Gemini and Cancer Compatibility: Love, Sex & Relationships…

Gemini and Cancer love compatibility

There’s a soulfulness to this combo that often makes it work. Yes they are vastly different creatures but what they have in common acts as a kind of romantic glue. Both are drawn to the Arts and philosophy – late night discussions on the meaning of life will keep them mentally alert.

Even their differences can be binding – the Gemini personality likes to dance on the edge of a fjord whilst Cancer makes sure harnesses and lead ropes are secure – there’s a role here for each of them to play – as long as boundaries are not overstepped and trust is made a priority.

Decoding Gemini and Cancer friendships…

Often friends for life, Cancer tends to adopt Gemini – partially because Gemini – whilst having a wide and varied circle of friends – lacks roots and stability. You know those families where there’s always an extra, non related member at Xmas, birthdays and summer holidays? Chances are the extra is a Gemini who’s lost contact with their own kind.

Gemini-Cancer friendship

Cancer thinks everyone needs a home – they cajole, blackmail and forced Gemini to turn up and commit to their new family dynamics. These two often end up like an older and younger sibling duo – looking out for each other and reminiscing about family events. Sometimes Gemini even learns responsibility and takes care of their Cancer friend to repay a lifetime of favors.

First signs of attraction & compatibility…

Cancer may fail to take Geminis flirting seriously – they wont feel they are being treated differently to anyone else. This indifference has the capacity to turn Gemini on big time and they ramp the flirt-o-metre up to maximum output. Gemini is an air sign so when they blow hot the moves are really laid on.

Gemini and Cancer flirting

Cancer is water sign – deep and guarded of their feelings. Gemini friends are often the first to alert Cancer to the beginning of romance – they point out that the flirting has never been this bad or outrageous before. The crab needs to feel secure so it may take a lot of convincing – first signs of the Cancer ice melting is when they lighten up and start laughing at Geminis’ daggy jokes.

The Gemini and Cancer in relationships…

Once they get over the initial humps and if communication is open and honesty then Gemini/Cancer settle into enjoying a fruitful and deep connection. Gemini is a mutable sign which means they are free spirits and highly impulsive whereas Cancer is cardinal representing structure and organisation.

Gemini and Cancer couple

Here’s where they need to play to each others strengths – Gemini comes up with a thousand and one crazy ideas but Cancer researches and filters the improbable from the possible. If these signs apply their different skills to reaching common goals – think real estate, holidays and business activities then – anything’s possible.

They wont be a couple who live in each others pockets and with different energy levels time apart is important to avoid resentment. Sometimes the twins benefits from getting on a plane to a destination they’ve never heard off and Cancer needs a book, bubble bath and weekend in bed. Set each other free occasionally and the relationship reaps benefits.

Where they may encounter turbulence…

Gemini is typically sharp tongued and Cancer moody – if they niggle each other too much the crab retreats from a rain of tactlessness barbs. Much depends on Geminis’ emotional maturity – whether they have sown their wild oats. For this reason a decent age gap often provides a better chance of longevity.

Relationship problems

Cancer is nurturing and maintains long term friendships whereas Gemini collects and discards acquaintances. The crab is deeply conservative and the twins progressive. They must compromise and be willing to alternate a family get together with adhoc activities. Learn to listen and don’t be judgmental of each others political views or respect takes a nosedive.

When Gemini and Cancer fall in love…

There will be lots of misunderstandings at the beginning. Gemini’s free ranging nature and lack of accountability makes Cancer feel suspicious and anxious – they are likely to go on an extended family holiday as an act of self preservation. Gemini reacts to nagging by disappearing of the radar and emerging when the coast is clear.

Love heart

In a way these acts of denial just make them more attracted to each other. Most Gemini/Cancer relationships have lots of stops and starts – it usually takes one major event to change the relationship gears – Cancer getting engaged to a practical, well meaning Cancer will force Gemini to realize the danger of losing a true love.

Gemini and Cancer sexual compatibility…

On one hand you’ve got Cancers’ overriding desire for intimacy and on the other, Gemini’s need for thrills and excitement. Sexual compatibility is probably a long term project for these signs with Gemini developing the patience to gently direct their partner into more adventurous lovemaking, and Cancer trusting enough to let go a little.

Sexual compatibility

Let each other take turns in the bedroom – Monday, candles and romance directed by the crab – Tuesdays, circus stunts and tassels courtesy of the twins – the rest of the week work on finding a happy and pleasurable medium.

Gemini and Cancer marriage compatibility…

Traversing those early stages and arriving at a point where they bring out the best in each other means that Gemini isn’t so marriage gun shy and Cancer has built enough trust to plan the wedding they always wanted. Respect is the key and a dose of forgiveness because old fears and bad habits can creep back in during adversary and challenges.

Gemini-Cancer marriage

Children will definitely be on the cards for Cancer – as an Earth sign they are going to build a fortress of love and security and probably need to raise more creatures than just flitty Gemini. If children don’t eventuate expect a menagerie of animals and extended family members to keep Cancer happy. Gemini makes a fun if slightly irresponsible parent but if the marriage is strong children are raised with resilience, creativity and love.

The Good:
Cancer provides stability.
Gemini opens new worlds.
Opposites attract.
The Bad:
Gemini brings out Cancers insecurity.
Cancer cramps Geminis style.
Both are guilty of being judgmental.
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