Aquarius and Aquarius Compatibility: Love, Sex & Relationships…

Aquarius and Aquarius love compatibility

Aquarians are brilliant and wildly eccentric. They thrive in chaos and rail against the injustices of the world at an exhausting rate. On paper it sounds like, together, they might solve humankind’s greatest problems and be a match made in heaven but, in reality, two eccentrics don’t make a whole.

Aquarians need structure – people who keep them attached to planet Earth and remind them to eat breakfast on a regular basis. They can find it difficult enough keeping their own craziness at bay but dealing a space cadet partner might just send them straight to lala land. Best to buy this couple twin strait jackets for Christmas.

Decoding Aquarius and Aquarius friendships…

Aquarians make interesting friends. Highly intelligent, they compete intellectually and probably speak fluent Klingon. They enjoy flights of fantasy and comedy and are often seen, riffing off each other in the corner, at a party – totally lost in their own heads and failing to notice that a handful of eligible people are desperately trying to chat them up. Yes, its true,  Aquarian/Aquarian friendships tend to kill any potential attraction – why chat some one up when you can dissect every single Game of Thrones episode for the 65th time?

Aquarius friends

Expect Aquarius/Aquarius friends to volunteer at refugee centers or assist in political campaigns – they believe everyone should be proactive and community minded. Avowed rabble rousers, their the ones with dreadlocks and blue hair, protesting for workers’ rights down at the docks. Sometimes the friendship creates a bit of a bubble – they genuinely get shocked when someone else professes a different view. It’s a nice, exclusive relationship that should be aired and walked around the block every so often – agreeing on absolutely everything can become rather ho hum!

First signs of attraction & compatibility…

We need a third party here to bop them over their collective heads and announce loudly – “You guys have the hots for each other!”. It often starts with a squeal of joy when they realize there is someone else on the planet who can read Latin – fluently. For much of the time Aquarius limits conversation topics to the safe and mainstream so joy literally invades them when meeting a like mind.

Aquarius attraction

They get lost in conversation and the body language is far too intimate for creatures whose personal space is sacred – but whilst Aquarians are really bright when conjugating a Latin verb, they’re really dumb when it comes to attraction – that’s why the services of a third party are required.

The Aquarius and Aquarius in relationships…

This might be the weirdest relationship you’ve ever come across. They might not live together or even reside in the same city, they don’t remember birthdays or anniversaries and family members have no idea there’s a relationship happening. The fact is, much of Aquarius/Aquarius’ together time is spent just as a twosome.

After saving the planet and curing the common cold they retreat, regroup and re-calibrate – it’s time to binge watch, read and get to know each other’s minds again. Aquarian couples who make re-connection a priority have a good chance of survival.

Aquarius couple

As air signs, its also hard to sync their rhythms. One will be blowing a gale of passion over their latest social enterprise whilst the other is in chilled-out mode – happily day dreaming about unicorns and talking whales. Sometimes poor timing means they lose the inability to excite each other with ideas and mental challenges.

The couples who retain their oddball common interests – think Scandinavian 13th century macramé design or Tibetan throat singing, might not celebrate birthdays, but they’ll look forward to sharing unique experiences that can’t be had with anyone else.

Where they may encounter turbulence…

Aquarians have a tendency to fight for justice on a global scale and are defenders of the downtrodden – often they feel guilty about devoting time to romantic interests. Of course, a good relationship keeps them happy and healthy but that’s probably with a Libra or Sagittarius – Aquarius/Aquarius think they are being selfish which leads to resentment. Friends need to convince them its okay to refuel and refocus the relationship every so often.

Heart broken

Both are commitment-phobes and afraid of falling in love. They are scared of getting too close and losing control. Sometimes they focus on the one thing that’s going wrong just to prove the relationship can’t work, they blow it completely out of control, shut down emotionally and then walk away just to avoid the vulnerability of falling in love.

When Aquarius and Aquarius fall in love…

There be a lot of questions – “Is this love? How do I know its love? Are these palpitations a heart attack or worse – romance?”. They may even talk openly to each other about the prospect of falling in love and treat it as a series of challenges “Let’s spend a month apart and then see how we feel. Let’s hook up with an ex and rate our jealousy levels.” Aquarius are huge risk takers normally but when it comes to relationship they spook easily and see shadows around every corner.

Love balloons

When not setting ridiculous challenges, quiet weekends are spent going to the movies, visiting artists’ markets and sharing ideas over long, long dinners. They read Sunday papers during late brunches and discuss editorials. Ever so slowly love evolves until one day they invest in a community garden plot or get a rescue dog together – that’s when the deal is most definitely sealed.

Aquarius and Aquarius sexual compatibility…

They’re curious people with a healthy attitude towards sex and very few hang-ups. The bedroom is probably where they shine. Sexually responsible, each will get a doctors’ clearance before giving into passion and both take ownership of contraception. Although this might sound clinical its hell better than contracting some nasty disease and allows Aquarius to be more experimental and adventurous.

Couple in bed

They love dress-ups and fantasy and aren’t averse to threesomes and foursomes. They may even keep a sexual “to do” list and spend weekends ticking off everything from raunchy bedroom games to body painting. When Aquarius/Aquarius gets through the list which may never happen – its so very long – they’ll settle on a top ten play list and rotate it frequently.

Aquarius and Aquarius marriage compatibility…

Marriage confuses them and if you ask why expect a lecture on patriarchal conventions tied to money and blood lines. They might do a wedding for a joke or dare, in which case expect Elvis impersonators and a black wedding dress – Aquarius have the capacity to ruin the sanctity of marriage in one fowl swoop.


As fixed signs they want their own turf and space, and consider any attempt to change or rearrange things a down right invasion. That’s one of the reasons separate living arrangements are often considered – even after marriage. As global citizens Aquarius have jobs that require travel and much of the relationship might feel like ships passing in the night. In a successful Aquarius marriage, they work for the same cause or in the same political office which mean less skyping and phone sex.

There’s a remote possibility of biological children. Aquarius can be married a long time, suddenly get curious about the biological process of producing a baby and, immediately, over-population takes a back seat to creating new life. As parents Aquarians ensure their children are resilient and independent – they believe in quality time spent together – devices are switched off and the home is filled with enough fantasy and fun to keep little minds active and inquiring.

The Good:
They adore each other’s imagination.
Cerebral sex makes them hot.
No time for jealousy.
The Bad:
Too nutty for each other.
So many ideas they’ll never get off the couch.
Lacking in practicalities.
Compatibility Score

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