How Each Zodiac Sign Shows Anger…

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The Zodiac Signs When Angry

Every sign has their own unique and distinct way of letting off steam.

For some signs it’s more of an ‘internal’ thing that gets bottled up and hidden from the rest of the world where as for other signs it’s not quite so subtle and the rage just tends to spew out all over the place and onto everyone around them.

Today we’ll take a look at exactly how each of the zodiac signs takes out their frustrations!

Aries… when angry they will rage and let everyone know about it.

Angry As Hell

Aries are not good at disguising their anger and everyone will know damn sure about it when they are in a mood… so watch out!

Taurus… throws stuff. Sometimes at you.

Girl Throwing Glass

Taurus becomes irrational, stubborn and totally immature when angry and resorts to things like throwing nearby objects in your direction.

Gemini… screams and shouts.

Gemini Screaming And Shouting

…aaaaaaall day long. It’s best to just avoid them for a while really until they cool off.

Cancer… sulks and feels sorry for them self.

Cancer Zodiac Sign Feeling Desperate

The Cancerian tends to close themselves off when angry. They also have a habit of feeling sorry for themselves when things go wrong.

Leo… rants and raves at anyone that will listen.

Angry And Yelling

“RARARARARA!! LISTEN TO MY WOES!!” – says the angry Leo to pretty much anyone who is unlucky enough to be in the vicinity at the time.

Virgo… gives the silent treatment.

Virgo Gives The Silent Treatment

They Virgo distances themselves from those that have made them angry and give them the good old fashioned silent treatment.

Libra… slams doors. Loudly.

Slamming Door

Libras can often be found in a huff slamming a perfectly good door because of “ALL THE DAMN INJUSTICE IN THE WORLD!!”

Scorpios… plots to murder you in your sleep.


The Scorpio gets defensive and fantasises about ways to murder you in your sleep.

Sagittarius… storms out of the room in frustration.


The Sagittarius isn’t one to hold a grudge but when they do get angry they can be prone to outbursts and they’ve definitely been known to storm out of a room or two before. Their anger usually short lived however and passes quickly.

Capricorn… calls up your boss and gets you fired from your job.

Getting Fired

Capricorn can be extremely revengeful when they have been wronged and if anyone was going to, say, call up your boss and get you fired… Capricorn would probably be the culprit.

Aquarius… yells at technology like a maniac for ‘not working properly’.

Yelling At Technology

When the Aquarius finally hits breaking point they snap and get angry and yell at everything around them including their inanimate objects.

Pisces… just stays in bed and sleeps it off.

Sleeping Woman

When angry the Pisces feels let down but rather than wasting energy fighting about it they would prefer to simply sleep it off.

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