Cancer and Capricorn Compatibility: Love, Sex & Relationships…

Cancer and Capricorn love compatibility

A couple of traditionalists, for the most part, Cancer/Capricorn counter balance each other perfectly. They know when to lead and when to follow – and are able to build a solid, safe and beautiful home together that is filled treasures and delights of all kinds.

Perfectionists when it comes to things considered important – career, education, family and a perfectly risen soufflé – they get each other’s need to micro manage and are astounded that this tendency drives friends and family crazy. Children may be the ones to teach Cancer/Capricorn to aim for 99% instead of 100% – when they do loosen up a little, these signs are couple everyone wants to be.

Decoding Cancer and Capricorn friendships…

Both are cardinal signs, meaning they are natural leaders and initiators, which is a bonus and a negative in friendships. Both have very fixed views on how to achieve results – that’s great when views align but head butting occurs if the approach is from different angles.

What exasperates them about each other is exactly what they consider personal positives – eye for detail, resilience and commitment to seeing things through. In order for a friendship to work they must take turns at being head honcho.

Cancer-Capricorn friendship

When sharing is mastered Cancer/Capricorn make dynamic business partners, work colleagues and buddies. Cancer provides the heart and Capricorn the head in any relationship – they enjoy the finer things in life, are willing to work hard for results and make excellent travelling companions – Capricorn works on the holiday budget and checks hotel reviews whilst Cancer monitors airline safety records and researches local history.

First signs of attraction & compatibility…

Yes, it’s true – Capricorn even plans their flirting! The Mountain Goat is sure to have noticed Cancer before – gone home – Googled, Facebooked and mapped out their approach. When Cancer is suddenly ambushed by a well-rehearsed slick admirer who seems to know far too much about them it becomes a little spooky and the Crab retreats overwhelmed – which is okay because Capricorn likes a challenge.

Cancer/Libra attraction

Little by little Capricorn sweeps Cancer of their feet and trust is earned – what seemed too good to be true in the beginning actually is that good – Cancer responds with sensual body language and wide eyed love-struck looks.

The Cancer and Capricorn in relationships…

Success driven – these two have a five-year plan and stick to it. Capricorn is likely to be power-housing their way up the corporate ladder whilst Cancer often works in a nurturing profession – think medicine or social work and will be looking to open their own practice. Cancer tends to soften the Goat – bringing out a tenderness that surprises friends and family – all that hand holding and kissing in public means this is really, really serious. Alternatively, Capricorn gives Cancer a sense of style and flair and teaches them to dream big.

Cancer/Libra couple

There will be holidays abroad but never anywhere that isn’t at least 4 stars or well-reviewed. They have rituals – date nights and anniversaries which are always sumptuous celebrations – gifts are expensive but tasteful. Working long hours has the potential to cause a rift so it’s important they don’t cancel special occasions and holiday plans – All work and no play makes Cancer/Capricorn very dull indeed.

Where they may encounter turbulence…

Capricorn mustn’t take Cancer for granted or belittle their aspirations – yes, the Mountain Goat is likely to have a more stellar career but it’s not always about the plaque on the door and the Zeros in your pay packet. If Cancer is busy dressing wounds in a public hospital that’s just as important as hierarchy and dollars. Fights occur when the Crab feels they are not treated as equals.

Cancer/Capricorn relationship problems

There’s also a difference between nurturing and sucking the lifeblood out of someone. If Cancer gets too clingy or overprotective Capricorn chokes and starts looking at greener pastures.

When Cancer and Capricorn fall in love…

Falling in love is serious business for these two. They test each other out with invitations to work dos and family meet and greets. Cautious and practical they want to make sure this is “the one” as they only intend on walking down that aisle once.

Falling in love

Cancer is water – possessed with a deep, never-ending well of emotions and prone to anxiety when falling in love – they get scatty and a loopy until trust is firmly established.

For Capricorn, falling in love often manifests itself physically – as an earth sign they are rooted to the ground, controlled and controlling – unfamiliar emotions have a way of causing intestinal problems and stress headaches which disappear as soon they give into love.

Cancer and Capricorn sexual compatibility…

Cancer is King/Queen of romance in the bedroom and very generous, making Capricorn feel totally loved up. Capricorn, on the other hand, believes they are sex on a stick – worthy of applause and a perfect score of 10.

Cancer/Capricorn sexual compatibility

The Capricorn must learn to relax and not be so scripted – sexy moves don’t always have to be delivered in sequential order – Cancer could also dial back on intensity – sometimes sex is just fun. At the heart of things, they want to make each other happy and with good communication they can develop a seamless sharing of giving and receiving pleasure.

Cancer and Capricorn marriage compatibility…

It can seem pretty inevitable at times – they’ll test out compatibility by living together and even spending time apart. Lists are drawn up including pros and cons, and Capricorn may suggest a Pre-nup which devastates Cancer for a week or so. In many cases these guys go one last extensive holiday together and come back engaged – it’s the final test to be passed. The wedding will be Vogue approved if the Goat gets their way with a rustic twist to satisfy the Crab.

Marriage compatibility

Sometimes Capricorn loses sight of having children and puts their career first – maternal Cancer will always gently remind them that time is running out. Because of this they may be older parents – children want for nothing as by then their ambitious and hard-working parents are able to provide the very best that money can buy. Cancer/Capricorn Children are loved, supported and just a little bit over indulged.

The Good:
They generate success.
Cancer brings out the tenderness in Capricorn.
Capricorn encourages Cancer to dream.
The Bad:
Cancer can suffocate Capricorn.
Capricorn can under-appreciate Cancer.
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