Virgo and Libra Compatibility: Love, Sex & Relationships…

Virgo and Libra love compatibility

Libras’ could be the one to crack the impenetrable Virgo veneer and get them giggling like school girls and skipping through imaginary daisies – but it won’t be easy. Hard core perfectionists Virgo appear to float high above the rest of us with their impossible standards – “scary” is sometimes used to describe them.

Libra is like a golden Labrador puppy, filled with never ending love and determined to lick your face off – no matter how uptight you appear. When they do find that chink in the Virgo armor Libra works tirelessly to melt heart and soul and to build a lifetime connection.

Decoding Virgo and Libra friendships…

Friendships are known to be problematic – Libra is willing to go the extra mile when romance is involved but for anything less intense? – it really is like trying to fit a square peg into a round hole. Libra fills the air waves with positivity and spontaneity – to have a friend who is risk adverse and and a slave to detail kind of takes the wind out of their sails. Virgo is earth and wants everything permanently secured and accounted for. Last minutes changes to plans or lack of preparation from a flirty air sign causes meltdowns.

Business friends

One of the ways a friendship can be maintained, on a casual basis, is through a professional relationship. Many Virgos care for Librans as their Doctor, Nurse, Chiropractor, physiotherapist etc. Libra tends to have a number of health problems due to an erratic nervous system and poor back care – when a healing Star sign creates physical harmony – Libra is so grateful that gifts and entreaties to dinner ensue – it is possible that an awkward friendship results where 90% of the conversation is around health and well being.

First signs of attraction & compatibility…

Libra makes Virgo laugh and gently teases them about things that are normally sacrosanct. “I love the way you polish the inside of your vacuum cleaner… it’s so, so, so pointless but wonderfully crazy!”. Libra gets away with what no one else can and somehow manages cut through the Virgo seriousness.

Flirty Virgo and Libra

Virgo also allows Libra to invade their personal space and get tactile. Both are highly Creative creatures – there’ll be discussion on art – functionality versus form – and a growing appreciation for beautiful objects – especially each other.

The Virgo and Libra in relationships…

Libra seeks harmony and balance and tends to concede in power struggles for the sake of peace. On the surface it may look like Virgo is totally dominating the relationship and Libra transformed into a mealy mouthed mini-me – yes they will valiantly attempt color coding, conservative fashion and going to bed by 10pm but if not given creative and personal freedom the shit regularly hits the fan and Libra flies north for an epic dance party. Expect numerous trial runs at being a couple and different models – living apart, living together, dating other people and exclusivity. It takes a good amount of time to get things on an even keel.

Roaming couple

Virgo/Libra do bond around health so there’ll be gluten free and paleo diets and reunions when one hears the other is feeling poorly. There’s an instinctive need to nurture and protect so even when estranged neither will tolerate a bad work about each other. They also keep secrets – Libra as a matter of trust whilst Virgo as a hater of gossip – it’s this connection that causes Virgo/Libra to cling to each other for dear life at times.

Where they may encounter turbulence…

Virgos’ critical tongue can slice and dice the most resilient Libra who loves honesty but also thrives on praise. Acquiring this talent is challenging for Virgo – they can give it but not take it and must remember that success and achievement may look different to their loved ones. Virgo are also very proud and – as perfectionists – find it extraordinarily difficult to admit an error of judgement or – horror of horror – say sorry. A humility pill or two is necessary to stop Libra calling it quits for good.

Relationship problems

Libra needs to improve their focus and time management skills. Constant lateness and never ending navel gazing are seen as signs of disrespect by Virgo. Throw in a tendency for messiness and the relationship is bound to implode at a rapid rate.

When Virgo and Libra fall in love…

They go all out to impress – Virgo with immaculately planned dates – limousines, gifts of jewelry or first edition books and tables booked at three Michelin star restaurants. Libra returns the favor with paintings, songs and home made cakes that aren’t set properly in the middle. There’s a lot of frustration with neither “getting” the magnitudes of each other’s efforts – Virgo in particular must learn to give without expecting anything in return.

Aquarius/Leo in love

Confusion reigns with Virgo becoming quite moody and anxious when Libra forgets to return their calls or turns up for a wedding dressed in track pants. Libra on the other hand gets sad and teary trying to measure up and falling short of impossible standards. Expect “Falling in love” to bring out the best and the worst in each other. One minute the relationship is in seventh heaven and the next it’s firmly rooted in hell.

Virgo and Libra sexual compatibility…

“But the sex was so good!” is a common catch-cry after the demise of a Virgo/Libra relationship. Libra is a cardinal sign, they like to initiate but are also empathetic enough to sense when to take someone outside their comfort zone and when to play it safe.

Deep passion

Virgo is mutable meaning they are able to transform and accept change when given context and meaning – this particulars applies to sexy times. Virgo possesses a raunchy twin hidden just under the surface but they need to trust and create an emotional connection before unleashing the beast.

Libra makes Virgo fill safe and sexually creative – fellow explorers, expect dress ups, toys and spa-sex. They love and respect each other’s bodies and a mere touch or casual look can set off a chain reaction.

Virgo and Libra marriage compatibility…

It could work if Virgo doesn’t clip Libras wings and monitor their movements via microchipping and drones. Libra generally becomes whatever strong minded Virgo wants – as long as freedom and creativity are guaranteed. The wedding is a tour de force – elegant with elaborate attention to detail and Virgo is slave to all the current conventions from save-the-date cards to Bonbonnieres whilst Libra picks the DJ and music set list.

Marriage compatibility

Each sign needs to map out their assigned roles and not deviate… Virgo makes a better home maker and Libra is good at navigating changes like moving house. Commonality can be grown through their creative sides so make sure Libra has a music room and Virgo a pottery wheel. Mutual appreciation for each other’s talent extracts praise from Virgo and adoration from Libra.

Children teach Virgo/Libra excellent life lessons. Virgo will stop worrying over every bruise and scratch and learn not to over-schedule offspring. Libra has the opportunity to embrace responsibility and should practice getting the kids to school on time and only on week days. Virgo/Libra families have plenty of opportunities for love, laughter and creativity output in spades.

The Good:
Libra teaches Virgo how to laugh.
Virgo brings order to Libra.
The Bad:
Libras’ messiness drives Virgo to distraction.
Virgos’ control cramps Libra’s style.
They can just be too different.
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