio dreads being made a fool off, hates cheaters and demands upfront honesty. Gemini has a lose hold on the notion of monogamy and never lets the truth get in the way of a good story. Falling in love will be exhausting – Constant arguments, rejections and reconnections are the only way these signs are able to work through their differences and form a memorandum of understanding.

Gemini and Scorpio sexual compatibility…

Tricky and challenging! Scorpio is a dungeon master and sex a game of trust – hence the blindfold and whips. Gemini duality makes them good at role play but there’s always the temptation to dissolve into giggles when faced with Scorpio in full leather gear – to do so breaks the magic and often the relationship.

Sexual compatibility

Sex for Scorpio is dark and spiritual whereas Gemini thinks of its as a physical act – often separate from emotional investment. Gemini want quantity and Scorpio craves quality. These two must sit down and openly communicate their sexual desires and boundaries. Find mutual ground Gemini and Scorpio or you’ll end up turning each other completely off.

Gemini and Scorpio marriage compatibility…

Hard to imaging Scorpio ever feeling secure enough with Gemini to entertain marriage and Gemini have panic attacks just walking passed a wedding – Matrimonial bliss isn’t going to come easy. Because they are global travellers a wedding may be the ends to a means – Many Scorpios/Geminis run long distance relationships and a Visa or green card is the only way they can test the relationships strength.

Marriage compatibility

Sometimes this match can work better as a second or third marriage – giving time for Gemini to sow their wild oats and Scorpio to lose some of their intensity before they finally come together.

Children are the one things that could really bond them. Pregnancies are likely to be unplanned but a catalyst for deciding where to take their relationship. If Gemini is mature enough and Scorpio willing to take the risk they very much slip into good cop bad cop parenting – Gemini do the fun stuff and Scorpio dish out the discipline.

The Good:
Intellectual equals.
Gemini brings light and laughter to Scorpio.
Scorpio brings maturity to Gemini.
The Bad:
Trust issues for Scorpio.
Gemini just doesn’t take things that seriously.
Sexual compatibility will be a struggle.
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