Aquarius and Pisces Compatibility: Love, Sex & Relationships…

Aquarius and Pisces love compatibility

Weirdness abounds when you get a romance between Aquarius and Pisces – they travel to the sound of a distant drum – which no one else can hear, but that in itself can be deeply attractive. Aquarius is in constant search to prove there’s something out there, whether it be God or Aliens, and is fascinated by Pisces’ deep spirituality. Pisces loves Aquarius buzzy brain and compassionate soul.

They’ll either be totally loved up or frustrated beyond belief. Both are high maintenance, both believe they’re not – if they can service the needy times and give each other a shoulder to cry on there could be enough intrigue to last a life time.

Decoding Aquarius and Pisces friendships…

This friendship goes through cycles of closeness and periods of estrangement. As kids Aquarius/Pisces can play together for hours, in the sandpit building imaginary cities and inventing silly songs about purple pigs and green cats. Imagination and language keeps them glued at the hip – at sleep overs you can still hear giggling and secret sharing at 3am.

Aquarius-Pisces friendship

Its when hormones kick in that the friendship shifts – Pisces discovers the art of attraction and madly pursues anything that moves whilst Aquarius experiences a deeply introverted and alienated phase. At this point they either drift apart or reconnect for short intense periods of creativity and dream sharing.

In adulthood Pisces can be unreliable and dramatic so Aquarius learns to expect a last-minute cancellation. Pisces knows Aquarius has a short attention span when it comes to emotional unloading and learns to share their deeper fears elsewhere. An adult friendship works best when they keep it light and silly, and come together in good times for an annual catch up.

First signs of attraction & compatibility…

Pisces always chooses the strangest most out-there person in the room to flirt with – which, in a social setting, is more than likely to be Aquarius. “See that awkward lonely looking creature over there – they must need cheering up!” thinks the compassionate Fish. Of course, Aquarius is merely searching for a solution to time travel and the last thing they want is company.


Pisces bowls straight over, disturbs them with rabid conversation about astral planes and primal birthing – Aquarius is likely to give up a phone number just to make them go away. Its annoying and off putting – Aquarius won’t understand why they are being pursued, despite saying no to dates, and blocking numbers. Eventually, in a weak moment the Water Bearer agrees to hookup – albeit in a crowded public place to avoid “Fatal Attraction” incidents.

The Aquarius and Pisces in relationships…

It’s always evolving with these two – nothing ever progresses in a straightforward fashion. Air sign Aquarius buzzes around with a thousand and one new ideas daily and goes from gale force hurricane mode to gentle Summer breeze in terms of energy and drive.

Water sign Pisces swims against currents of self-doubt and often finds themselves repeating past mistakes or trusting the wrong people. This means a lot of time is spent repairing and reassuring each other. Pisces is attention seeking and Aquarius cool and detached. What they both are good at is chaos – Pisces creates it and Aquarius fixes it – this behavior becomes integral to their relationship.

Aquarius-Pisces relationship

Aquarius is a natural rescuer – expect them to receive 10 to 20 life and death calls from Pisces a day which they problem solve – one by one. There are times when Aquarius tries to extricate themselves from the relationship and leaves town but Pisces, like Isla Fishers character in “Wedding Crashers” hunts them down and brings them home.

Both share a love of water – expect them to sail, swim or snorkel together and holidays are often by the beach. They bond over the plight of the planet, are likely to be vegetarians or vegans and world class recyclers. There’s bound to be an organic garden out the back and seven kinds of lentils in the pantry. When things are humming along they’ll watch the sun come up, arm in arm, and marvel at the worlds’ beauty.

Where they may encounter turbulence…

Every hour on the hour probably but that’s the way Pisces/Aquarius roll. These crazy kids thrive on turbulence, however irreparable damage is done when Aquarius becomes too detached prompting majorly attention seeking behavior from Pisces. Sleeping their way through the friendship group will certainly get Aquarius attention and loss of respect. Once an Aquarian loses respect love smartly walks out the front door and never returns.

Relationship problems

Aquarius has a wide and diverse range of oddball acquaintances who they hang out with now and then whereas Pisces still has contact with every single ex-lover, favorite teachers and old kindergarten buddies. Manic socializing and constant drop ins has the potential to crowd Aquarius and turn them into a stress head. Pisces needs to give lots of forewarning when the latest blasts from the past are about to arrive on mass.

When Aquarius and Pisces fall in love…

There’s a lot of psychoanalyzing going on here. Pisces questions and overthinks every word that comes out of Aquarius mouth whilst the problem-solving Water Bearer tries to unpack underlying reasons for Pisces damaged psyche. Neither likes labels so it takes a long time to give the relationship a name and exclusivity is rather illusive – the funny thing is Pisces wants to keep sleeping around but goes ape-shit if Aquarius even looks sideways at someone else.

Falling in love

Aquarius is a fixed sign which means they make decisions quickly and move forward. Pisces is mutable – free flowing and the world’s most exasperating decision makers – constant rethinking and forgetfulness means Aquarius loses their temper a lot – expect a grumpy Water Bearer and a nervous Nellie Fish.

Dates are in the form of beachside getaways, yoga retreats and afternoons at the local aquarium. Aquarius chooses unusual artisan gifts to shower on Pisces whilst the fish goes for handmade items. Aquarius thinks the tie-dyed poncho is revolting but they wear it with pride – if totally in love.

Aquarius and Pisces sexual compatibility…

Pisces would have sex sprinkled on their corn flakes – if such a thing was available. The fish thinks it’s a beautiful, soulful thing and manages to achieve a spiritual connection with everyone they sleep with.

Sexual compatibility

Aquarius hates anything vanilla – they want to mix it up and their expansive imagination means there are no limits. It’s a good match – together they embark on a life long journey of deep connect-ness and reinvention. In many cases the bed is the only place they don’t have sex.

Aquarius and Pisces marriage compatibility…

Neither of them quite understand what marriage is – Pisces sometimes focuses on all the bad marriages they have seen and Aquarius thinks the whole notion is out of date. It takes a long time for them to consider tripping down the aisle – if at all. Perhaps it’s something they do after being together for 20 years and finally conceding that neither are going anywhere soon.

Marriage compatibility

Its likely to be a surprise wedding with the family dog acting as page boy – Guest are asked to donate to an endangered species and karaoke might just be a highlight. As a married couple they make a tender and soulful couple with very defined roles – Aquarius plays nurse maid to Pisces mystery ailments and metal health lapses whilst Pisces encourages Aquarius spiritual and physical health.

There’s a slim chance of children – either by accident or through adoption. As parents it’s a bit all over the place – Pisces frets and bursts into tears at every milestone whilst Aquarius treats offspring as small adults. Expect lots of literature, music and imaginative games floating around a chaotic and unorganized household – as long as Aquarius has their own study somewhere out the back and Pisces a meditation room things could very well last a lifetime.

The Good:
Soulful union.
Aquarius rescues Pisces.
Pisces calms the noise in the Aquarius head.
The Bad:
Aquarius is emotionally cold.
Pisces is attention seeking.
Infidelity can damage the relationship.
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