Gemini and Aquarius Compatibility: Love, Sex & Relationships…

Gemini and Aquarius love compatibility

These signs have one foot firmly in the future and are the sort who would sign up for the first Mars space mission. Dreamers, awesome communicators and quite eccentric they are capable of creating magic and giving word peace a jolly good attempt.

Sometimes it may appear like they are married to humanity and social causes rather than each other but when Gemini and Aquarius make time for each other the intellectual sparks will be sexy as hell. To infinity and beyond!

Decoding Gemini and Aquarius friendships…

Gemini/Aquarius friendships are solid – even if they only see each other a couple of times a year – Aquarius is too busy saving the world and Gemini is desperately trying find out what makes it tick. Self-contained and independent they are often in different cities or countries so regular catch-ups are a scheduling nightmare.

Gemini and Aquarius friends

What initially bonds them is usually Sci-Fi or fantasy and together these guys get some serious geek on. Expect to see them regularly at Comic Con and they just love a good role play game, escape room or laser skirmish. Robust discussions are bound to be had over Batman V Superman with Aquarius voting for the gadgets and Gemini for the powers.

This friendship can last a lifetime as Aquarius never tells Gemini to grow up and Gemini takes Aquarian flights of fantasy seriously.

First signs of attraction & compatibility…

Gemini and Aquarius are air signs so it’s quite possible they have floated passed each other on numerous occasions without even noticing. These two have heads in the clouds for much of the time and may literally have to bump into each other to start the conversation – by the way, It won’t be Aquarius who initiates the relationship – their head is in clouds located somewhere in outer space.

Aries and Aquarius attraction

Intense conversations are the first signs of attraction – if the Twins want to take things further advanced flirting skills are unleashed. However, this is a pointless tactic to use on Aquarius as they don’t understand flirting – in fact it scares the bejesus out of them. Gemini needs to modify their usual attraction behavior and just tell Aquarius how they feel – which will also scare the bejesus out of the Water bearer, but makes them confront the existence of romantic feelings.

The Gemini and Aquarius in relationships…

Gemini and Aquarius are slaves to their careers whether it be working to achieve world peace or staging the next Olympics’ opening ceremony. They think big and dream courageously but often leave little time for meaningful relationships – its best these signs work in the same industry with common goals so they can talk shop until the cows come home.

Gemini and Aquarius in relationships

Sociable Gemini stops the Water Bearer from becoming a hermit and gets them to parties and work events – however it may be a struggle as Aquarius feels easily crowded. In a functioning relationship both will look out for each other especially when it comes to Geminis anxiety levels and Aquarius’ predication to nervous exhaustion. What can save them from disintegrating is the Arts, philosophy and intellectual pursuits. These are rejuvenating subjects for Gemini/Aquarius so a regular trip to Paris and the Louvre or NASA is highly recommended.

Where they may encounter turbulence…

Aquarius finds Gemini rather superficial and scatty – and gets turned off by the constant need to socialize. The water bearer is a fixed sign which means they deal well with Chaos externally but require a personal cave to retreat to for Solace – where surroundings are calm and predictable.

Aquarius-Gemini turbulence

As a mutable sign Gemini sees nothing wrong with inviting 20 new besties home on the spur of the moment. Ring ahead Gemini or you’re going to get the silent treatment for weeks.

Over-sharing often gets Gemini into hot water so be careful not to spill too many intimate secrets about Aquarius to all and sundry – and the Water bear could lighten up a tad or Gemini will go elsewhere for fun.

When Gemini and Aquarius fall in love…

Aquarius will look like a fish out of water – hate being out of control, guilty for wanting to spend time with Gemini instead of protecting endangered species and unsure what this sick feeling is in the pit of their stomachs. Gemini on the other hand doesn’t like the idea of commitment and wants to keep things light so these two spend much time going back and forth.

Gemini and Aquarius in love

During their bust ups Aquarius immerses them self in work and Gemini just sleeps around – lots! Friends won’t be able to get a handle on the relationship status as Aquarius is terribly tight lipped and Gemini just rattles on about anything – weaving fact with fiction.

Gemini and Aquarius sexual compatibility…

Oh dear – it’s going to take dedication and loads of positive communication. Gemini loves plenty of sex and does it for pleasure, rather than intimacy. Aquarius wants a deep out of body experience and they are not going to appreciate detachment or trite conversation. Differing libidos also cause friction Aquarius exhaust themselves trying to save the world and have no energy for saucy activities whereas Gemini possesses never-ending energy levels and is ready to go at a moment’s notice.

Flirting in the bedroom

The good thing is they are both imaginative and love intellectual foreplay. If Gemini/Aquarius start with titillating the mind – talk philosophy, fantasy and the arts – then things get warm. Also – invest in a box of Sci fi dress ups – Hans Solo and Princess Leia are capable of destroying the death star whilst getting it on!

Gemini and Aquarius marriage compatibility…

Being unconventional creatures the chances of these two settling down to matrimonial bliss is very low. Neither can see how marriage would improve their relationship and are just a bit scared that it might place a psychological cage around them. They are comfortable with the amount of space and freedom each requires and likely to spend long periods of time separated, developing a cure for the common cold or fighting with resistance rebels in a war-torn country.

Wedding rings

Children are not often on Gemini/Aquarius’ agenda – the Water Bearer is likely to believe that over population is a form of pollution and parenting just sounds far too grown up for Gemini. If children do occur, expect an eccentric upbringing with few boundaries and a more than even chance of homeschooling.

The Good:
Sexy and intelligent couple.
They may save the human race.
They take flights of fantasy together.
The Bad:
Gemini comes across as too superficial.
Aquarius is always so intense.
They may forget where they put the relationship.
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