Virgo and Aquarius Compatibility: Love, Sex & Relationships…

Virgo and Aquarius love compatibility

Ouch! These two are sooo able to rub each other up the wrong way! Virgo/Aquarius are like warring political opponents with deeply conservative Virgo trumpeting old fashioned values and Aquarius wildly waving a socially progressive flag.

Armed with keen intellects they respect the fact that views and opinions are well researched and thought out – sometimes they simply agree to disagree. It’s going to be a prickly relationship with lots of speed bumps – when Virgo/Aquarius get into a spat watch the sparks fly – passion can quickly cross the line between hate and love and back again.

Decoding Virgo and Aquarius friendships…

This original odd couple don’t see eye to eye on much, however what can forge a friendship is the combined power of their creativity. Aquarius paints the world with a broad brush-stroke and is always coming up with outlandish ideas – think time machines and teleporters. Virgo is practical and detail driven – they understand the nuts and bolts of building something from the ground up. Combine these gifts and they can achieve some pretty impressive accomplishments.

Chirpy friends

Aquarius trusts Virgos’ assessment of what can and can’t be achieved and Virgo loves the challenge of bringing an idea to life. It’s possible this friendship could result in two mad scientists working furiously in their converted back yard lab – alternatively Aquarius might hum the tune whilst Virgo notates the next great symphony. The relationship can be marred by political, moral and ethical fallings out but for both creativity is a bit of a drug and they often reconcile driven by the need to turn new fantastic ideas into reality.

First signs of attraction & compatibility…

It’s a meeting of the minds. Aquarius hates superstition and lack of critical thought so Virgos analytical mind can be quite a turn on. Virgo finds the Aquarians futuristic pondering hairbrained but loves sorting the impossible from the plausible. It may even look like they are having a full-on argument but it’s just two very passionate brains going head to head.


Aquarius/Virgo will totally deny there’s any attraction with emphatic disclaimers “I’d rather be dead than date such a radical!” or “Falling in love with that puritanical wowser? – I don’t think so!” The discovery of mutual attraction will literally knock their collective socks off.

The Virgo and Aquarius in relationships…

It isn’t smooth sailing – air sign Aquarius is perplexed by the social conventions governing a relationship – they’ll flit around and blow hot and cold on an hourly basis. Earth sign, Virgo expects order and that things progress in a logical sequence. It’s an off/on relationship that friends, and even Virgo/Aquarius don’t get.

Virgo has a strong sense of community commitment and Aquarius is the Zodiacs’ humanitarian – when the relationship gels its often around social enterprises – volunteering at soup kitchens, working in a community garden or acting as zoo guide.

Close couple

Both believe it’s important to give back although Virgo doesn’t approve of free handouts whilst Aquarius wants to redistribute the worlds wealth. They talk a lot about their relationship in an attempt to understand why the hell they are together.

Virgo/Aquarius are firm believers in lifelong learning – they may take an abundance of courses together – think cooking, woodwork and Eastern philosophy – when Virgo/Aquarius are intellectually fueled they’ll riff off each other’s opinions – they won’t agree but it gets them hot and ready for the bedroom.

Where they may encounter turbulence…

Virgo seeks a conventional relationship – with the white picket fence thrown in for good measure. Aquarius is seriously allergic to commitment and convention and thinks of themselves as being in a relationship with the whole of humanity. This attitude unsettles Virgo and tends to make them clingy and desperate which in turn sees Aquarius running for the hills. Each sign will have to concede some ground if the relationship is to survive.

Relationship tensions

Dreamy Aquarius can be all talk and no action whilst super critical Virgo is able to crush a healthy ego in seconds. Each sign finds these traits off-putting – Aquarius should focus less on navel gazing and Virgo should adopt the mantra “If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.”

When Virgo and Aquarius fall in love…

As creative souls, they are inspired to produce things – there could be baking, jewelry making, painting and song writing. Virgo celebrates every anniversary – one week, one month, one day since we last celebrated an anniversary – which just confuses Aquarius. Virgo is a mutable sign which means they adapt better to their partners likes and dislikes – more concessions will emanate from Virgo.

Virgo and Aquarius in love

Aquarius is fixed and probably has a whole list of food, clothes and music that they can’t enjoy for ethical and moral reasons – Virgo needs to work hard at making the immovable water bearer more pliable. Dates with Virgo are weekend BnBs and picnics in the park whilst Aquarius opts for the latest sci-fi blockbuster and star gazing – preferably through a Hubble telescope.

Virgo and Aquarius sexual compatibility…

Aquarius needs to be emotionally and intellectually connected to enjoy sex, which suits Virgo fine as they crave intimacy. It’s a very slow dance to the bedroom as both consider sex a line in the sand that crosses over into serious love and for Virgo – commitment.

Deep passion

With Virgo/Aquarius’ imagination and creativity expect lots of role playing and dress-ups with Aquarius pleasantly shocked as to how raunchy Virgo can actually get. The bedroom maybe one of the most harmonious places for this intriguing couple.

Virgo and Aquarius marriage compatibility…

It’s going to be hard to get Aquarius anywhere near a church or wedding vows – Virgo will have to use all their powers of persuasion. If the water bearer does finally cave in to nuptials expect the first year of marriage to be the most challenging – that’s when feelings of being trapped are most acute. The best way to avoid this is to provide Aquarius with plenty of alone time and even live in separate houses. The wedding itself is elegantly executed by Virgo with Aquarius attempting to add some wacky, eccentric touches.

Wedding rings

Virgo pushes for children and does most of the parenting in respects to security, education, hygiene and health. When Aquarius isn’t busy day dreaming or fighting for world peace they provide off-spring with resilience and boundless imagination. Expect plenty of force 10 arguments over parenting styles with Virgo accusing Aquarius of being irresponsible whilst Aquarius points out that the children are turning into germophobic neurotics.

The Good:
Highly creative souls.
Deep thinkers.
They believe in paying it forward.
The Bad:
One says "black", the other says "white".
Virgo thinks Aquarius is lazy.
Aquarius thinks Virgo is mean spirited.
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