Virgo and Pisces Compatibility: Love, Sex & Relationships…

Virgo and Pisces love compatibility

These two could start a food or exercise revolution, such is their passion for all things related to health. They may go through stages of being Paleo, Vegan, Israeli diet freaks with a side serving of endurance sports and reiki healing. It’s generally a good combination – both are a bit nutty and way too obsessive, however their strong nurturing instincts protect and support each other.

Sometimes Virgo/Pisces flip-flop between codependency and independent thought – expect a couple who are fanatical extremists one day and perfectly reasonable human beings the next.

Decoding Virgo and Pisces friendships…

Good friends and excellent business partners – Virgo/Pisces are creative people who like to problem solve. Practical Virgo has a strong eye for detail and adds finesse and functionality to Pisces artistic endeavors -think fashion designers or architects. They also make great gym buddies and can be found organizing futsal and mix netball teams with their workmates and social circles.

Business friends

It’s a dynamic relationship only marred by the odd only dust up when Pisces abandons Virgo for a flirt-fest with random strangers and Virgo puts social climbing before friendship. They’ll both be hurt -have it out – go rock climbing to release the tension, and start a fresh.

First signs of attraction & compatibility…

Pisces would flirt with a box of hair – expect them to make the first move. They can come across as quite needy and overpowering which is actually due to lack of self-worth. Virgo may retreat for a while – especially if they observe the fish flirting with all and sundry, but Pisces is a first-rate stalker and keeps showing up in all Virgos usual places, which eventually wears them down.


Virgo/Pisces talk health and well-being and give each other dietary tips – soon enough there’ll be after work jogs and text messages about new protein powders. The attraction becomes quite physical quickly which surprises conservative Virgo it’s all that talk about bodies and sweat that’s makes them so hot under the collar.

The Virgo and Pisces in relationships…

Virgo is earth – they want to lay down roots and build from the ground up and this suits Pisces who may have burnt a lot of bridges in a desperate quest for home and family. Pisces is a water sign and being a fish, they constantly swim against the tide or get themselves into dangerous and deep waters – think illicit drugs and unsavory company. The nurturer in Virgo kicks in – they clean Pisces’ act up and make them feel worthwhile.

Virgo and Pisces couple

Virgo/Pisces look out for each other and often work in a health-related industry where first introductions are made. They tend to talk shop a lot and feel so surprisingly comfortable together that moving in happens sooner than expected. Weekends are spent hiking and being outdoorsy and their mutual love of animals compels them to adopted a number of fur-babies – although all must be non-allergic due to Virgos self-diagnosed allergies.

Where they may encounter turbulence…

Just after moving in together Virgo will discover how truly messy Pisces is – Like Hansel and Gretel the Fish leaves a trail of items from bedroom to kitchen and never has any idea where keys or phone were last sighted. This drives Virgo to distraction – they’ll continually devise organizational systems – all of which Pisces fails to adhere too.

Problems in paradise

Virgo has an uber sharp tongue and fragile Pisces doesn’t respond well to what they perceive as bullying or harassment. Diplomacy and tact is necessary to avoid Pisces self-medicating or searching for greener pastures.

When Virgo and Pisces fall in love…

Virgo/Pisces get sick – that’s how it works with these two. Falling in love and the stress that accompanies it gives Virgo ulcers and migraines whilst Pisces is likely to have intestinal and kidney problems. Both love playing nursemaid so until trust is established and the blood pressure levels go down there’ll be plenty of chicken soup and naturopathic recommendations.

Falling in love

Pisces lacks patience and makes Virgo feel rushed – there’ll be dust ups over how fast everything is progressing – Pisces needs to take their foot off the relationship accelerator or risk losing a potential soulmate. Virgo/Pisces are mutable zodiac signs so there’s capacity for adaption and refining bad behaviors. Friends are surprized by how easily they are able to compromise.

Virgo and Pisces sexual compatibility…

Virgo/Pisces are intimacy chasers and believe that sex is spiritual and soulful. Pisces is able to achieve intimacy with just about anyone, which might concern Virgo who’ll want a complete medical clearance before entering the bedroom.

Sensual kissing

Between the sheets Pisces, once cleared medically, liberates Virgo and inspires them to be creative and imaginative in a safe space. Virgo encourages Pisces to feel okay about receiving pleasure and together they’ll create an extensive play book of saucy moves.

Virgo and Pisces marriage compatibility…

Rash Pisces probably wants to get married 5 minutes after meeting, intuition tells them Virgo is the safe harbor they’ve been looking for. Virgo plays the waiting game – waiting to see if Pisces can be faithful, clean up their act and develop a modicum of organizational skills. When it happens, the wedding is beautiful and creative with handmade place cards and songs written about each other.

Wedding cake

Children are on the cards although both parents are highly neurotic – they must avoid wrapping offspring in cotton wool. Virgo/Pisces build a beautiful home together – constant music plays inside and there’s an organic garden out the back. They often take turns in being stay-at-home parents and sometimes even choose to homeschool. it’s easy to see these two reaching their 20th, 30th and even 50th wedding anniversary – a long loving partnership awaits them!

The Good:
Sweet in the bedroom.
Pisces makes Virgo less critical.
Virgo makes Pisces feel worthwhile.
The Bad:
They can encourage each other’s bad behavior.
Virgo gets too preachy.
Pisces gets too messy.
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