Why The Zodiac Signs Are Still Single…

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Why The Zodiac Signs Are Single

Love is a battlefield and sometimes the signs just can’t win no matter what they try.

Some signs can’t get a date because they are just waaaay too loud and abrupt.

And other signs are so damn shy and timid that they never even give people a chance to enter their shielded world.

Here are the reasons that the signs are probably still single.

Aries… is still single because they’re loud and scary and they make others uncomfortable.

Loud And Scary

Aries are fiery and determined and impulsive and headstrong… and to a lot of people totally scary and intimidating!

Taurus… is still single because they’ll never love anyone as much as they love food.

Taurus Loves Food

Taurus are often afraid to show their true feelings and can be massively afraid of rejection – plus they will never love anyone as much as they love food!

Gemini… is still single because they struggle to get people to take them SERIOUSLY.

Gemini Can't Be Taken Seriously

Gemini is single because they struggle to get people to see them in ‘that way’ because their craziness scares them off.

Cancer… is still single because they are waaaaaaay to guarded and let very few people in.

Angry And Annoyed Cats Fighting

Deep down the Cancer craves love desperately but is so guarded and has such a wall up that they hardly ever let people in enough to form a strong connection.

Leo… because they can’t find someone that loves them more than they love them self.

Cocky Confident Successful

The Leo is picky and struggles to find a partner that they think matches up to their high standards.

Virgo… is still single they’re shy and defensive and come come across as unapproachable.

Shy Girl

The Virgos defences are high and it takes a lot for them to let someone in emotionally.

Libra… is still single because they… FLIRT. WITH. EVERYONE!!!

Flirting Eyes

Libras often flirt without even realizing they are doing so and although they might call it harmless it can get in the way of serious commitment.

Scorpios… is still single because they intimidate the S#%T out of people.

Scorpio Intimidates Dates

Scorpios suspicious and wary nature can intimidate the crap out of people and fend off potential partners.

Sagittarius… is still single because they don’t know what they want and are afraid of serious commitment.

Unsure And Afraid

Sagittarius craves freedom and adventure and often this stops them from getting into any serious relationships.

Capricorn… is still single because they don’t smile enough and look scary.

Crazy Angry Girl

The Capricorn liked to keep to themself and as a result continues to stay single.

Aquarius… is still single because they are too guarded and seem unapproachable to others.

Guarded Fighting Woman

Although “Aquarius” is known as the friendship” sign one of Aquarius biggest traits is their ability to be antisocial and distant making it hard for them to find a partner.

Pisces… is still single because they have no idea how to compose them self in front of someone they like and get giddy as hell.

Crazy Dog

Pisces forgets how to speak English when talking to a potential partner.