Cancer and Leo Compatibility: Love, Sex & Relationships…

Cancer and Leo love compatibility

When Cancer/Leo possess the same interests, but come together armed with different skill sets they out-dynamic Batman and Robin as a duo. Think – Prime Minister and their chief of staff – all the Kardashians and their momager, Kris – Elvis and the Colonel.

Protective and appreciative of each other’s talents they can move mountains with their friendship or romance – just as long as Leo keeps their ego in check and Cancer refuses to become a doormat. Publicly, behind every great Lion there’s usually a Crab but in private it’s the other way around.

Decoding Cancer and Leo friendships…

There’s lots they like about each other. Cancer adores Leos’ big sparkling personality and Leo is drawn to Cancers sensitivity. Both are generous of spirit and nurturing. This is a friendship that can have its genesis in primary school or even earlier. Leo is a show off and unlocks a mischievous side to cancer – often they become school jokers – Cancer plans pranks whilst Leo executes them.

Cancer-Leo friendship

Cancer is a cardinal sign which means they lead and initiate – in friendships with Leos they generate ideas -”Let’s go into business together! Let’s backpack through South America! Let’s train for the Boston Marathon!”. Leo is a fixed sign – set in their ways and stubborn – and that’s okay because Cancer won’t take them out of their comfort zone – just make a better, bolder more fantastic version of themselves.

At the heart of any Cancer/Leo friendship is loyalty – both value this quality above all others – they never diss or backstab each other and are present in the good and bad times.

First signs of attraction & compatibility…

Leo wants to dazzle – they dress to impress whilst sexily flicking their gorgeous mane in Cancers’ general direction. Cancer responds with a sweet coyness and lots of beetroot-red blushing. It’s cute to watch and totally obvious.

Cancer and Leo attraction

Sometimes the attraction catches them off guard – if they’ve been friends for a long time or are work colleague’s events must conspire to get them together – perhaps too many drinks at the Christmas party or one sign decides to move overseas. The event generates a moment when Leo/cancer lock eyes and see each other in a totally new light and things will never be the same.

The Cancer and Leo in relationships…

Cancer is water and Leo fire – on paper these two elements don’t co-exist – but fire has the capacity to warm up water – Leo replaces Cancers’ tendency for Melancholy with a lighter spirit and gets them living more in the present. Water can extinguish fire or at least dampen it – in a good Cancer/Leo relationship the Crab tells the Lion off when they are behaving like idiots – and more to the point, Leo actually listens.

Cancer and Leo relationships

This is a couple who love building a beautiful home – Leo fills it with art and Cancer bakes like there’s no tomorrow. Both animal lovers, they’ll probably adopt a dog or cat before a baby, which is pandered too and pampered within an inch of its life. The lion is an incredibly social creature and needs to be fabulous all over town – don’t expect to see Cancer/Leo always together – these two have different energy levels – Cancer is happy to read a book by the fire and pick up Leo from the local nightclub at 2am.

Where they may encounter turbulence…

Leo is about presenting the best face possible – they are often fashion conscious and label orientated. Cancer believes in dressing for comfort and can be a bit of a dag. Trouble occurs when they become too critical of each other’s style and try to create mini-mes. Cancer should make an effort when out with Leo and Leo mustn’t expect catwalk perfection at a family barbecue.


Leo sometimes makes promises they can’t keep and over commits. Cancer, who always follows through feels let down and hurt when, once again, their partner is double booked. It’s not deliberate – Leo genuinely wants to help and be there for everyone -Cancer must accept the occasional clash and perhaps show Leo how to use an electronic diary.

When Cancer and Leo fall in love…

Often, it’s a secret for quite some time due to the fact that love develops from other relationships – think, CEO and PA, or Tennis star and coach. Leos usually have high profiles – the public, corporate or even family perception complicates things – this couple tend to lie low for a whilst waiting for the best time to make announcement or until impatient Leo says “Screw the world I want to be out and proud about this now!.”

Cancer and Leo in love

Once out in the open Leo proudly announces to all and sundry that this is THE relationship whilst Cancer counsels the lion in restraint. Each has very different dating styles – Leo is all flash and high-end – think degustation, the Opera and shiny baubles. Cancer is homely and down to earth – Sunday roasts and picnics by the sea are more their thing. Neither mind the difference in styles – Cancer feels spoilt and Leo feels warm and fuzzy.

Cancer and Leo sexual compatibility…

Leo is a bit like a raging animal in the boudoir – they’ll pounce, wrestle, bite and scratch. They also love a good chase so Cancer needs to keep fit – but not enough to outrun them. The crab loves romantic sex – candles, rose petals, spooning and lots of loving words.

Cancer/Leo sexual chemistry

It might take a while for them to find a sweet spot and compromise is necessary. Leo should work at being less aggressive and Cancer needs to open up to their baser instincts.

Cancer and Leo marriage compatibility…

This is a good marriage if they work on their roles and compromise in the bedroom. Cancer may have to wait for Leo to grow up and deplete the “Party every week end” tank – sometimes there are rather extended engagements. Expect a wedding that is lush and large to accommodate Leos’ friends and family. Cancer might get to pick the honeymoon – somewhere isolated and romantic.

Cancer/Leo wedding

Cancer usually keeps the home fires ticking over whilst Leo goes out to shake down the universe with their dynamism. Often a family business is set up that suits both their skill sets. Children and animals are on the agenda – although with the later Leo opts for pedigrees and Cancer – rescue pets. Leo is a big pussy cat and brings play and fun to the family dynamic whilst Cancer nourishes the children with food and security. There’s a lot of love in this household.

The Good:
Loyal, loyal, loyal!
They play to each other’s strengths.
Family comes first.
The Bad:
A slave to fashion meets king of the daggs.
Different energy levels.
Not on the same page sexually.
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