When The Zodiac Signs Are Falling In Love…

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Couple falling in love

Giggling, stammering, sweaty palm and loss of appetite?  – all symptoms of the disease called “falling in love”. You probably don’t even know what a mess of jelly you are when trying to string a sentence together with the new love but your friends will see the difference and know that hearts and flowers are just around the corner. So that you can be one step ahead of your friends and gauge how other signs react to the love bug we give you “how the signs act when they are falling in love”.

Aries: when they’re falling for you they’ll be out to impress.

Aries out to impress

Aries are super talkative when falling in love. They want to catalogue their adventures and capabilities but they also want to make sure you’re a good fit. This sign doesn’t want to waste time with a love mismatch so expect something of an interrogation. For the first 5 or 6 encounters it may feel like you’re speed dating an Aries.

Taurus: when they’re falling for you they’ll be in total denial.

Taurus in denial

Taurus sometimes tries to fight their own urge to fall in love resulting in mixed messages. They can blow hot and cold –  given their level of romantic denial whilst wrestling with inner love-demons. They are also excellent at ignoring the inevitable but friends will know and often advise them to just fess up – much to Taurus surprise.

Gemini: when they’re falling for you they’ll get erratic and unpredictable.

Crazy guy

Gemini are all over the place when they are falling in love – not that you’d expect anything less from the twinning sign. One minute they will be laughing at your daggy jokes just a little too loudly and the next they will be sidling up to your best friend to test the jealously waters. They mean no harm and love the falling in love part of love. You can gauge Gemini interest by the level of nutty behavior.

Cancer: when they’re falling for you they’ll turn into a old-school romantic.

Classic relationships

You’ll know they are falling because you’ll be swept of your feet with gestures – flowers, trinkets and  skywriting are all in the Cancer repatiour. They will whisk you away for saucy weekends and leave cute puppies on your doorstep. It can get a little overwhelming and friends may want to vomit but if your feeling it too – enjoy the romantic abundance.

Leo: when they’re falling for you they will turn on their ee.. royal seduction.

Leo seduction

Quite simply Leo will go quiet. Friends may think they’ve got a terminal illness but really they are just falling hard. Like a lion sizing up their prey Leo will watch and wait . They want to observe  your fabulousness and are sponges for your life story. Then just as you think this whole flirt fest is a one way street they will pounce and you’ll succumb to their magnificent prowess.

Virgo: when they’re falling for you they will up their game and help, I can’t control myself!

Woman getting makeup done

Virgos are likely to lose weight or get a radical new look. That’s because they can’t control falling in  love so they scramble madly to control something else. Sometimes they also have tendency to fall for the exact opposite, someone who is chaotic and undisciplined and their inner circle will be gobsmacked at Virgos new found love for these charming traits.

Libra: when they’re falling for you they will be all over you, literally.

Surprise kiss

Libras are massive flirts and they are always falling in love so it’s hard to tell what’s normal and what’s not. They do tend to mimic their love interests so body language and even fashion can be imitated or mirrored. They also bat their eyelashes and bare their teeth unknowingly –  but beware – Libra is like this with everyone and crazily tactile. You may not not know they are falling in love till your between the sheets – for the third or fourth time!

Scorpio: they’re the Kings and Queens of seduction.

Scorpio seducing

Scorpio will seduce you from across the room with their soul piercing gaze. They will cut you from the pack and look for somewhere private to interrogate your mind. They use all senses when falling in love and will feed you something exotic and delicious whilst sensually stroking your neck. It’s probably the only time you’ll hear a Scorpio giggle – it means they are in sensory overload and the pheromones are out of control.

Sagittarius: when they fall in love they’re nervous yet excitable.

Sagittarius falling in love

These guys can become very excitable and rush to the punch line before they tell the joke. That’s because they are nervous and have lost their comedic mojo – a sure sign that love is in the air. Without humor they can be tongue tied and a little tragic to watch so – if your falling for a Sag – be gentle and don’t expect champagne comedy until commitment is confirmed.

Capricorn: when they’re falling in love they’ll want to know everything about you.

Capricorn falling in love

Capricorn will be friendly but cautious whilst secretly joining the dots to map out your future together. They may ask you a lot about your goals and future plans and are attentive enough to research your interests and hobbies. Sometimes love is like a game of chess to a Capricorn – one well thought out move at a time and not even those closest and nearest will know they are falling in love until the very end.

Aquarius: when they’re falling for you they’ll probably freak out, run away and don’t look back.

Pisces running away

Aquarius fear losing their independence, identity and having to compromise. They will push back for as long as possible and even avoid any contact with the person they are falling for. The more elusive they are the more they are losing the battle so you may have to hunt them down and force them to reveal their dirty little secret.

Pisces: just calm the f*ck down and let things happen naturally.

Pisces falling in love

Pisces fall quickly but they are likely to test you with a good dose of drama. Friends have seen it over and over again – its like they are alternately trying to sabotage and test the relationship. A relationship with Pisces is always a roller coaster but none more so than at the falling in love stage. Expect tears, tantrums and wailing at the moon – they will also be wildly exciting and unpredictable – which might just be your style.