Libra and Pisces Compatibility: Love, Sex & Relationships…

Libra and Pisces love compatibility

Its Romeo and Juliet on steroids when star crossed lovers Libra and Pisces lock eyes across a crowded room – from that moment on the zodiac throws up a love affair that’s so mentally, emotionally and physically charged, you’ll need a top up of vitamins just to watch.

Expect drama overload including jealous rages, grand gestures of love and a multitude of breakups and make ups. Like Romeo and Juliet, they are willing to die for love but that’s only if friends and family don’t put them out of their misery first. A couple to be experienced in small peaceful doses.

Decoding Libra and Pisces friendships…

These guys are often friends with benefits – depending on their sexual orientation. They’re just not good at creating boundaries and feel so inspired and creative in each other’s’ presence that taking it to the next level seems like a natural progression. Many times, it’s a mistake and Libra seamlessly reverts back to friendship. Pisces, moves onto other people but gets petulant every time Libra starts a new attraction – its neither logical or fair but it does happen.


If Libra/Pisces friendships are not interrupted by sexual tension their relationship is thoroughly enjoyable. Both love living in an alternative universe – they’ll take each other on flights of fantasy through movies, music, and books. Many are full-on gamers waiting for the day virtual reality became mainstream reality.

Sentimental and romantics at heart they make excellent wing men for each other and are pretty shameless when out on the town – intuitive Libra is always on the lookout for predatory dates wanting to take advantage of Pisces low self-esteem. It’s a friendship that hits some warm and caring notes.

First signs of attraction & compatibility…

What you’ve got here is “Flirty McFlirtface” times two. Libras ruling planet is Venus so of course they are out there spreading love, passion and fairy dust. Pisces ruling planet is Neptune – associated with spirituality and sensitivity – they are emotional flirts who listen, empathize and cast mysterious spells of attraction.

Obvious flirting

When these signs meet it’s a massive flirt-fest – you’ll be lucky if they last the evening out without excusing themselves for some extracurricular activity. Neither are good at playing the waiting game – although Pisces shouldn’t get too messy or full on – even Libra can be scared off!

The Libra and Pisces in relationships…

Air sign, Libra, brings spontaneity to the relationship – some days they’ll want to keep it light and breezy – others gale-force, filled with creative ideas and adventures. Water sign, Pisces, swims in dark currents – sometimes they feel like drowning in desires and impulse. It’s up to Libra to rescue Pisces from periods of self-destruction and insecurity. Both suffer from energy loss and often spend a week end in bed staring at the ceiling.

Passionate couple

When its humming along the relationship is full of passion and giving – they’ll dance till dawn, make love for days and go all Angelina Jolie with vials of each other’s’ blood around their necks. The good times always hit rocky patches – Pisces is plagued by jealousy – particularly when it comes to Libras ability to light up a room and Libra gets pushed to breaking point with Pisces moodiness – spectacular fights are to be expected with even peace seeking Libra driven to hurling a saucepan or two.

They like a bad break up and are always turning up on friends’ doorsteps – suitcase in hand. After the 6th or 7th time friends tend to move house. Libra/Pisces are constantly trying to work things out and never learn from past mistakes – if they couldn’t stand living together and breakup – then makeup – they’ll be back living together within a week – go figure?

Where they may encounter turbulence…

Pisces, in particularly loves a bit of turbulence and is known to create issues out of sheer boredom. Libra strives for calm and harmony and cannot understand someone who deliberately decides to upset their perfectly balanced apple cart. Pieces must learn to love themselves and keep the attention seeking to a minimum.

Relationship problems

Libra changes their mind and abandons half completed projects whereas Pisces moves forward fiercely once their mind is made up and is tenacious about seeing things through to the end. Pieces may lose trust in Libras ability to support them throughout mutual undertakings and stop asking for input -resulting in some very rocky communication.

When Libra and Pisces fall in love…

Its fast – too fast, they meet, they fall in love, they talk babies or at least a goldfish within the first week of meeting. Friends start warning, “don’t you remember the last time this happened – there was that expensive divorce or extended stay at The Priory?”. But Libra/Pisces don’t listen – they’re totally enraptured with the process of falling love.

Libra and Pisces in love

They listen to each other for hours, sharing the deepest of secrets and become instant muses – think Pisces writing a song about Libra or Libra creating a romance blog inspired by Pisces. They transgress normally protocols by perhaps visiting each other at work or turning up at a sensitive family gathering where only long-term family members are invited. There’s lots of eye rolling from everyone but the loved-up couple who are too busy toasting the magnitude of their love.

Libra and Pisces sexual compatibility…

This is a sweet spot and a method by which they push through those many difficult times. The Libra sign is cardinal – they like to take charge and lead in areas of expertise – one of which is definitely sex. Pisces is mutable – free flowing and flexible and happy for Libra to take charge – in the beginning.

Playful couple in bed

As they experience difference emotions, tribulations and challenges Pisces throw in their own creative twists and teach libra how to equate sex with spirituality. Libra encourages Pisces not to be so apologetic and have fun in the bedroom. These two use sex to make up, break up, celebrate, commiserate and so on – often it’s what keeps them together long after everything else has died.

Libra and Pisces marriage compatibility…

It’s quite possible that Pisces wakes up one day and is hell bent on marriage – once they fix their mind to something it’s a done deal. Libra prefers to spend money on travel and adventure but often agrees just to keep the peace, then discovers, happily, that marriage makes a much more relaxed Pisces. The security from being formally committed calms Pisces and provides less reason for drama – expect 50% of the wedding guests to be Exs – Libra/Pisces never cut anyone from their lives.

Getting married

As a married couple Libra/Pisces strive hard to be “normal” but fail dismally – they are passionate creatures who go from one crazy enterprise to the next – starting up businesses and then losing interest, undertaking renovations without completion. Looking out for each other’s health is a priority – Libra should send Pisces off to silent Yoga for mental health tweaking and Pisces needs to educated Libra in back and neck care. There’ll still be tears and dustups but married sex solves almost everything.

Children are likely – Libra/Pisces have so much love to give they want to share it with a gaggle of kids, pets and extended family. As far as parenting goes expect moments of utter chaos – Libra is likely to leave the baby on the bus once or twice and Pisces is regularly overwhelmed by the responsibility – however, children are raised as free range creative souls who experience an abundance of love.

The Good:
No one loves deeper than Libra and Pisces.
They put 100% into their relationship.
The sex sizzles.
The Bad:
Pisces insecurities can exhaust Libra.
Libra’s indecisiveness annoys Pisces.
They involve everyone in their dramas.
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