Cancer and Libra Compatibility: Love, Sex & Relationships…

Cancer and Libra love compatibility

With these two it really is about world peace. Harmony and balance rule their lives – Cancer works tirelessly to make sure loved ones are nourished – mentally, spiritually and physically whilst Libra creates a Zen-like ambiance out in the external world.

Libra is patient and kind – willing to invest time and effort in order to sooth Cancers anxieties and insecurities. Conversely Cancer protects over trusting Libra from being taken advantage off and duped. A lovely synergy – they grow old gracefully and only encounter an odd snag during the relationship journey.

Decoding Cancer and Libra friendships…

Libra is born with a smile on their face and a glass is always half full attitude. Cancers’ bouts of melancholy are real and intense so when they meet someone who’s filled with light and positivity a friendship is highly desirable – bit like taking aspirin for a headache – Libra helps to make the pain go away. Strangely Libra is attracted to sadness – they possess a compulsive need to mend broken souls and, being empaths, have joy enough to share around. It’s an emotional win/win for these two signs.

Close friendship

Poets at heart Cancer/Libra often cement their friendship through an artistic medium – song writing, theater production, fashion design are possibilities. Cancer brings practicality and functionality to the table and Libra beauty and daring. They may take a while to “get” each other’s sense of humor – the crab is dark and black whilst Libra laughs at pratfalls and rubber faces – sometimes this creates hiccups but subversive humor isn’t necessarily cruel and slapstick isn’t always trivial. When they respect each other’s likes and dislikes a strong friendship is forged – eventually they might even laugh at the same things.

First signs of attraction & compatibility…

Chief flirter of the zodiac, Libra wants everyone to feel loved – from Great Aunt Ethel to the postman. As an air sign, they seamlessly flit object to object, person to person, spreading feel-good vibes with a pinch of sauciness. Here’s where it gets interesting – match Libra to Cancer in a flirt fest and you’ve got the best and the worst.

Cancer-Libra flirting

The normally non-competitive Libra goes into overdrive – simply because they can – hair flicking, hip thrusting lip licking – it gets pretty shameless. Cancer blithers, blushes and looks like a deer in headlights – as a water sign it’s akin to watching them drown in their own ineptitude. Not to worry Libra doesn’t want anyone to feel awkward for too long – they balance it out with gentle praise and good listening skills – Cancer always ends up feeling charmed.

The Cancer and Libra in relationships…

They are often a gorgeous couple in a Boho-chic kind of way. Libra liberates Cancers’ fashion style – encourages them to take risks and Cancer completes Libras’ last five outstanding tax returns. As cardinal zodiac signs, they both possess strong leadership qualities but are humble enough to be followers when out of their depth. Relationship-wise Cancer leads in homemaking, holiday planning and budgeting arenas whilst Libra takes charge with new projects, career moves and networking.

Cancer-Libra couple

These signs like being in a relationship – some say they crave it – so there is time and effort put in to make sure things are ticking along nicely. Friends think they look like a couple who have got it made – different but complimentary – affectionate and attentive – gracious hosts who are not against singing a cheesy karaoke song to each other at parties. They don’t believe in creating uncomfortable dramas so disagreements are handled in private, behind closed doors.

Where they may encounter turbulence…

Cancer has difficulties accepting that Libra would flirt with a cactus and allows jealousy to rear its ugly head. Libra usually reacts with reassurance but constant suspicion and 3rd degree interrogations can result in seeking solace elsewhere.

Relationship fight

Libra is also likely to have had far more sexual partners – some casual – some with feeling – keeping a mental tally and re-imagining Libras’ past leads Cancer to feelings of inadequacy. Neither enjoy confrontation so it’s important not to succumb to passive aggressive behavior – disagreeing on an issue is not the end of the world and Cancer/Libra need to keep an open dialogue going.

When Cancer and Libra fall in love…

They drop off the radar – a common Libra behavior when falling in love – they revel in the thrill of new love and need to focus just on that person rather than share themselves with the universe.

Falling in love

For Libra – love is really the drug of choice. Cancer doesn’t mind going off the grid at all as they are not dependent on such a wide social network – constant one-on-one means they know Libras every move. Friends needn’t worry, they’ll resurface just as soon as the kinks are gone and commitment is established.

Cancer and Libra sexual compatibility…

Libra is usually more experienced and a bit of a chameleon – in that they can be anything you want in the bedroom. Having said that, they’re not mind readers so Cancer needs to acquire some Dutch courage and share secret desires. They should think of it this way – “who wouldn’t want to be with someone willing to make all your fantasies come true!”.

Sexual chemistry

Naturally Cancer injects sensory enhancement into the bedroom – candles, scents and music – and both signs are very tactile and kissable. When the communication is clear and trust is established a powerhouse of intimacy takes place between the Cancer/Libra sheets.

Cancer and Libra marriage compatibility…

It’s certainly got potential although Cancer is eternally house-proud  without being over the top – whereas Libra can be downright sloppy – sort that one out before you move in together! Their home is any style the crab wants – probably a pre-loved family bungalow with a large back yard. Libras only concern is that the home has good Feng shui and a sun room for feel-good rays.

Wedding rings

Libra is not too concerned with getting married but, as an accommodating soul, does it for Cancers’ peace of mind – they may insist on music selection and an element of fun. Children usually arrive because Libra has forgotten to use contraception – they can be a little absent minded on this issue – which delights and terrifies Cancer in the same proportions. Off spring are raised with old world values and an eye to the future – it’s a sweet combination for all involved!

The Good:
Libra soothes the Cancer angst.
Cancer provides a safe place for Libra to land.
Breathtaking intimacy.
The Bad:
Cancer gets jealous.
Libra gets lazy.
Passive aggressive behavior.
Compatibility Score

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