Taurus and Leo Compatibility: Love, Sex & Relationships…

Taurus and Leo love compatibility

Taurus and Leo are on a one-way journey to the good life. Sometimes impractical – always stylish – the sort who go hiking in Jimmy Choos or eat Beluga on toast for breakfast. As a couple, they can be completive about “out-snobbing” each other – bigger, better and more expensive is their motto.

Nevertheless, Taurus/Leo always look drop dead gorgeous and are natural entertainers. You’ll want them on your party list – to get things started and to make the night truly memorable.

Decoding Taurus and Leo friendships…

Good, solid friendships and excellent business partners. In most areas, they seek the same things – wealth, security, and status – although Leo really, really wants the wealth and status and Taurus really, really wants the security. Whatever activities they pursue you can be sure the best equipment, the most luxurious destinations and the finest craftsmanship are carefully researched.

Taurus and Leo friendship

These two are competitive with their possessions – expect them to upgrade from a Camry to a Jeep to a Jag in six months – just too impress each other. If business partners they complement each other in that Leo will want nothing but the best whilst Taurus – with a better head for figures – provides a degree of practicality.

They both love food – it’s quite possible these two will open a fine dining restaurant with Leo at front of house and Taurus in the kitchen. They also make good gym buddies and it becomes a mission to train longer and harder than each other – which is good – the kilos creep up when you not only own a fine dining restaurant but also do a lot of sampling.

First signs of attraction & compatibility…

Taurus often feels out of Leos league initially – “How could such a dazzling creature be interested in me?” – this doesn’t last long though – Bull have self-worth in spades and often punches well above their weight. Taurus appreciates the fact that it takes a lot to impress Leo and immediately spruces up, name drops and ego strokes when Leo is around.

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The Lion is often slower to warm – as a fire sign – they are usually out there blazing their way through society and overlook the friendly but less gregarious Bull. As an earth sign Taurus is grounded, solid and infinitesimally patient. They just know the day will come when a compliment or a look suddenly cuts through and the Lion wakes up to acknowledge their mutual attraction.

The Taurus and Leo in relationships…

What a dazzling duo – social calendars at the top end of town have Taurus/Leo booked out months in advance. Both are fixed signs which means they are rather territorial resulting in some blazing rows caused by jealousy and their love of the good life leads to overindulgence – they are constantly booking into luxury spas and paying for expensive detox programs – friends know the commitment never lasts long.

Taurus and Leo couple

They like to build and create things that are not only functional but beautiful. When buying a home Taurus does the renovating and Leo the furnishing. This is the sort of couple you wonder how they manage to achieve so much – even with generous salaries – the truth is, sometimes there’s a long line of credit behind the glitzy facade.

Where they may encounter turbulence…

Leo is likely to have a career that involves some degree of performance – lawyer, Actor, Entrepreneur – Taurus often opts for jobs that are outdoors – Gardeners, Zoologists, soldiers. Consequently, the Lion brings in the big bucks and this can be an area of discontent. Both must remember that job satisfaction isn’t always about the hourly rate.

Relationship tensions

Taurus needs security and at some stage to build a family but if Leo is still networking their way through the universe and not ready to settle down – then Huston we have a problem. Taurus is always the first to tire of endless partying and must wait for Leo to catch up.

When Taurus and Leo fall in love…

They will lose weight and invest in a new wardrobe – to look just so. Both are creatures of habit so dates are designed to impress – their favorite restaurant, opera or gallery – ritzy places where the staff know their name.

Taurus and Leo in love

Leo sometimes acts a little disdainful of Taurus and heads off to parties alone – just to prove they are not under the thumb. Taurus knows exactly what is going on and either points out the superficial behavior or waits until the Lion has nothing left to prove.

When Leo finally accepts a relationship, they are gushy and keen to put Taurus on show for all and sundry – family, friends, workmates – all will receive the new love meet-and-greet.

Taurus and Leo sexual compatibility…

Leo is loud and likes to bite and scratch which may shock conservative Taurus – however they are happy for a partner to initiate things and can be persuaded to entertain pleasures outside their comfort zone. Leo loves the sensual attention and adoration given by Taurus which includes head to foot massages with essential oils.

Taurus and Leo in bed

This couple are quite different in their approach to sex but because Taurus is more of a giver and Leo more of a taker – those aspects actually complement each other and generate lots of sizzle and steam in the bedroom.

Taurus and Leo marriage compatibility…

If on the same page and ready to commit the marriage can be magnificent. Leo needs to be the one who is ready – if pushed by Taurus the relationship ends up on the rocks very soon after the “ I dos”. Lasting Taurus/Leo marriages often have a significant age gap with the Lion ten to twenty years older than the Bull.

Taurus and Leo marriage

Expect an extravagant wedding – They’ll be aiming to outdo George and Amal Clooney. The family home is likely to be mansion-esque or at least very stately with annual garden parties and marquees and fairy lights for important birthdays.

That’s a definite yes to children – Leo wants to continue the bloodline and Taurus needs someone to mold. There’s a temptation to forensically map out the next generations lives – private schools, violin lessons, med school and a house in the Hamptons kind of mentality – particularly from Leo who tends to be a bit of a tiger mum/Dad. It’s up to Taurus to promote independent thinking and free choice instead of creating mini-mes.

The Good:
Simply fabulous darling!
Good dynamics in the bedroom.
Both aim for success.
The Bad:
Too much one-up-man-ship.
The lion can feel caged.
Possibility of leading each other into financial stress.
Compatibility Score

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