Virgo and Sagittarius Compatibility: Love, Sex & Relationships…

Virgo and Sagittarius love compatibility

These two are great conversationalists and can talk under water. Both may complain that the other doesn’t let them get a word in edge-wise and there’s definitely truth to that statement. Virgo/Sagittarius frustrate each other with their incessant chatter – the Virgo personality thinks Sag doesn’t take anything seriously whilst Sag finds Virgo rather stoic and straight laced.

It’s hard to see what these two opposing signs might have in common but as we all know love makes some strange choices – one things for sure – Virgo/Sagittarius need to stop talking and start listening if they are going to understand and appreciate each other’s differences.

Decoding Virgo and Sagittarius friendships…

Sagittarius is child-like and playful whereas Virgo is responsible and mature. In friendships these signs often adopt older/younger sibling roles. Virgo continuously bails Sag out of scraps and has numerous conversations with teachers, family, police etc promising to make sure Sag keeps their nose clean in the future.


The archer genuinely likes having a friend who is so solid and dependable and expresses remorse after each indiscretion however they do tend to rely too heavily on Virgos ability to wallpaper tricky situations. Sometimes it could be healthier to dish out a dose of tough love but nurturing Virgo loves playing the role of rescuer and relishes the opportunity to say “I told you so…”. It’s a friendship with very defined roles and like family they’ll criticize each other to all and sundry but won’t tolerate slurs from anyone else.

First signs of attraction & compatibility…

Conversation is what brings them together. Like a fencing match they’ll thrust and parry, using words, ideas and deep, deep intellectual probing. You’ll find them in the corner at an event – Sagittarius wielding gesticulating and gradually getting louder and more excitable whilst Virgo punctuates the conversation with pointing and sharp fist pumps.

Couple talking at the bar

Sometimes they’ll deliberately disagree with each other just to fuel a heated debate. Sagittarius, as a fire sign, runs rampant – like an out of control bush fire, jumping from topic to topic whilst earth sign, Virgo, remains firmly rooted and on message when it comes to delivering a point of view. Occasionally Virgo/Sagittarius don’t even realize that everyone else has gone home – such is the complete immersion of their verbal foreplay.

The Virgo and Sagittarius in relationships…

These two often make a beautiful and imposing couple. With their intellect and love of socializing there’s every possibility that nights are spent at galas, openings and dinner parties. Sagittarius gets bored in the blink of an eye – Virgo must ensure there are fresh brains for entertainment and stimulation. Virgo can be anxious when they are not in control so it’s up to Sag to use their amazing sense of humor as an icebreaker and stress reducer when out and about.

Fashionable couple

They probably won’t live together for quite a while as the logistics of combining Sags nomad lifestyle and often intermittent employment with Virgos stability and stellar career trajectory are just too difficult. Sleepovers are always undertaken at the pristine, perfectly furnished home of Virgo, and not Sags’ mold-ridden bedsitter. The couples’ dynamics work best when they don’t live together – Sags bathroom habits are enough to send Virgo into hazard control meltdown. Sag/Virgo are an odd couple but if they can keep everything on a “need to Know” basis then the relationship may last for decades.

Where they may encounter turbulence…

It can be hard for Virgo to trust Sagittarius given their wanderlust and ability to manipulate the truth at times. Alternatively, Sag feels they can’t live up to Virgo’s impossibly high standards and starts acting out like a caged animal.

Relationship issues

Both are mutable signs which mean they enjoy change and are reasonably adaptable but Virgo requires planning and precision whilst Sag takes a scatter gun approach. Without clear communication and respect for each other’s ambitions and goals the relationship just descends into a toxic dumping of blame and recriminations.

When Virgo and Sagittarius fall in love…

They may fall in love at different rates – Sag gets struck but cupids arrows and their own, easily – for a good while the pursuing may seem all one way – the longer Virgo holds off the better chance they have of progressing to relationship status. Dates that aren’t a talk-fest are based around the physical – think hiking, tennis and swimming – both signs have high energy levels and enjoy moving their bodies in space and time. Virgo is extremely competitive so Sag will experience some serious grudge matches.

Love hearts

Level headed Virgo may try to cool things down when they realise what an unsuitable match the Archer is but Sag’s charm and refusal to take no for an answer keeps throwing them back into each other’s arms. There’s some serious moments of misunderstanding when Sag gets told to “Grow up” and Virgo gets told to “loosen up” – the next you know they’re back on the dance floor cutting lose to get rid of all that excess tension.

Virgo and Sagittarius sexual compatibility…

Virgo seeks intimacy and a sense that the other person is committed on a spiritual level – and here’s the problem – an immature Sag will fart in the middle of lovemaking just for a good giggle which kills the atmosphere immediately.

Sensual kissing in bed

Sometimes Sags’ active mind also tunes out and Virgo will be devastated they are not in the here and now. The moral of this story is that Virgo needs to lighten up and enjoy the fun side of intimacy whilst Sag should take a beginner’s class in sensual intimacy.

Virgo and Sagittarius marriage compatibility…

Sagittarius spends their life running from commitment in a never-ending quest for the meaning of life whilst Virgo does a bit of a Benjamin Button – born old and loosens up as they age. The best option for these two is meeting as older partners when there’s greater capacity for compromise. When sag realizes staying in one place is okay if you’ve been everywhere else and Virgo learns not to make mountains out of molehills they might just embrace the sound of wedding bells. Expect the United Nations on Sags’ guest list and pillars of local society on Virgos.

Wedding rings

Sagittarius/Virgo often adopt or foster if they meet later on in life or have a large menagerie of animals. Whatever the case Sagittarius must be counted as a dependent not necessarily as a parent and Virgo spends an inordinate amount of time rounding up, bandaging and redirecting. Sag brings laughter, fun and adventure to the table Whilst Virgo tears their hair out trying to provide security, discipline and structure – let the games begin!

The Good:
Great conversationalists.
Sagittarius teaches Virgo to laugh.
Virgo teaches Sagittarius responsibility.
The Bad:
Sagittarius is a gypsy.
Virgo is a homebody.
It all gets too hard to compromise.
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