The Zodiac Signs If They Were Mythological Creatures…

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Zodiac Mythological Creatures

Have you ever wondered what the signs might be if they were ancient mythological creatures?

Some would be ten foot tall creatures that are filled with aggression and the ability the scare the living daylights out of you whilst other’s would be shrouded in mystery and like the stuff of urban legends.

Here’s lowdown on what mythological creature each zodiac sign would be!

Aries… the Werewolf.


Fast and energetic the Aries would be the werewolf.

Taurus… the Dragon.


Tough as a motherf#*ker and able to get s#&t done the Taurus would be the dragon.

Gemini… the Elf.

Elven Girl

Expressive in nature and more of a love than a fighter the Gemini would be the elf.

Cancer… the Banshee.

The Banshee

Unconventional and not to be messed with the Cancer would be the banshee.

Leo… the Griffin.


Brave and proud the Leo would be the griffin.

Virgo… the Angel.

Angelic Girl

Gentle, warm and extremely caring the Virgo would be the Angel.

Libra… the Nymph.

Forest Girl

Eternal freedom seekers and with a real thirst for life the Libra would be the Nymph.

Scorpios… the Siren.

The Siren

Stunning andĀ memorizing yet dangerous as hell the Scorpio would be the Siren.

Sagittarius… the Ghost.


Restless and adventurous the Sagittarius would be the ghost.

Capricorn… the Mermaid.

Capricorn The Mermaid

Beautiful and sophisticated the Capricorn would be the mermaid.

Aquarius… the Vampire.


Independent, proudly maladjusted and downright rebellious the Aquarius would be the vampire.

Pisces… the Kraken.

Sea Monster

Wild as all hell the Pisces would be the Kraken.

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