Libra and Aquarius Compatibility: Love, Sex & Relationships…

Libra and Aquarius love compatibility

Beautiful dreamers, Libra/Aquarius are looking up to the stars and fantasizing about “infinity and beyond”. Eccentric and gifted – they might just save humanity from annihilation – if better more intriguing ideas don’t interrupt the thought processes. Their life is one whole giant expedition together – discovering new art, culture and philosophy.

Citizens of the world, home is a state of mind not a place – Libra and Aquarius happily trip from one country to another, occasionally perplexed by the fact they are virtually homeless and broke. Not a lot of common sense, but big on passion and heart – they somehow always manage to scrape up finances for the next big adventure. Their affair might last a day or a lifetime but every minute of it will be meaningful and memorable.

Decoding Libra and Aquarius friendships…

Initially they avoid each other thinking “Oh my, he/she is a bit of an oddball?”. Of course, it’s a case of the pot calling the kettle black – both are left of center and wonderfully nutty. Libra has a hatred for injustice and Aquarius wants to bring about world peace – they’ll be drawn together over politics, religion and social issues.

Nutty friends

When these guys find something to formally protest about – a 200-year-old tree being cut down or lack of wheel chair friendly facilities – the friendship blossoms – Aquarius organizes flyers and campaign strategies whilst Libra writes protest songs and schmoozes local dignitaries.

Together they are formidable organizers which can lead to not-for-profit startups or new and inventive businesses. A good business manager is necessary though – to keep the books in order – Libra/Aquarius also have a tendency to go AWOL – Libra to follow a new love interest and Aquarius to unpack a new mystery – good luck to the business manager who can keep these two on task and goal orientated. Whatever the case these friends are soulmates and are likely to stay so – whether or not a single idea translates into success.

First signs of attraction & compatibility…

Aquarius lives in their head and are compete flirt failures – they won’t realize attraction exists until Libra hits them over the head with a love-mallet – that’s usually when the water bearer runs screaming into on-coming traffic.

First signs of attraction

Aquarius needs to intellectually process attraction – “What does it mean?” “Can I be attracted to one person, as well as the whole of humanity?” and here’s the kicker – “Are they going to take away my freedom?” – They’ll disappear to ruminate over these critical questions whilst Libra plays the waiting game.

It takes a while to snag an Aquarian whose only sign of attraction may be pure avoidance – Libra often changes tactics and focuses on friendship – listening to problems and building rapport – this lures Aquarius out from hiding where they’ll find their attraction for clever Libra growing on a daily basis.

The Libra and Aquarius in relationships…

When two air element signs commit to a relationship there’s bound to be lots of spontaneity and a breathless race to the next experience before fully appreciating the current one. Some days there’s no plan at all – randomly jumping on a plane or celebrating Christmas in July might take their fancy. Both need careers they are passionate about – Libra is likely to work in the Arts and Aquarius in advocacy or social justice arenas.

Spontaneous love

Because of their passion Libra/Aquarius talk shop till the cows come home and use each other as sounding boards for new ideas and artistic endeavors. Aquarius has a low boredom threshold and needs to be constantly learning new things – expect them to drag Libra to woodwork, pottery and learn to speak Finnish classes. Libra calms Aquarius restless soul with music, poetry and art. Given Aquarius’ futuristic nature and Libras love of fantasy they can often be spotted at Comicon, the latest Marvel movie or talking to Elon Musk about a one-way ticket to Mars.

Where they may encounter turbulence…

Cardinal sign Libra goes back and forward, up and down, round and round when making a decision – as a sign who is forever trying to balance the scales they understand everyone’s viewpoint and see an argument from many sides. This drives fixed sign Aquarius to distraction – the water bearer makes decisions from the gut and prefers to experience failure rather than dithering around endlessly. Aquarius should encourage Libra to go with their instincts instead of trying to please everyone else.

Relationship tensions

Libra might mistake Aquarius need to be alone as rejection – it’s not, the water bearer just has an intense relationship with their own brain and requires lot of one-on-one time. Aquarius needs to communicate this clearly and Libra to use the time apart to socialize their way through the universe.

When Libra and Aquarius fall in love…

Neither sets out to define the relationship although caring Libra seeks ground rules to avoid unintentional pain – can they see other people or is it exclusive? Aquarius loves having a new intelligent mind to cross examine and discusses philosophy till the restaurant lights go out or Libra falls asleep – this is Aquarian foreplay.

Love sign

Libra tries to go slowly – something they are not good at but, if played right, and Aquarius is allowed enough time apart to discover deep longings there’ll be a tipping point. One night, asleep in a rem cycle the water bearer wakes, bolts upright and realizes they are irrevocably in love.

Libra also makes concessions to allow for Aquarius eccentric nature – when they turn up for a date in different colored shoes Libra ignores the bleeding obvious and focuses on the romance ahead – this sort of acceptance will only make Aquarius fall deeper in lover.

Libra and Aquarius sexual compatibility…

It’s going to be cosmic – expect the power of a rocket launch and the beauty of a meteor shower – that’s if Libra has sexed up Aquarius brain first. Libra oozes sensuality and Aquarius needs to push boundaries.

Sensual attraction

Like other aspects of their lives, sex becomes a constantly evolving adventure with new twists at every encounter. Aquarius wants to have sex in zero gravity and Libra says yes – as long as they can dress up as Yoda. These two are creative, fun and super passionate.

Libra and Aquarius marriage compatibility…

Marriage is quite unlikely – not because Libra/Aquarius are incompatible it’s just that marriage isn’t their “thing”. Aquarius hates the conformity and Libra is too flakey to care. Both feel their unstated commitment is enough. If in some strange parallel universe, they do marry its likely to be a send up of the institution – think a nude wedding or a divorce party five minutes after they’ve exchanged vows.

Wedding rings

Libra/Aquarius are likely to have other dalliances – Libra of the heart and Aquarius of the mind but they are always open, honest and accepting of each other’s indiscretions. Politics or religion has a bigger chance of breaking them up. Libra/Aquarius change jobs and countries often and their commitment to lifelong adventures mean children are also unlikely but, if they do happen, learning will be via life experiences. Children may rebel and become accountants – a horrible disappointment to their parents – or just continue the gypsy lifestyle that was handed to them.

The Good:
Both futurists.
Both freedom loving.
Both spontaneous.
The Bad:
Libra is unreliable.
Aquarius has difficulty expressing emotions.
They have different priorities.
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