Gemini and Pisces Compatibility: Love, Sex & Relationships…

Gemini and Pisces love compatibility

This is a dark and broody combination with mystical undertones. Not everyone’s cup of tea but there’s a musicality and craziness that just might make it work. Both are drama Queens and kings so expect the whole gamut of emotional meltdowns.

Capable of creating great art, music and novels out of the suffering they inflict on each other, Gemini and Pisces would do the most knowledgeable psychiatrists’ heads in trying to figure them out.

Decoding Gemini and Pisces friendships…

Sometimes better friends than lovers as these two spend less time angst-ing about their relationship and more time achieving and enjoying each other’s company when not hampered by romantic feelings. They relish each other’s creativity and have a natural talent for design and space – an awesome combo for running landscaping or interior design businesses. Alternatively, they’ll form a dance troupe or band and could even hit the big time – fueled by Geminis’ raw ambition.

Gemini and Pisces friendship

Gemini can be a bit fickle and cold when their Pisces buddy is experiencing poor mental health – which is inevitable – but its only because they recognize the same tendencies in themselves. Both signs are mutable which means they are spontaneous and constant mind changers – neither gets why other people are frustrated with such scatter gun approaches which creates a strong bond in the friendship – Gemini/Pisces reserves the right to constantly change their minds.

First signs of attraction & compatibility…

Take a deep breath and smell the intensity when these two get together! Both are flirting machines and not good at restraint. There may be hands, eyes, lips all happening in the first 20 minutes of meeting. They need to watch things don’t burn out before the romance gets started. Insecure Pisces sometimes comes across as desperate rather than interested – Watch out Pisces or Gemini won’t see a challenge and go back for seconds.

Gemini and Pisces flirting

Delightfully delusional these signs often meet in an already intense and intimate environment – think on stage or as company executives. They really believe no one knows about the growing attraction and that’s hilarious because with Gemini/Pisces its plain as the nose on you face. A good job of keeping things secret? – Absolutely not!

The Gemini and Pisces in relationships…

It may not always be the healthiest of relationships. Geminis extreme socializing brings out the green eyed monster in Pisces which pushes them into bad habits – think crying drunks and extreme dieters. Gemini has no time for jealousy and responds in a cool and detached fashion. – whilst one shuts down the other gets loud and demanding – awkward moments abound.

Gemini and Pisces couple

Because of their capacity to make each other miserable – sorrow and pain is channeled into creativity and Geminis/Pisces become junkies for that level of output. When love is more than skin deep they morph into enablers and rescuers – it’s a seesaw of provoking bad behavior and then saving one another.

Think Sid Vicious and Nancy Spungen, Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald or Amy Winehouse and Blake Fielder and you’ve got the sum total of a Gemini/Pisces relationship. Having said all this – there’s a sad sweetness in this relationship that makes you momentarily envy them.

Where they may encounter turbulence…

They love turbulence – so it’s not necessarily a bad thing – in fact it’s often what keeps them together – however if the relationship is going to achieve longevity a few things must be observed. Pisces’ lack of self-worth is always a hard beast to manage – unless Gemini wants to really see them go to a dark place – reassurance and trust must be given and flippant Gemini should learn to articulate their feeling otherwise Pisces goes looking for more emotionally intelligent pastures.

Pisces and Gemini turbulence

The most destruction times for a Gemini/Pisces relationship is when each sign becomes totally self-absorbed. Remember it’s not a competition to see who is the most neurotic, highly strung genius in the universe. Thinking about that other person is healthy for both parties.

When Gemini and Pisces fall in love…

Insecure Pisces tends to cut Gemini from the pack at social events and monopolizes their time – or whilst the twins are networking their way around the room Pisces remains one step behind hanging on for dear life. Joined at the hip is what Pisces aims for and initially, when falling in love Gemini shows their protective and equally loving side.

Gemini and Pisces relationship

Often, very quickly, Pisces works Gemini into their lives – imagine writing songs together or hiring them as a back-up dancer. The Twins enjoy this ploy because it’s an ego boost – “When Pisces says – “You are soooo talented!” they really mean it even if the rest of the world doesn’t.

Friends of Gemini wonder why their party loving mate has been replaced with a tee totaling vegan yogi – but such is the force of Pisces emotional needs that an “in love” Gemini quickly changes their spots. Gemini/Pisces are also likely to be wrapped around each whispering sweet nothings and totally ignoring everyone else at the party – to them the rest of the world is just and illusion.

Gemini and Pisces sexual compatibility…

All roads lead to sex for these two – they have angry sex, hot sex, sad sex and bad sex. It solves problems and actually provides relief from the relationship. Pisces as a water sign wants something deep and darkly intimate – Gemini as an air sign seeks pure physical pleasure but both view sex as creative and inspiring.

Aries and Pisces in bed

They also possess a great desire to show each other how truly amazing they can be in bed – making sex a selfless and uniting act. Tactile as all hell these signs laugh when its bad and blush when it’s hot. In the afterglow neither rolls over and goes to sleep – excellent communicators – they will stroke each other’s heart with passionate words and the building of future dreams.

Gemini and Pisces marriage compatibility…

Since many Gemini/Pisces friends end up avoiding them to escape the crossfire – these signs might just decide to put on a wedding to get everyone back together. Pisces wants a wedding – they see security in that piece of paper and Gemini is probably missing their large social circle of friends. Of course everyone will RSVP Yes – just because they don’t believe it’s going to happen.

Marriage compatibility

A married Gemini/Pisces household is eclectic and full of color and sound with Pisces proudly growing organic veggies out the back and Gemini building half-finished IKEA furniture in the garage.

Children maybe just the thing and force them to grow up a little – having such momentous responsibility shifts them into a new grown up gear. Gemini/Pisces offspring play in the mud and bring injured animals home – Gemini parents bring sport and dance into their lives and Pisces parents delivers prayer and healing.

The Good:
Lots of creative inspiration.
Sexual dynamite.
Soulful and sweet.
The Bad:
Not good on Pisces mental health.
Gemini may feel emotionally drained.
They like to torture each other.
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