Libra and Sagittarius Compatibility: Love, Sex & Relationships…

Libra and Sagittarius love compatibility

Libra/Sagittarius is the zodiacs’ idea of Champagne comedy. This couple make people feel collectively happy and inject laughter into the dourest of occasions – yes, they’ve even been known to crack mourners up at funerals! Both seek adventure and find it hard to put down roots and are likely to wander the planet a whole lifetime as madcap travel companions.

Sags’ octane energy drains Libra at times, but if the archer works hard at enjoying down-time and Libra learns to be just a little more light footed this relationship should be soaked in passion and good for the whole of humanity.

Decoding Libra and Sagittarius friendships…

These two just naturally riff off each other. Both love to experience life and push boundaries – as soon as one sign suggests a new hairbrained scheme the other is instantly onboard. As friends they are quite addicted to each other’s presence – Libra is the perfect audience for Sags’ comedy and wild stories – many an evening is spent consuming wine, listening to music and rolling around the floor, doubled up with laughter.

Walking friends

They are big kids who may never grow up if over-dependent on each other – although peace loving Libra always attempts to inject some calm and stillness into the Archers mental state – it won’t be long lasting though. As they get older loved ones often actively encourage them to take a week end away – realizing just how much mental and emotionally nourishment they get from each other – plus it’s a chance to unleash some of those crazy ideas that no one else gets or wants to be part of. Libra/Sagittarius friendships are a genuine pocket of sunshine!

First signs of attraction & compatibility…

Of course, the first sign is laughter! Libra goes into wild raucous hee-hawing in response to Sags’ good… and bad jokes! The Archer gets off on Libras’ overblown responses and, in turn, finds them endearingly quirky and amusing. Lack of self-consciousness is always a bone of contention with Libra/Sag friends – when these signs meet all those lectures about restraint go out the window.

Flirty couple laughing

Lampshades on heads, crap magic tricks and chasing each other round the room like 6 year olds are not unheard of behaviors. People often accuse them of being drunk or high but it’s just that sheer plain silliness means they are massively attracted to each other.

The Libra and Sagittarius in relationships…

Now you see them, now you don’t! Libra/Sag never seem to stand still as a couple and often have passports with more stamps than the local post office. Sometimes they create a home base purely for the purpose of working to pay for the next adventure – don’t expect it to look lived in. Libra can have health problems – particularly spinal, renal and intestinal which might slow them down for a while – however Sag is not good at playing nursemaid and those itchy feet still require constant scratching – Libras poor health could cause minor speed bumps.

Spontaneous love

When they are in town expect oodles of fun. They’ll hold parties and ensure that every last loved one is visited – people actually get excited knowing they are about to hear the latest Sag/Libra escapades. Careers are likely to be ones that require travel or ones that can be transported to other places – think hairdressers advertising cheap haircuts on a backpacker’s noticeboard. Sometimes – just to mix it up -they play at being a “normal couple” but the responsibility and convention soon begin to strangle their collective souls.

Where they may encounter turbulence…

Timing brings them together but sometimes it can also tear them apart. If Libra wants to take a break from high risk adventures and open a music store then Sag might interpret that as settling down and feel trapped. Sag is fire and full of raging, restless energy – air sign, Libra, is changeable but also needs times of stillness – staying in one place for a while isn’t necessarily about converting to suburbia forever.

Relationship tensions

Clear communication should see them through – not everything is belly laughs and fart jokes – Libra/Sag should try to have a semi-serious conversation at least once a month. Also Sag needs to tone down the sarcasm – it can be borderline “bullying” and won’t sit pretty with Libras peace-seeking sensibilities.

When Libra and Sagittarius fall in love…

When falling in love, Sagittarius is more about “keeping it light”- plus they haven’t got the patience to be talking about feelings and relationships all day long. Libra is the one pushing for clarification, but they are likely to do it with a gentle hand and lots of patience. It’s not a push for commitment, Libra just wants to know if Sag can be relied upon and whether they are both free to date other people.

Falling deeply in love

There’s also a bit of tension, in the beginning, caused by Libras desire to disappear from the face of the Earth in one massive Libra/Sag love-in. The Archer is crazy-sociable and needs to introduce new objects of passion to all and sundry. Usually conflict-adverse Libra gives in and waits it out until they’ve met more people than the Queen of England – Once this test is passed, love-ins are assured.

Libra and Sagittarius sexual compatibility…

Man – this isn’t one fire that’s going out any time soon! Libra/Sag steam it up – anytime and anywhere. Sag as a mutable sign is flowy, flexible and adaptable – add energy-to-burn and a spontaneous nature, and you’ve got sex in every room and on every geographic feature possible.

Couple in bed

The really nice thing is that Libra – as a cardinal sign, likes to lead and direct and does just that in the bedroom and everywhere else – they’ll manipulate Sags desires with sexy talk and sensorial enhancements – think music and incense. The Archer believes they’ve discovered all the new moves and positions – but that just aint true – Libra gets the tile of Sexual sensei in this relationship every time.

Libra and Sagittarius marriage compatibility…

Not sure it’s ever going to happen – I mean why spend all that money on a dress and ceremony when you could be trekking through the Javanese jungle. Libra/Sag do like a rollicking party though, and might just announce – in the middle of one – that it’s actually a surprise wedding.

Wedding cake

Getting hitched usually happens after years of adventures – perhaps physical capabilities slow them down and its “why not give marriage a crack?”. Libra/Sag are likely to have many homes – they’ll move to the country, back to the city and then go for a beach dwelling. As long as laughter and good conversation continue to flow, all relocations will be accommodated seamlessly.

If they do have children there’s a high chance of adoption – both possess strong social consciousness and are often deeply moved by living conditions in countries visited. If not, Libra/Sag may volunteer abroad for a lengthy period of time. Parenting is bound to be chaotic but loving, with adventures and flights of imagination happening on a daily basis – a brilliant mud pie will be more important than a clean face.

The Good:
Laughter makes the relationship go around!
The best travel companions.
Amazing sexual chemistry.
The Bad:
Their timing can be off.
Sagittarius is the energizer bunny.
Libra can flat-line.
Compatibility Score