Gemini and Gemini Compatibility: Love, Sex & Relationships…

Gemini and Gemini love compatibility

All sorts of crazy can happen when twins date twins. Just think of multiple personalities chatting away, launching into a new idea every five seconds and navel gazing until it hurts – and bingo! – you’ve got a classic Gemini on Gemini romance.

They irritate just about everyone and even themselves on occasions – are totally unreliable and constantly late – annoying and self absorbed. Despite this the combination often works because – when a Geminis got another Gemini – who needs anyone else?

Decoding Gemini and Gemini friendships…

There’s two types of Gemini friendships – firstly the ones crippled by inertia who sit around talking about the next big adventure or scheme but never actually get round to doing it – these guys are out of sync – they don’t know when to stop talking and start doing. Inertia ridden Geminis are likely to spend their days procrastinating and dreaming of unicorns.

Gemini friendships

The second type are Geminis whose crazy interests align – they understand how to combine their powers and move into action. These guys click in a constructive way and get each others need for creativity. Together they take ideas to fruition and are not afraid to fail.

As air zodiac signs Gemini can suck the oxygen out of the atmosphere and turn into dead sails or build from a gentle breeze to strong and commanding winds of change and activity.

First signs of attraction & compatibility…

Gemini twins are social animals and A-grade networkers – highly intelligent and fascinated by all sorts of people from all sorts of walks of life. It wouldn’t be unusual for Geminis to met whilst Speed Dating or at a business convention. First sign of attraction is lack of boredom – they want a few more minutes on the Speed Dating clock or throw networking out the window to keep talking with their new infatuation.

Gemini-Gemini attraction

An seismic shift happens when twins meet twins – as mutable zodiac signs they want instant gratification and instantly spot a like soul. In that moment immediate surroundings become boring and uninspiring and they shoot off to go hot air ballooning or take a train to an unknown destination together. Even when Gemini is the host or star guest they still abandon all and sundry to fan the sparks of passion with another Gemini.

The Gemini and Gemini in relationships…

Often this combination are not interested in “working for the man” or the whole “white picket fence” thing. They would rather spend money on in the moment experiences rather than planning for the future and are always nipping overseas together or grabbing seats at the latest theatrical extravaganza.

Gemini-Gemini in realtionships

Ruled by fleet footed mercury – friends will find it hard to pin them down or keep up with the latest adventure. As creatives Gemini also may be unwilling to compromise their artist integrity which results in limited funds for new experiences.

Where they may encounter turbulence…

Less cerebral and more practical please Gemini or you’ll end up broke and down and out. Resentment builds when the twins realize friends have out grown them are now comfortable enough to take chances and be spontaneous. They often start blaming each other for lack of adulthood.

Relationships issues

Don’t burn all those sturdy bridges either! You both need a wide range of friends to break up the monotony – if you fail to return calls or RSVP invitations, the sharp acid Gemini tongue turns on each other out of boredom. Remember things that don’t immediately feel good return surprising dividends in the long run.

When Gemini and Gemini fall in love…

Sparks will fly and things suddenly get very hyperactive. These two organize dinner parties, games nights, group week ends away because they like to see how their wide and diverse group of friends reacts to new blood. The romance happens at such a furious speed that things can fizzle out by next week – just hang onto your hats, its going to be a bumpy ride.

Gemini and Gemini in love

Expect the beginnings of Gemini/Gemini love to be accompanied by chaos, sleeping around and not sleeping at all. They orchestrate plenty of robust arguments simply because words are used as weapons and foreplay. Friends constantly hear the words “Never again” and then find out Gemini has gone back to Gemini for one more inning.

Gemini and Gemini sexual compatibility…

As mutable signs Gemini/Gemini view variety as the spice of life – and so it is with all things sexual. They want different positions, surroundings and toys – expect intellectual stimulation before and after and are flexible enough to get through a good deal of the Karma Sutra by Thursday.

Gemini-Gemini sexual compatibility

The problem here is their low boredom threshold and a danger of sex just becoming a bunch of tricks or stunts. In an attempt to avoid stagnating Gemini may invite others into the bedroom or suggests an open relationship. To keep things sane they must learn how to enjoy simple moments of intimacy like holding hands, foot massages and spooning.

Gemini and Gemini marriage compatibility…

It may never happen and over the years, Gemini, for all their statements about being free spirited – can suddenly realize too much pain and heartache has been inflicted to ever formally commit. Where they do embrace some semblance of maturity and work towards achieving mutual goals marriage occasionally enters the conversation – if not just to shock their friends and family.

Marriage and weddings

Children will be an interesting proposal – Gemini are not usually baby people – they don’t do baby talk and nappies. If they can endure the tedium of the early years Gemini become quite capable parents – as long as its possible to hold a philosophical conversation or go dancing into the jungle with their offspring. Expect the children to raise the parents a good deal of the time.

The Good:
They recognize a kindred spirit in each other.
Intellectual equals.
Open to new ideas and change.
The Bad:
They can burn friends.
They can forget to grow up.
Not the best business match.
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