Aries and Capricorn Compatibility: Love, Sex & Relationships…

Capricorn and Aries love compatibility

How do you best describe the Aries/Capricorn alliance? Well, you know how some creatures in the universe seem to be natural enemies? Cats and dogs… cats and birds… cats and mice… cats and each other? This is basically how these two signs interact when they are at their worst.

But not all hope is lost because you know how sometimes the internet spits up a weirdo cat who raised a puppy or danced with a pet parrot? Well, sometimes that can happen with the Aries-Capricorn too.

It shouldn’t work and its almost unnatural – in fact even the zodiac has difficulty explaining how these two mesh sometimes – but in parallel universes and even sometimes in this one – an Aries/Capricorn love match occasionally sticks and prospers.

Decoding Aries and Capricorn friendships…

A friendship between these two is possible so long as they work on maintaining and earning mutual respect.

Aries is the baby of the zodiac – impulsive, temperamental and somewhat ego-centric. Children like to test boundaries and push parental buttons which is exactly what an Aries will do if Capricorn lets them get away with it.

Capricorn on the other hand is ordered, methodical and measured – sometimes referred to as the father of the zodiac – they hate chaos and expect people to deliver on a promise.

Aries-Capricorn friendship

If Capricorn gets too “parental” though and starts lecturing Aries on every misdemeanor – the ram will dig their feet in and sabotage the friendship by turning up late, forgetting important dates and breaking promises.

Likewise, if Aries becomes too unreliable then Capricorn will quickly replace them with more like-minded friends.

Unbutton that straight-jacket Capricorn and Aries eliminate those dummy spits if you really want to maintain a friendship.

First signs of attraction & compatibility…

Status and success are important to both Aries and Capricorn and this might even act as a launching pad for attraction. Imagine two professionals – one intrigued by the journey to success and the other by the arrival at success.

Think of them as the Richard Branson and Bill Gates of the dating world – completely fascinated by each others totally different approach.

Aries and Capricorn flirting

Sometimes they can feel like they recognize qualities in the other that make up for traits they lack themselves. Aries is all swagger and high risk ventures whereas Capricorn works their career like a carefully thought out chess game.

One date can quickly become two and then three – with lots of in depth conversation over fancy meals as they try to figure out what this growing attraction means.

The Aries and Capricorn in relationships…

Making a relationship work between these signs can be trying at times – but it’s definitely not impossible.

Earthy Capricorn can protect Aries – offering them a safe place to land. They are mature enough to give the ram the space they sometimes need to roam independantly, without taking it too personally.

And because the Capricorn has their feet firmly planted on the ground along with a sensible head on their shoulders – they can help to bring some much-needed stability to the Aries life.

Intense couple

Friends of fiery Aries will also be glad that someone finally exists to drive their buddy home at the end of the night or perform pickups from the ER when one of Aries dumb pranks goes terribly wrong.

Though, there is a good chance that the Capricorn personality will do a lot of complaining to friends about just how brainless their Aries partner is. That doesn’t mean they don’t enjoy their company though!

Both signs are lovers of the finer things in life so there will be mutual enthusiasm over visiting the hottest new restaurants, exotic destinations and fine tailoring outfits. These are the kinds of areas where they may be completely in simpatico.

Where they may encounter turbulence…

When you put a ram and a goat together it’s only natural that they will butt heads from time to time.

Capricorn can sometimes feel like they are walking an untrained baby Rottweiler with a thing for running into oncoming traffic. And Aries can sometimes find themselves dreaming about the day that Capricorn dares to lighten up.

Aries-Capricorn relationship problems

Both are Cardinal signs meaning they feel a need to initiate, manage and finish things. As a result arguments are bound to occur because they both have such different approaches to just about everything.

Family and the importance of staying connected can also emerge as a hot issue the longer they are together. Aries does a lot of bridge burning and never looking back where as Capricorn likes the security of maintaining strong roots and building long term networks – compromises on these issues must be negotiated.

When Aries and Capricorn fall in love

When these two fall for each other, it often happens at work or in a domain where the Capricorn is in charge. The goat is a natural people manager – nothing frustrates them more than people they can’t crack – and Aries is one such person.

Aries Capricorn silly in love

Tension between the two may build with Aries continuously arguing back and even starting fights over insignificant things. That’s because the ram loves pushing the goats’ buttons – it’s like foreplay.

Capricorn can be constantly infuriated with Aries’ recklessness but still find they are unable to resist their allure. Capricorn bosses have even been known to sack Aries employees just so that they can start dating them – and that’s fine because it was probably the Aries plan all along.

Aries and Capricorn sexual compatibility…

Capricorn plans sexual encounters down to the tiniest detail – rose petals on the bed, Champagne on ice – they love stylish romance but are not that into anything too crazy. Aries on the other hand is the total opposite. They’re willing to try almost anything once and have a natural curiosity in the boudoir.

Sex between Aries and Capricorn

With such radically different approaches to how they play it in the the bedroom – their sexual compatibility can be hard to predict and vary wildly from couple to couple.

But sometimes opposites attract and when they do – it can result in some pretty fiery chemistry in the bedroom between these two.

Aries and Capricorn marriage compatibility…

Capricorn likes to marry up – if Aries has the lesser social or economic status there will be trouble in paradise. Aries needs to lay everything on the table – don’t pretend you’re something you’re not – Capricorn hates surprises and fakery.

The goat is a conservative creature and approves of the marriage convention – expect a stylish and classical wedding.

Wedding proposal

Aries is likely to get married just to please Capricorn – that’s not necessarily a bad thing though, it’s a sacrifice not given to just anybody by freedom loving Aries.

As far as parenting goes Aries/Capricorn is quite good as a team as long as they realize that one is glass half full and the other glass half empty. Don’t tear strips off each other, don’t let indifference get the better of you and remember to meet somewhere in the middle so that your kids will know you are both on the same page.

The Good:
Both love the finer things in life.
They share a similar taste for success.
They fascinate each other.
The Bad:
Bit of a child/parent relationship.
Lots of head butting going on here.
They frustrate each other.
Compatibility Score

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