Leo and Leo Compatibility: Love, Sex & Relationships…

Leo and Leo love compatibility

Oh wow! Oh my! Is there a room big enough in the universe to hold these two gi-normous personalities? Put on your sun glasses and prepare to be dazzled! Leo/Leo partnerships take the party wherever they go – bigger is usually better – there’ll be dancing, music, sumptuous feasts and beauty beyond belief.

Everyone wants to be part of the inner sanctum although it’ll cost a pretty penny and whilst the Lions’ hospitality is legendary – so are their fiery exchanges. Tranquility is given a bypass when egos as bright as Leos’ ruling planet – the sun – are in play. Be careful you don’t go blind!

Decoding Leo and Leo friendships…

This is probably the most fiercely competitive friendship of all Zodiac combinations. They recognize a like energy, keen intelligence and generosity in each other. Both are natural leaders – together they rule the friendship group who are dragged along by the sheer force of Leos personality to participate in activities and schemes.

Powerful friends

One day you’ll find yourself dancing on fjords and the next signing up for flights to Mars. Two lions are bound to generate lots of business ideas but they need a practical Virgo or Capricorn to play Devils’ Advocate and work on the Budget.

Alternatively, there is a dark side to this friendship – armed with egos the size of a football stadiums damage is easily done. When this happens and there’s a falling Leo/Leo spend the rest of their lives in a game of brinkmanship – holding fabulous parties on the same date, shamelessly vying for public recognition and even stealing each other’s partners – it gets quite Cain and Abel – things are never going to end well.

First signs of attraction & compatibility…

The electricity is palpable. Let’s call it “battle flirting” – one throws down a move – think toss of the Leo mane and lip pouting – then the other is challenged to respond. If they are on the dance floor its “Dirty Dancing” with a “Saturday night Fever” twist. If they are playing sport it’s not about winning – it’s about crushing each other.


As fire element signs, nothing’s going to be light and breezy – the relationship may even start off as an instant dislike, “Too showy! Too full of themselves! Too over powering!” are common catch-cries. Friends snigger because it’s all about the pot calling the kettle black – eventually attraction is going to trump egos and sizzling passion takes a front row seat.

The Leo and Leo in relationships…

Magnificent creatures who almost require their own fanfare when entering a room. Leo/Leo are a powerful and dynamic couple hell bent on impressing each other. They admire prestige and success and often have stellar careers where public speaking is required – think CEOs, Lawyers, Motivational Gurus.

Leo-Leo couple

When they manage to support each other effectively and learn to share the spotlight Leo/Leo is truly a force to be reckoned with. They do like the best of everything – cars, houses, fashion and holidays – a good accountant required to teach restraint.

Generous to a tee Lions love showering friends and family with gifts or planning surprise parties and flash mobs for them. Everyone wants to be friends with the “It Couple”, however if it’s just for the free stuff Leo/Leo soon smells a rat and offenders end up in a whole world of pain. Once this couple excommunicates someone – it’s for life.

Where they may encounter turbulence…

The jostling for prime spot atop of Pride Rock may end up with one Lion falling off the cliff face. Leos’ egos don’t fare well when fatally bruised and the relationship can be over – in an instant. They must learn to survive the tough times and not give up or lose faith when life throws a curve ball. It’s okay to be vulnerable in front of each other people!

Broken heart

Overindulgence is also a common speed hump – Moet and Beluga caviar should be consumed in small doses and credit cards kept in check. Sometimes Leo/Leos sumptuous lifestyle is just a façade and behind the scenes there’s a warehouse of bills and anxiety piling up.

When Leo and Leo fall in love…

It’s the Tsunami effect – they lack both restraint and the ability to hold back on a tidal wave of passion. There’s so much energy involved – wining, dining and dancing all night that friends fall by the wayside, exhausted. Leo/Leo can literally survive on love alone in the relationships’ initial stages.

Falling in love

Sometimes they burn so brightly that the fire blazes and then fizzles out – it’s almost like they’ve packed a 10-year relationship into 10 weeks. In order to survive “falling in love” Leo/Leo must seek balance – try not to propose on week two or plan overseas trips on week three – take an aspirin – have a lie down – but not together – to break the intensity.

Leo and Leo sexual compatibility…

That’s not an earthquake beneath your feet – that’s Leo and Leo bonking their brains out in the next suburb. Yes, these guys have it all and are into everything – dress-ups, toys, cameras, lights, action.

Kissing couple

Both are often naturally athletic and possess stamina to burn – they love the release of endorphins that sex delivers. Warning! Getting carried away often results in a trip to the ER – Doctors have treated copulating Leos for some pretty interesting injuries.

Leo and Leo marriage compatibility…

It’s a three-day festival with friends and family flying in from all points of the globe. Expect numerous changes of clothing and a film crew who’s worked with Spielberg. Guest are guaranteed expensive gifts and the weather wouldn’t dare disappoint.

Big wedding

As fixed signs Leos’ have a clear vision of what the wedding, the house and the kids will look like and sometimes struggle to cope with ideas or events outside this vision – There’ll be blow ups, especially when teenagers don’t bend to their will. Aging also presents challenges – as Peter Pan aficionados they suffer dreadful midlife crisis – expect red sports cars, leggy models and plastic surgery.

Children are showered with affection but pushed to excel – Leo should let them fail and not live life vicariously through offspring – remember that coming second is perfectly acceptable and things will be fine.

The Good:
Stellar and stunning.
Generous and charismatic.
The Bad:
Clash of the egos.
Financially irresponsible.
Midlife crisis can lead to divorce.
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