Leo and Sagittarius Compatibility: Love, Sex & Relationships…

Leo and Sagittarius love compatibility

Passionate, lusty and hilarious Leo/Sagittarius are party animals with pizzazz! They play hard and work even harder – and are capable of dancing the night away but still fronting up to work looking spectacular. There’s something eternally youthful about these two – perhaps because of their explosive energy levels – perhaps because they are always looking for the next big thing.

Both value courage although their definitions are different – the lion has a high rolling corporate takeover mentality whereas the archer defines bravery as living with silver back gorillas for a month. There’s potential here to enrich each other’s lives for a long, long time.

Decoding Leo and Sagittarius friendship…

Play till you drop is their motto – like kittens and puppies they wrestle, chase and investigate just about everything and everyone in sight. Chaos accompanies this friendship – as well as multiple changes of plans and lots of hair-brained ideas that never see the light of day. Leo loves Sagittarius’ wild, far flung stories and humor – whilst Sag revels in Leos’ sartorial splendor and generous spirit.

Playful friends

They are big kids who need to burn off energy and often play numerous sports together or spot each other at the gym. Dedicated gossips, much time is spent sending friends and family up or creating elaborate back stories. Sometimes this behavior causes hurt through insensitive remarks – apologies are made on numerous occasions – but just like puppies and kittens it’s hard to stay mad with them. Leo/Sagittarius make lemonade out of lemons and stay friends for life.

First signs of attraction & compatibility…

Both fire zodiac signs, Leo/Sag burn brightly when it comes to attraction. True to their nature they meet at parties or on holidays in some exotic destination. Leo is commonly found sitting by the pool or dancing up a storm, surrounded by admirers whilst Sag is telling jokes at the bar. The Lion may be oblivious, but Sag immediately notices such a splendid creature and orchestrates an introduction.

Leo and Sagittarius attraction

Others are humbled and cannot get a word in edgewise in the presence of Leo but Sag holds their ground – you’ll know attraction has begun when laughter becomes raucous and all attention is just on each other – an audience of one means the flames are sizzling hot.

The Leo and Sagittarius in relationships…

Teamwork is the key to this relationship – they sync well and play to each other’s strength. Together a generosity of spirit is created and the couple are likely to hold gala fundraisers with A list guests and entertainment. Sagittarius softens Leos ego by teaching them the benefits of compassion which inspires Leos need to drive change. Fabulous networkers and social butterflies – everyone wants to be on their next guest list.

Leo-Sagittarius couple

A hectic duo, Leo/Sag pack more into their day than the average Zodiac couple, starting with early morning workouts and finishing with passionate lovemaking. The kitchen in their house remains spotless and the fridge is empty as they have no interest or time to eat in. Travel loving Sag is constantly planning the next holiday – arguments occur when Leo discovers they’re booked into a backpacker instead of the Hilton. Yes, blazing meltdowns do happen – often from sheer exhaustion – but as confident communicators – their fiery exchanges soon result in sizzling makeup sex.

Where they may encounter turbulence…

Leo can be vain and bombastic – when they continually dish out criticism but refuse to take it Sag becomes wrong footed and uncomfortable in their presence. You’ve got to be able to laugh at yourself to get along with the Archer.


Sagittarius is a mutable sign which means they are able to change course or approach a challenge from numerous angles. Leo is fixed – it’s their way or the highway, and they can be controlling.

Relationship hiccups occur when Leo thinks Sag is scatty and deliberately refusing to take goals seriously. The truth is Sag might just be trying to reposition themselves. Trusting each other’s process and learning to take turns is important for success – and harmony.

When Leo and Sagittarius fall in love…

The biggest problem is getting their schedules to align – Sag is bound to have numerous trips to far flung places planned and Leo will be heavily invested in a whirlwind of events on the social calendar. At first, they probably pencil each other in intermittently until attraction and passion demand more than occasional pitstops.

Both love sending gift and teasers to keep the home fires burning – Leo splashes out on expensive trinkets, flowers and gadgets whereas as ingenious Sag plans a serious of mystery clues leading to moonlit destinations and hand-written love notes.

Falling in love

If they cohabit the Archer moves in with the Lion which is more practical because Sag already has everything packed for their next sojourn. Living together can present the odd problem – Sag must learn to respect Leos’ treasures and not use the Ming Vase as a pot plant holder and sag must actual unpack to show they are committed.

This duo sparkle and dazzle once schedules are aligned and for a good period of time every night is like a debutant ball – red carpets, restaurants, theater premiers – with style and fabulousness Leo/Sag entertain everyone in their never-ending social network and quickly earn a blended name AKA Kimye and Brangalina.

Leo and Sagittarius sexual compatibility…

It’s the red-hot gift that keeps giving! As fire signs, Leo/Sag light up the night and create a heatwave during the day. High on energy and not at all inhibited they are multiple offenders. Both have different naughtiness hotspots which enhance their repertoires.

Bedroom fun

Leo likes it loud and proud with lots of sensual body worshiping whilst Sag satisfies their wanderlust with sex on a beach, in a tree and beside a mountain. They are lusty and playful and never tire of each other’s sensuality – passion keeps them both sane and in love, well into old age.

Leo and Sagittarius marriage compatibility…

Lasting and loving Leo/Sag spend their lives having adventures and building an empire. Once Sag trusts and understands that the Lion isn’t going to clip their wings and once Leo knows out of sight is not out of mind they actually embrace married life with gusto.

Getting married on a motorbike

It won’t be picket fences and gardens of roses – these signs change roles, houses and careers regularly in order to expand their kingdom and intensify experiences. The wedding is probably held in some exotic location with the honeymoon in another equally exotic location.

Leo/Sag are often too busy to have children but when they do the children are sometimes expected to fit into their parent’s lifestyle and not the other way around. It’s up to Leo to re-engage in play and for Sag to allow children to lead and suggest adventures – if this happens there’s a lifetime of laughter and fun to be had.

The Good:
They make each other laugh.
The sex lasts forever.
Dynamic and powerful.
The Bad:
Leo gets bossy.
Sagittarius feels trapped.
Their schedules are too busy for each other.
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