Taurus and Aquarius Compatibility: Love, Sex & Relationships…

Taurus and Aquarius love compatibility

Wow! Not sure what they are going to agree on or when but it’s bound to be interesting to watch! On one hand there’s Taurus – conservative, change adverse and fully believing that everything was better in the “olden days” – then there’s Aquarius – a nutty professor and mad scientist who doesn’t just live in the future but sets out to create it.

The good thing is they are both cautious about relationships – if these two start falling in the present they take time to build bridges and iron out philosophical wrinkles – Like Rome this relationship won’t be built in a day, year or even a decade!

Decoding Taurus and Aquarius friendships…

In many ways, a friendship is more solid than romance when it comes to Taurus/Aquarius. The Water Bearer is fascinated by humankinds’ diversity -particularly when it comes to politics and beliefs. Having Taurus for a friend gives them the opportunity to look at life from a conservative point of view and it work because the Bull just loves to sprout opinions. They’ll disagree on just about everything but find each other interesting and lively challenges.

Taurus/Aquarius friendship

As colleagues or business partners Taurus/Aquarius have the potential to be successful – as long as they don’t get personal or fail to find middle ground – the water bearer paints with a broad brush and brings original ideas to the table – the Bull analyses nuts and bolt and practicality of a scheme – think director James Cameron and the Film Avatar – he shelved the idea for 12 years waiting for technology to catch up.

First signs of attraction & compatibility…

Aquarius thinks of Taurus as a bit of a social experiment and wants see if Democrats and Republicans really can co-exist – so they spend an inordinate amount of time deep in conversation – plumbing the depths of Taurean psyche.

Taurus and Aquarius attraction

The Bull loves a bit of bad boy/girl behavior and deliberately pushes Aquarius buttons by exaggerating their viewpoint just so they can get a rise. Aquarius climbs on their moral soap box and tells Taurus how shallow and insular they are – Taurus calls Aquarius pompous and it just keeps going around and around in circles until broken by a surprise moment of passion that catches them completely off guard.

The Taurus and Aquarius in relationships…

There’s going to be lots of dust ups and break ups – they can bring out the worst in each other at times. Taurus likes the good life and is an avid consumer – Aquarius will judge them harshly and bang on about saving the planet and superficial lifestyles. Taurus deliberately provokes Aquarius and has little time for their perpetual bleeding-heart attitude. The question friends ask is – “Why the hell are they together? They might be in love but they sure don’t like each other!”

Taurus and Aquarius couple

But wait! There is another scenario – you know the saying about love being blind? – well sometimes a Taurus/Aquarius relationship is just that – they accept in each other what they wouldn’t tolerate in anyone else and are supportive and proud.

There’s no attempt to convert, belittle or judge – miraculously a happy medium has been struck where Taurus builds a lovely home and collects beautiful things whilst Aquarius works on a cure for Cancer in the garage turned laboratory.

Where they may encounter turbulence…

Where do we start? One says black the other says white – both are fixed signs which means their opinion is the only one that counts. This inability to communicate without sounding judgmental or impartial is the trigger for many a fight.

Taurus/Aquarius relationship problems

Taurus gets all blustery and know-it-all whilst Aquarius blows a fuse and walks away. Taurus/Aquarius need to attend communication school – get some active listening lessons and a crash course in finding common ground.

When Taurus and Aquarius fall in love…

When they fall in love be prepared to duck from low lying objects. As an earth sign Taurus plants, their feet firmly on the ground and will defend that patch – be it a home, family or a belief system to the bitter end.

Love heart

They love a good stoush which is unfortunate and uncomfortable for conflict avoider, Aquarius. As an air sign the water bearer blows like an erratic wind when pushed and can end up crying, laughing and yelling all at the same time. It’s a messy wild ride and both have too much pride to admit they are falling in love.

Taurus and Aquarius sexual compatibility…

This might be where they do their best work – but once again negotiations and compromises are required. When Taurus lets people in they are sensual and intimate and when Aquarius takes time out from saving the world to fall in love they unleash the same amount of passion that the world gets.

Sensual Taurus and Aquarius

The water bearer does have some weird and esoteric fantasies – “Let’s make love in zero gravity! Let’s dress up as flamingos and do the mating dance!” and could scare a reserved bull – baby steps are mandatory. Aquarius/Taurus are generous by nature so if they focus on pleasing each other and saying very little sex has the potential to sizzle.

Taurus and Aquarius marriage compatibility…

If this pair can still stand each other after a couple of years, why not give marriage a go? Aquarius won’t see any merit in wedded bliss – Taurus needs to pitch the idea – perhaps by saying that an official union proves world peace is possible. Hurdle number two is surviving the wedding planning – Aquarius wants futuristic and Taurus traditional – it’s the beginning of a lifetime of compromise.

White wedding cake

Their home is filled with priceless antiques and fitted with solar panels. There’ll be plenty of free range rescue animals to satisfy Aquarius need to save things and leather-bound first editions for Taurus’ Sunday reading.

Children are another red flag. Freedom loving Aquarius pushes back and asks for more time – for as long as they can get away with it. Once again Taurus must take the lead and deliver an ultimatum. Taurus/Aquarius may even adopt or foster children as a compromise. Aquarius will give the children a social conscious and thirst for knowledge whilst Taurus keeps them safe secure and loved.

The Good:
Passionate despite their differences.
A solid friendship.
They work hard at respect.
The Bad:
Aquarius thinks Taurus is a stiff shirt.
Taurus thinks Aquarius is just plain odd.
They set each other off.
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