Scorpio and Pisces Compatibility: Love, Sex & Relationships…

Scorpio and Pisces love compatibility

These water signs are capable of drowning each other in a whirlpool of desire, deceit and destruction. Both have major trust issues with Scorpio seeking eternal revenge for disloyalty and Pisces wallowing in self-harm and medication when heart broken. They satisfy each other emotionally – which few other signs can do, and the force of their love is stronger than any Jedi could conjure up.

The good thing is, if they can traverse the trust issues a romance stronger than any fortress will protect the relationship from malevolent meltdowns. There’s an opportunity for true love if they hold tight and ignore all the naysayers.

Decoding Scorpio and Pisces friendships…

These two are intense souls who often form friendships within a fringe group – think Emos, Skater-punks and Metalheads. Scorpio, in particular, likes to look down on mere mortals and frightens people off with their menacing demeanor and sometimes, eyeliner and multiple piercings. Pisces is fashionably depressive enough for fringe dwelling but recognizes much of Scorpio’s schtick is self-preservation – they sooth the scorpion beast with creativity and off-beat spirituality. Scorpio understands Pisces chaotic mind and teaches them how to focus on one idea before moving onto the next.

Scorpio and Pisces friends

You’ll catch these friends down at the pub on a Saturday night, going off their heads in front of a local band and indulging in one too many bevies and substances. Because of their emotional intensity, Scorpio/Pisces require outlets for caring and nurturing – it’s not unusual to catch them volunteering at an age care center or running a pet rescue center – naturally in full gothic regalia – they’re all bluff and really, honestly wouldn’t hurt a fly – they’re probably home-loving Vegans as well.

First signs of attraction & compatibility…

Like all water signs Scorpio/Pisces are attracted to sentimentality. They hate crass consumerism and often view the past with a rosy hue – it might be a conversation over 50s music standards or medieval manuscripts that creates that initial spark. Pisces who would flirt with an attractive box of tissues goes full force and shamelessly brazen one the connection has been made.


Scorpio seeks to slow things down with a game of cat and mouse – calling then not calling, dancing up an erotic storm with Pisces but going home alone. Pisces flirts with others to get Scorpios attention which causes a stony silence punctuated by verbal barbs. Its lol a bit messy and they’ll need to get the timing right to move forward.

The Pisces and Scorpio in relationships…

A devoted couple who rarely let each other out of sight, Scorpio/Pisces seldom venture out separately. They love home-making and spend weekends tending to Pisces’ organic veggie patch and sanding Scorpios’ collection of antique fire places. Scorpio adores beautiful, aesthetically pleasing objects and educates Pisces on antiques and art. Pisces broadens Scorpios’ musical appreciation – this intense couple are often spotted making-out at music festivals and in the dark corners of run down pubs.

Intense couple

Career wise Scorpio is likely to go for a gig that requires a sharp eye for detail – think Detective or Scientist whilst Pisces spends their time nurturing emotionally and spiritually – think Yoga Teacher or Counsellor. Both believe a vocation is a calling and don’t last long in jobs where there’s no passion – luckily, they prioritize career happiness and are willing to support each other through the journey.

When occasionally, Scorpio attends a function without Pisces and vice versa, expect to feel like a third wheel. Text messages and constant calls mean sentences are rarely finished without interruption. Best to always insist on a plus one when socializing with either sign or throw their mobile off a high cliff face.

Where they may encounter turbulence…

Both are clingy, needy creatures and Pisces in particular requires lots of assurance to remain on an even keel. When Scorpio retreats into their silent bear cave – perhaps through over-work or sudden trauma, Pisces sabotages the relationship by flirting with all and sundry, which in turn unleashes Scorpios’ vengeful nature. Scorpio must keep talking through the tough times and Pisces must get that lack of impulse control under control.


Avoidance of mood altering substances is also advisable. Scorpio wants to increase feelings of intensity and Pisces wants to put emotional pain at arm’s length – Co-dependency quickly escalates when they condone unhealthy behaviours. – it’s best Scorpio/Pisces stick to being vegan health freaks rather than fall into a drug-fueled abyss.

When Scorpio and Pisces fall in love…

Scorpio is a fixed sign, meaning they want control as to how a relationship progresses – all deviations are unsettling. Along comes Pisces – a mutable sign – chaotic and ever changing – in love after an hour, not in love after two. Scorpio unleashes all their powers of self control and tends to almost punish Pisces for not following romance in a linear fashion – usual tactics are a dose of the silent treatment or asking for time out.

Falling in love

On the other hand, Pisces probably has several lovers on the go and needs to time to extract themselves from those entanglements in order to focus on Scorpio. Both are secretive about what is going on in their lives, outside the burgeoning relationship – it’s just as well – “falling in love” is very much done on a need to know basis.

Dates are romantic and intense. Pisces whisks Scorpio away for last minute weekends in unusual places with maximum atmosphere – think lighthouse accommodation amidst raging seas. Scorpio goes for their usual fine dining and candlelight and slowly this fascinating couple begin seeing more of each other and less of the outside world.

Scorpio and Pisces sexual compatibility…

Scorpio/Pisces can’t keep their hands of each other in public or in private and the relationship may ruin sex for them with anyone else. Scorpio takes Pisces down the rabbit hole with their dark, wanton desires – Pisces must be careful not to lose themselves in the push for edgier and more dangerous activities or their mental health will implode.

Kissing couple

If creative Pisces focuses on the sensual side of things – massages, titillating stories and burlesque disrobing, Scorpio might discover there’s enough beauty in the envelope without constantly having to push it further and further.

Scorpio and Pisces marriage compatibility…

Romantic souls Scorpio/Pisces embrace the notion of uniting for eternity. Either could propose – Pisces on a whim, or Scorpio after months of forensic planning. The wedding is likely to be somewhere by water, at dusk or dawn, with an old-fashioned vibe and killer playlist. Married life brings challenges – Pisces’ messiness conflicts with Scorpios’ neatness and neither must feel locked into a life of normality and humdrum.

Elegant wedding

Their home is their castle however Pisces encourages Scorpio to think outside the square and consider moving abroad, changing careers or cultivating new friends. Scorpio keeps a close watch on Pisces mental health and both intuitively know when to close ranks to protect the relationship.

Pisces stops Scorpio procrastinating on the subject of children and when it happens they make a great parenting combo, providing offspring with spiritual health, creativity and never-ending curiosity. Pisces is a little overprotective when the children are young – Scorpio has a hard time accepting teenagers’ need for independence and may have to be restrained when it comes to the subject of dating. All-in-all a lovable, kooky family.

The Good:
They understand each other emotionally.
Home is their heartland.
Sexual nirvana.
The Bad:
Over indulgence occurs.
Pisces deliberately makes Scorpio jealous.
Scorpio strips Pisces of their self-worth.
Compatibility Score

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