Aries and Taurus Compatibility: Love, Sex & Relationships…

Taurus and Aries love compatibility

There’s always a couple where you think, “How the hell did they get together?”. It just doesn’t make sense that the shy introvert in the corner would want to be with the loud brash extrovert in the centre of the room. Thats when you’ve got to remember that opposites not only attract but compliment each other.

Think Jerry Maguire and the classic but crappy phrase, “You complete me” – Renee and Toms’ characters were probably Aries and Taurus – different but aligned cosmically. The union of these two signs that can be a beautiful thing – they just need to follow a little guidance courtesy of the zodiac.

Decoding Aries and Taurus friendships…

Aries and Taurus can have long lasting friendships but they will blow hot and cold. The fire in Aries is rash and impetuous – they learn by risk taking and pushing boundaries whereas Earthy Taurus thinks things through and makes a full risk assessment on any ventures. There are times when they desperately want to be like each other, fully jealous of the others differences. If the friendship is to really stick they need to seek advice rather than try to be a cheap imitation.

Aries-Taurus friendships

Aries/Taurus friendships often have periods where the signs don’t speak or just drift apart and sometimes theres a feeling of outgrowing each other – Taurus think Aries is never going to grow up and Aries thinks Taurus is BORING and RIGID. When they do gravitate back to each other both signs will feel friendship refreshed and spend quality time appreciating individual journeys and points of view.

First signs of attraction & compatibility…

Aries is often intrigued by Taurus – as a cardinal zodiac sign they will want to initiate romance and are used to getting their own way. Bulls are slow to warm – a fixed zodiac sign that doesn’t want to start something that cant be finished.

Aries and Taurus attraction

This romantic dance has the capacity to whip Aries into a flirting frenzy – desperate to have their ego stroked – the moves will be brash and the one liners dodgy. Many would be offended but steady Taurus wants to decode such effusive behaviour – nodding, saying very little and failure to exit quickly means theres a little Earthy interest happening for Taurus.

The Aries and Taurus in relationships…

Aries and Taurus will be protective of each other – and they work hard at nurturing those differences which value add to the relationship. When in sync they can seamlessly play to each other strengths and morph into a loved up dynamic duo that accomplishes big ticket items like house buying or changing jobs with aplomb.

Aries and Taurus relationships

They often keep seperate sets of friends and hobbies and thats good for revitalising the relationship but they do need to touch base frequently or Taurus may become clingy and Aries may forget they in a relationship. This couple build their strength behind closed doors which is why they seem such a mystery match to everyone else.

Where they may encounter turbulence…

How stubborn are these two? Let me count the ways! They both can be inflexible – Taurus wants details and Aries paints life with a broad brush. Aries travel at the speed of sound whilst Taurus likes to ruminate. When not in tune with each other they become dismissive and refuse to give ground.

Stubborn Aries-Taurus couple

When it comes to money and travel plans Aries can make Taurus fell insecure physically and financially so its probably best to take have seperate banks accounts and tailor holidays with experiences that accommodate both signs interests – think hot air ballooning for Aries and poolside martinis for Taurus.

When Aries and Taurus fall in love

Aries will do everything within their power to win over Taurus so expect violins, fireworks and potential skywriting. It takes a while for Aries to realise that Taurus isn’t interested in grand gestures and it may be up to the Earthy bull to modify Aries behaviour by praising some of their more understated actions.

Aries and Taurus love compatibility

During the honeymoon phase a growing fascination in each others differences occurs and both are excited by the potential of this new union. Aries will be dazzled by an abundance of lightbulb ideas for Taurus to be part of – and Taurus equally thrilled to move out of their comfort zone. Falling in love is a voyage of discovery for Aries/Taurus – once there the negotiation for boundaries and rules must start.

Aries and Taurus sexual compatibility…

Taurus must take the upper hand – or smack the groping hand away – when activities get saucy. As an Earth zodiac sign Taurus is sensual and all about ambiance – candles, massage oils and soft music – and due to their patient nature and a strong belief that good things come to those that wait – the bull often has a robust and extensive sex life.

Aries and Taurus sexual compatibility

Whereas Aries bedpost notches are few – due to that wham bang thank you Ma’am mentality. What your looking for here is finesse and refinement – When Taurus is the Sensei and Aries the Grasshopper tantric outcomes are achievable.

Aries and Taurus marriage compatibility…

Theres going to be lots of seismic shifts along the way – firstly Taurus may need marriage for stability and security and Aries may run at the sight of a white gown and wedding vows. These signs have to learn not to be threatened by each others needs and should try to define roles and expectations early on. Just because Taurus is the better homemaker it doesn’t absolve Aries from having to pitch in and Taurus needs to attend some of those high end business dinners to show support.

Aries and Taurus marriage compatibility

The perfect Aries/Taurus marriage could be where Aries works on the international space station for 6 months of the years whilst Taurus runs the household and builds prosperity on Earth. Yes it is long distance but there’s plenty of room for individual growth without having to constantly butt heads.

The Good:
Complimentary opposites.
Loyal and supportive.
Lifelong passion.
The Bad:
It can be their way or the highway.
On different pages when it comes to commitment.
Aries may take Taurus for granted.
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