Taurus and Scorpio Compatibility: Love, Sex & Relationships…

Taurus and Scorpio love compatibility

They intrigue each other – both are secretive and take effort and time to emotionally unlock. It’s definitely a slow burn – they bring out the best and worst in each other – for example loyalty and honesty are shared traits – which when combined positively produce good deeds and trust – on the negative side holding grudges and emotional bullying can result from a nasty Taurus/Scorpio pairing. These signs have the capacity to be a Super Hero or Super Villain – depending how their powers are used.

Decoding Taurus and Scorpio friendships…

You know that gorgeous goth with the Noel Fielding/Russel Brand style that you went to school with? Now pair that with a cute but geeky Adam Sandler type and you’ve got visuals for Taurus/Scorpio friendships. Scorpio likes to break rules and is something of a people collector – they may decide that a hot nerd is exactly what the friendship group needs – just to defy expectations. Taurus – on the other hand is strangely drawn to Scorpios dark side and secretly hopes a liaison will make them marginally cooler.

Taurus and Scorpio friendship

Their friendship is intense – a bit like mad scientists – there’s always some sort of social or physical experiment on the go – setting tinder date challenges or kidnapping school mascots are typical hijinks. The amazing thing is Taurus/Scorpio manage to convince others to execute experiments – then sit back and watch. A slightly dodgy, odd couple – this behavior continues into adulthood – tread with care if you’re asked to do anything that doesn’t feel right.

First signs of attraction & compatibility…

Scorpio has that “so quietly spoken you need to lean in to hear” maneuver when they flirt – when attracted to a Taurus heads will be virtually touching. It’s a quiet attraction that requires a corner, a walk outside or a car ride home to further develop. They discuss philosophy, politics and religion and provoke each other – just to increase the rising passion.

Taurus and Scorpio attraction

Taurus falls victim to their awkwardness if entranced by the elegant Scorpio – tripping, bumping and spilling occurs. Neither sign laughs readily or out loud so if you hear cackling or giggling – prepare to invite Taurus/Scorpio to the next dinner party as a couple.

The Taurus and Scorpio in relationships…

Taurus is born under the earth element – solid and dependable with a deep core and desire to build things from the foundations up. Scorpio is born under the water element – dark swirling and unpredictable but necessary for Growth.

In a relationship Taurus/Scorpio generally complement each other – the bull systematically moves a relationship forward – family introductions, anniversaries, cohabitation, marriage – whilst Scorpio grows exciting ideas and starves those it finds irrelevant and banal.

Taurus-Scorpio couple

Maintaining different interests and friends are important to Taurus/Scorpio – they don’t want to feel suffocated and need to be able to trust each other – sometimes Scorpio must take leave to visit their darks side whilst Taurus needs to regularly engage with their inner couch potato.

Taurus likes Status and Scorpio seeks diversity – together they deliberately construct a very powerful and original inner circle of friends – not large but always dynamic.

Where they may encounter turbulence…

If they break trust recovery is nearly impossible. Neither gives into a relationship lightly but once there they expect complete openness. When betrayed Taurus strangles any invested emotional commitment and Scorpio sabotages the relationship ruthlessly.

Broken trust

They can be sharped tongue and brittle with each other. When angry, Scorpios M.O. is to lure a victim with sweet words and then attack at the height of vulnerability whereas Taurus brings up every last misdemeanor and becomes hyper-critical.

In order to avoid world war III try counting to 10, walking around the block and not approaching an issue in the heat of the moment.

When Taurus and Scorpio fall in love…

Lots of friction and misunderstandings, as they struggle to understand each other’s communication style. Scorpio has a bottomless pit of emotional reserve whereas Taurus painfully lets feelings out a bit at a time – these opposite approaches lead to headbutting and feelings of insecurity. Neither sign appears happy for most of the time but doubt and fear are perfectly natural Taurus/Scorpio relationship stages.

Couple with love heart

As fixed signs, this couple are stubborn and creatures of habit – Taurus likes their steak well done and Scorpio – still with a pulse. Whilst falling in love they must learn how to accommodate differences – especially Taurus who always has a Judgey hat ready to wear. Thankfully there’s bound to be plenty of sexual tension and they can also start building a sexy set of dynamics that don’t require words or opinions.

Taurus and Scorpio sexual compatibility…

As a freak in the sheets with a taste for absinthe Scorpio must go gentle with conservative Taurus – for fear of spooking them. Fundamentally, for both parties, sex is about trust – Taurus wants to be emotionally vulnerable and Scorpio wants danger with a safety net.

Taurus and Scorpio in bed

Neither enjoys losing control so its best they forgo bedroom power struggles and take turns in leading and submitting. A highly sensual couple – who knows what Earthly delights they’ll arouse in each other behind closed doors.

Taurus and Scorpio marriage compatibility…

Interesting indeed! A possible power couple that together are able to climb social ladders and wield influence – they just need to make sure continuous grudges aren’t developed against neighbors and business opponents or the marriage will revolve around revenge – AKA “House of Cards” – no one crosses a Taurus/Scorpio pairing and gets away with it.

Taurus and Scorpio marriage

Children are an excellent decision – less self-obsessing and more thinking about others – Taurus looks after their physical well-being and Scorpio provides access to feelings. The family home is bound to be old – sometimes even heritage listed with beautiful objects and Victorian fireplaces in every room.

Career-wise they are likely to build an empire together – perhaps in marketing or PR which allows for family friendly arrangements – the business will be a roaring success if Taurus/Scorpio build goodwill and let go of tiny infractions.

The Good:
Potential power couple.
They teach each other new tricks.
Sweet sensuality with a devilish undertone.
The Bad:
Scorpio can be a little too dark for Taurus.
Taurus can be too uptight for Scorpio.
Lack of trust.
Compatibility Score

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