Capricorn and Aquarius Compatibility: Love, Sex & Relationships…

Capricorn and Aquarius love compatibility

Capricorn is married to career, Aquarius to humanity – it takes a while and effort to work love into that equation. Both are control freaks who feel deeply uncomfortable sharing secrets – they fear vulnerability and being hurt. The good news is that this relationship works because they understand what a huge leap of faith commitment is and respect each other’s “terms and conditions”.

Aquarius appreciates that the mountain goats’ career makes them happy and Capricorn respects the water-bearers need to save the planet. The best Capricorn/Aquarius relationships are protective and honest – they find a space in which secrets can be told without judgement or derision.

Decoding Capricorn and Aquarius friendships…

Aquarius are risk takers – Capricorn are practical and cautious. As friends they butt heads often – Aquarius thinks the mountain goat is too conservative whilst Capricorn finds Aquarius flakey. It’s when they combine superpowers and start to view criticism as constructive not destructive that beautiful things happen.

Aquarius-Capricorn friendship

These signs love creating and often manage to rope others into their schemes. Aquarius comes up with new ideas every second – “Let’s put together a band, let’s build jet packs, let’s open our own whisky distillery!” – Capricorn vets and sorts the ridiculous from the achievable.

They’ll have lots of robust debates and power struggles over who’s willing to compromise, and on what – but after the band, the jet packs and the whiskey distillery all come to fruition – albeit with safety conscious and financial responsible modifications – Capricorn/Aquarius realize their friendship has a necessary process, leading to success and end up embracing the detours and speed humps.

First signs of attraction & compatibility…

Capricorn makes the first move – like any good super sleuth they have already compiled a dossier on Aquarius. Romance is often not the motivation – one of the mountain goats’ best strengths is knowing how to combine different talents to create success – it might be a case of head hunting Aquarius for a certain position within their company. Alternatively, they often seek out people who can mentor them with personal development – think yoga or music teaching.

Hidden attraction

The attraction comes when Capricorn starts to admire Aquarius’ intelligence and humor – suddenly they’re scheduling extra business meetings or weekend yoga retreats. Aquarius comes slowly to the realization that attraction is in the air and starts attending business meetings in their finest gear or ensuring the yoga retreat only has one client – Capricorn.

The Capricorn and Aquarius in relationships…

What you’ve got here is an earth sign and an air sign – the combination is a bit like a sturdy tree being blown around by a gale force wind. Capricorn is forever getting their secretary to hunt down Aquarius who always bobs up where least expected. On the other hand, Aquarius gets frustrated with Capricorns’ inability to embrace spontaneity. There’ll be lots of dust-ups and they probably need a house big enough for extended periods of sulking.


When on track, they create shared interests – both believe in healthy bodies, minds and souls so expect couple’s tennis, visits to museums and a good dose of mindfulness. They give each other wide berths – each requires a fair amount of freedom, however, non-negotiable traditions are created to keep the romance alive – think date nights, anniversaries celebrations and twice a year weekend escapes. Capricorn gives Aquarius a taste of the good life and stops them feeling guilty about every little indulgence whilst Aquarius opens the mountain goats’ eyes to notions of social justice and sustainability.

Where they may encounter turbulence…

Add an extra 6 inches to Aquarius height to accommodate the soap box on which they firmly stand. If they are being honest – all humanity’s’ woes stem from the fact that others don’t think exactly the same way. Sometimes this leads to preachy lecturing which Capricorn won’t take lightly. The water bearer needs to convert their partners slowly with deeds and less words – dragging someone kicking and screaming into the future rarely gets good results.

Tense relationship argument

Capricorn has a streak of ruthlessness when it comes to hitting those five years goals. Stepping over their dead Grandma to get a promotion is not going to sit well with Karma-believing Aquarius and a continuance of unethical behavior leads to lost of respect and love. Capricorn should use Aquarius as a moral compass to ensure their soul is not sold to the devil.

When Capricorn and Aquarius fall in love…

How rapidly the romance progresses depend on how bruised Aquarius is from past encounters. The water bearer falls in love rarely and when dumped or shafted they build an almost impenetrable wall to deflect future onslaughts from Cupids’ arrows. As a fixed sign they stand their ground and spurn all of Capricorns advances – which only serves to made the mountain goat more determined – as a cardinal sign they’re stubborn and love the thrill of a challenging acquisition.

Love compatibility

Clashing diaries are also a problem but persistent Capricorn is willing to cut back on work hours just to create magic with Aquarius. Expect elaborate dates at high end restaurants with matching wines and beautifully crafted trinkets from Tiffany’s. When the Aquarian ice age does finally melt, they respond with random acts of romance – whisking Capricorn off for a weekend cruise or star gazing and impulsive sex at the local observatory. Both get distracted at board meetings and during planet saving – friends catch them sighing and starring of to the distance during critical meetings – a little like lost puppy dogs.

Capricorn and Aquarius sexual compatibility…

This might just be terrific. Capricorn has oodles of energy and Aquarius tons of imagination – both enjoy intellectual stimulation and creativity. Aquarius solves distance and diary issues by introducing phone sex, sexting and even cyber-sexing to the repertoire.

Sensual kissing

Capricorn knows that the water bearer won’t find almost any fantasy distasteful and opens up about long held dark desires. These two develop a sexual generosity to their relationship where each try to sooth the others anxiety and stress about corporate mergers and climate change with great, mind blowing sex.

Capricorn and Aquarius marriage compatibility…

Initially Capricorn likes that Aquarius isn’t in a rush to get married or even live together, but eventually they’ll see it as a stalling tactic and gently push for a firmer commitment. Usually optimistic, Aquarius puts up a heap of worst-case scenarios including “What’s the point – we’re all going to be nuked soon” – it’s up to patient Capricorn to dispel all myths and objections.

When they are finally in the same head space at the same time, Aquarius pushes for a short engagement – “Let’s do it now or never” is their attitude but Capricorn wants extensive planning time. Compromise and third-party mediation is the answer. Expect a wedding that’s got Capricorn elegance and Aquarian spontaneity – think Vera Wang wedding dresses, Ala Carte dining and a flash mob featuring a mariachi band.

White wedding

Capricorn wants children, Aquarius thinks the world is overpopulated – its another robust debate. They may decide on adoption or fostering to give at-risk children better lives. If biological children happen they are likely to be singletons or two at the most.

As parents, Capricorn/Aquarius disagree on lots but if they’ve mastered the art of compromise, a happy medium between free range feral rug rats and pompous little twits in Amani suits can be reached. It’s a challenge but not unattainable and both are willing to sacrifice careers and egos for the benefit of their children.

The Good:
Protective of each other.
Proud of each other.
Respectful and loving.
The Bad:
Both are stubborn.
Aquarius can be relationship shy.
Capricorn can be too conservative.
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