Capricorn and Pisces Compatibility: Love, Sex & Relationships…

Capricorn and Pisces love compatibility

There’ll be times in this relationship when the Pisces personality, literally, feels like a fish out of water, especially whilst trying to navigate Capricorns’ rather conventional domain – all that handshaking and bowing down to the corporate hierarchy seems odd and confusing. At the same time, Capricorn feels like their inner mountain goat is constantly head butting against Pisces distant relationship with reality.

Sometimes they can find it hard to understand each other – sometimes that’s the attraction, and they spend their lives trying to unpack minds and hearts. There’s bound to be dramatic fireworks from Pisces and emotional icebergs from Capricorn – these two have to REALLY, REALLY be in love to make it work.

Decoding Capricorn and Pisces friendships…

Capricorn/Pisces friendships are more likely to be forged as adults – perhaps at work where Pisces is part of the creative team and Capricorn a business strategist – they come together over product launches and strategic planning. Pisces finds Capricorns composure and command appealing and scary, whilst the mountain goat admires Pisces artistic passion and output. If they learn to make it click there’s lots to talk about from Philosophy to sporting fixtures.

Capricorn and Pisces friendship

They do know how to push each other’s buttons – mostly in gentle jest, but sometimes frustration reigns – Pisces goes psycho and Capricorn blocks the Fish’s’ number. They make good friends whilst working towards a common goal but often just drift apart when geography, ambition and love interests get in the way. Highly productive as a short-term friendship – Capricorn finds it hard to emotionally nurture Pisces and Pisces gets bored with Capricorns’ rigidity.

First signs of attraction & compatibility…

Attraction often happens when love has bruised and battered one, or both, signs. Capricorn might have just come out of a torrid affair with a ruthless executive directive and be looking for someone gentler and less driven, whilst Pisces might be taking a break from infantile poets and wants someone to take care of them instead.

Pisces and Capricorn attraction

It’s a look across the crowded room and a lightbulb moment – “Nothing else has worked why not try something very different!”. Capricorn is smooth and charming whilst Pisces is sensual and full on, these two are usually brilliant at chatting anyone up – but not with each other.

Capricorn knows nothing about underground industrial art and Pisces cares not a fig for boring talks about the “economy” – they’ll stumble, stutter and look kind of awkward. Capricorn blushes and Pisces leaves sentences in up in the air – in a way its embarrassingly cute to watch.

The Capricorn and Pisces in relationships…

For Capricorn and Pisces, sometimes love truly is blind and they’re willing to overlook habits that wouldn’t be tolerated in anyone else. Capricorn often adopts a parental role and sorts out Pisces finances, organizes their underwear draws and encourages the taking of mental health days. Pisces makes Capricorn laugh with their wide eyes innocence and awakens an interest in spirituality. They often move in together rather quickly – the mountain goat wants to ensure Pisces is not sleeping in some cockroach infested squat whilst the Fish craves security and protection.

Roaming couple

Capricorn can look miserable some of the time – Pisces’ drama and tendency for depression can be draining but, when not in a funk, Pisces showers Capricorn with affection, creative gifts and infectious happiness. There’s a Pavlov’s dog quality to the relationship, with Capricorn sticking in there for what they consider beautiful rewards. They are likely to spend quite a bit of time apart with separate friends and family members who don’t quite approve of the relationship. Pisces also feels neglected when Capricorn is at work 7/24 and often brings home rescue animals to fill the void.

Where they may encounter turbulence…

If they start quoting friends and family who think the relationship is ill advised, it leads to all sorts of ugly behavior – including black banning and/or confronting those mentioned. Next thing you know you’ve got a Montague and Capulet tragedy unfolding with Capricorn/Pisces blaming everyone else for the disfunction in their Romeo and Juliet love story.

Fractured relationship

Capricorn is earth – they are practical, logical and believe actions speak louder than words. Pisces is water – swimming with powerful emotional currents makes them constantly analyse feelings and relationships. Capricorn tires of eternal navel gazing and may view Pisces as lazy and unmotivated. Resentment sets in – Pisces yells and cries whilst Capricorn slams doors and escapes back to the office.

When Capricorn and Pisces fall in love…

Capricorn is a cardinal sign – born organizers and leaders with a tendency to micro manage everything – including relationships – to death. They’ll drive much of the relationship, initially – which is fine for Pisces who have enough trouble getting out of bed in the morning, little own coordinating schedules and booking high end restaurants for the next date.

Pisces are mutable signs – happy to go with the flow, unless it becomes top heavy with rules and regulations. The first time Capricorn tells Pisces what to wear or order at a restaurant, all hell breaks loose and a public scene ensues.

Deep love

For the most part, Capricorn keeps things measured, starting with occasional dates that pander to Pisces interests – think music, theater and art. Capricorn views this as an opportunity to educate themselves whilst getting to know their new love.

Pisces pushes for intimacy early and might be mystified as to why Capricorn is still kissing them goodnight on the 6th date. Keeping each other at arm’s length works – Pisces does some seriously lusting after the mountain goat whilst Capricorn gets turned on by being in control. Space between dates gets shorter and eventually they’re all over each other 7 days a week.

Capricorn and Pieces sexual compatibility…

Pisces might scare the living daylights out of Capricorn – not because they are into crazy shit – it’s just the shear force and intensity of their sexuality can be terrifying. Pisces possesses incredibly heightened senses – a gentle stroke on the neck creates unspeakable pleasure, nibbling on an ear lobe reduces them to a puddle.

Sexual compatibility

Sometime Capricorn feels Pisces is acting and, like watching a movie, they remain motionless and silent. It takes some work and totally honesty about sexual likes and dislikes to get things really sparking. Capricorn has the energy and Pisces the sensuality, keeping it fun but meaningful should achieve sizzling results.

Capricorn and Pisces marriage compatibility…

Capricorn often pushes for marriage to keep Pisces on the straight and narrow. Pisces likes the romance of a wedding but is unsure about committing to one person for the rest of their lives. It takes some convincing and if Capricorn/Pisces finally get to the “I dos”, expect an elegant wedding somewhere by water with lots of beautiful music and poetry.

Married life gets better the longer Capricorn/Pisces avoid divorce courts. In the early day Pisces tries to sabotage, feeling they don’t deserve the gorgeous life their partner has constructed and lack of self-worth can result in infidelity and substance abuse – especially if Capricorn hides behind work. Pisces needs a lifelong therapist and Capricorn needs to make themselves emotionally available.

Close married couple

Children? Often, it’s just chooks and rescue animals. Capricorn feels parent enough to Pisces and they both have trouble finding time to spend together, little own children. Sometimes Capricorn have off spring from a previous relationship and occasionally Pisces forgets to use contraception and two become three.

It is possible to balance each other out nicely as parents – let Capricorn handle the disciplining and financial security and allow Pisces to inject music, imagination and spirituality – the result is a very very happy family.

The Good:
Pisces teaches Capricorn compassion.
Capricorn give Pisces security.
They find each other fascinating.
The Bad:
Capricorn gets sick of Pisces drama.
Pisces finds Capricorn too rigid.
They can just drift apart.
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