When the Zodiac Signs Get STRESSED…

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Stressed out signs

Ever wondered what turns a level head into a stress head according the zodiac signs? Wouldn’t it be handy to know how to prevent those pressure points and panic buttons from being pushed? Stressful situations may not always be possible to avoid but we’d like to help you reduce the size of your melt down by highlighting the things that make signs go full on cray-cray.

Aries: they create stress when they don’t trust others.

Stressed out Aries

Aries rarely thinks anyone can do as good a job as themselves or in such a short time frame. This means they aren’t good at delegating and end up with too much on their plate. When stressed Aries becomes scattergun and unable to make decisions. They are also liable to take their stress out on anyone in their firing range so remember to duck!

Taurus: not good at recognizing stress.

Taurus losing it

The Taurus personality is reliable and dependable and that’s how they live their lives. They don’t deal well with change particularly big ticket items like moving house or swapping jobs. It’s not so much the letting go as the accepting of the new that drives their blood pressure up. And that’s exactly what happens to a stressed Taurus – high blood pressure and a tendency to become accident prone.

Cancer: making themselves ill over things that will never happen.

Concerned Cancer

Cancer are fond of starting a sentence with “what if” – what you get hit by a car? – what if you catch a fatal disease? what if a meteorite lands on your head? They get stressed by the possibility of losing someone close and can become the living embodiment of a worrywart. Nervous symptoms include nightmares and sleep disorders.

Gemini: they’ll have a breakdown when not challenged.

Frustrated Gemini

Doing absolutely nothing stresses Gemini the hell out. Highly intelligent, restless and nimble they thrive on challenges in their professional and personal life. Stick them in a repetitious job or a dead end relationship and they will literally come to a standstill and stop caring. Weight gain and reoccurring skin disorders will tell you that a Gemini is stressed out.

Leo: wilting flowers when not being noticed.

Lonely Teddy Bear

This sign wants to be relevant and demands to be noticed. Leo are big, capable personalities who come unstuck when treated like they have reached their used by date. This might happen when their beauty has faded or their talents superseded. Stress will show in how desperately they try to regain the center of attention – think middle aged Casanovas and lamb dressed as mutton.

Virgo: they bottle it up until it all gets too much.

Worry and concern

Virgos are bottlers – as perfectionists they find emotions messy and abstract. The problem is Virgo is just like the rest of us and when the lid on their genie bottle of emotions comes unstuck, stress strikes them down big time. Virgo will respond by becoming ill with mysterious physical ailments as they try to put a lid on their deteriorating mental health!

Libra: harmony and balance – usually stress free.

Carefree Libra

The Libra personality doesn’t sweat the small stuff and can healthily balance the big ticket items in life. They have a direct connection to their emotions are able to use a range of techniques including music, meditation and exercise to alleviate stress. They can however attract bullies who are not fans of their airiness. Bullied Libra will show stress in their backs, throats and through memory loss.

Scorpio: they break when loved ones are disloyal.


Never cheat on a Scorpio or betray their confidence. This sign is jealous by nature so evidence of disloyalty will send their stress levels into a tail spin. They lash out at fickle friends and loved ones and they can become ruthless. A stressed Scorpio is one who appears to be surrounded by a dark menacing cloud and they will be plagued by intestinal problems. The Scorpio demands honesty and reassurance at all times.

Sagittarius: happy go lucky except when micromanaged.

Fixed signs can be bossy

Sagittarius is all about the big picture and broad brush strokes and they refuse to get bogged down by detail. They also enjoy change and new horizons but their usually happy demeanour can flip into stress land when made to focus on nuts and bolts. Under the spotlight of continuous scrutiny they will feel trapped and are liable to lose weight and even suffer from hair loss.

Capricorn: all work and no play makes Capricorn go gaga.

Stressed out man

An ambitious sign, sometimes they can lose sight of everything but the end goal. Normally generous and moderate they have been known to turn ruthless when under stress and step over bodies to gain that elusive promotion. It’s also not unusual for them to start working 24/7 which can result in isolation and burnout. When this happens they need to be taught to reconnect and rest or they may be a heart attack in the making.

Aquarius: they will feel your pain and avoid their own.

Aquarius avoiding pain

Intuitive and empathetic Aquarius absorbs other people’s stress. They pick up on body language and group dynamics and can tell when someone’s not coping. This makes them perfect for HR or complaints departments however they can suffer from empathy overload and will avoid their own accumulating stress. Stressed Aquarius often present in emergency departments with chest pains and dizziness which turn out to be panic attacks

Pisces: they bury themselves in stress.

Stressed out woman

Pisces can be stress heads as they are constantly digging themselves out of difficult and compromising situations. They are also not good at saying no and spend too much time pleasing people who are not friendship worthy. When stress gets the better of them, Pisces tends to get messy and unkept. They often turn into hoarders and need intensive therapy to declutter their lives.

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