Virgo and Virgo Compatibility: Love, Sex & Relationships…

Virgo and Virgo love compatibility

Is there a Doctor in the house?!!! With Virgo and Virgo there’s likely to be two – even if they don’t have a licence to practice they’ll be walking medical encyclopedias when it comes to diseases, treatments and anatomy. Virgo personalities are also highly organized and the term control freak? – well they’ve heard it more than once.

Together their efficiency and MacGyver-like ability to create functional beauty out of a lump of coal results in a lifetime of goal kicking and productivity. However, if their systems for creating order clash it could result in World War III as both demand to be in charge!

Decoding Virgo and Virgo friendships…

Excellent friends who bond over similar values. They both hate waste and are industrious creatures – give them vague instructions for a building design and you’ll have a twenty-story apartment block by Friday. With a forensic eye for detail and not a dishonest bone in their bodies these signs are perfect for going into business together, house sitting and trusting each other with precious goods.

Tight friendship

Virgo/Virgo friendships last a lifetime – they can be judgmental of others and must take a lesson or two in tactfulness, but that critical tongue comes from perfectionists with incredibly high standards. As employers it could be a challenge to work for them – the KPIS are intense and praise is a rare commodity.

First signs of attraction & compatibility…

Like cats and dogs they’ll sniff each other – that’s because cleanliness and scent is important. Virgo loves to flirt but they won’t go anywhere near someone who hasn’t showered that morning or cleaned their nails. If you do see Virgo sidling up to Virgo you’ll know they’ve passed the first test.

First signs of attraction

The second test is when they allow their zodiac soulmate to organize something – think booking a restaurant and Uber for a night out. This behavior means there’s some serious attraction going on – when control freaks give over power love is only a heartbeat away.

The Virgo and Virgo in relationships…

They’re organized, constantly on the go and no-one wraps presents with more style than a Virgo. Lovers of minutiae there’s no detail too small to unpack, examine, elaborate on and execute whether it be candle sticks for the next dinner party or Christmas angels for this year’s tree.

Virgo-Virgo couple

Virgo are fabulous hosts although the anxiety might show through when they break out the good Wedgwood. Weekends are spent scouring markets and antique shops or tackling the latest round of renovations. If able to accommodate each other’s organisational systems and decluttering methodology they appear to be the perfect suburban couple.

Fanatical about health Virgo/Virgo give each other Platinum gym passes for birthdays and run half marathons. Their flu vaccinations are booked a year ahead as well as eye tests, mammograms, cholesterol and blood pressure checks. Wacky diets sometimes do happen and friends must be brave enough to tell them when the Virgo neurosis’ are out of control. They probably wont listen but it’s the ethical thing to do.

Where they may encounter turbulence…

Sometimes Virgo work so hard that they miss living in the moment. They need to stop and smell the roses occasionally and take pride in their family, friends and achievements. If not life becomes a bit of a grind and both end up worn out and disillusioned.

Relationship arguments

Watch out for those OCD tendencies too which, if thrown into overdrive, means never leaving the house because the freshly cleaned oven doesn’t look sparkly enough. This behavior also results in loss of friends who are just too nervous to sit on the white cashmere lounge or go anywhere near the 18th Century figurine collection. Remember perfection is unattainable.

When Virgo and Virgo fall in love…

This is a testing time and very much a power struggle between two titanic take-charge types. Trust is slowly earned through keeping promises, completing tasks and problem solving. It might be choosing a present for Aunt Josies’ 70th or matching cheeses to wines for a romantic picnic. With each test successfully completed, Virgo softens a little and increases the amount of love in their heart.

Couple with love heart

As earth signs they seek connection and order – they want a love that has its feet planted firmly on terra firma and doesn’t possess any undisclosed or hidden agendas and secrets. Virgo are somewhat glass half empty, as well, so expect some doom and gloom – “It will never work out, why bother?” Is a common catch phrase and with two signs in the same mind set sometimes it’s just too easy to walk away – not a good idea as Virgo stubbornly refuses to walk back into anyone’s life once crossed.

Virgo and Virgo sexual compatibility…

Freud would have a field day with these two when it comes to bedroom antics. Both are likely to have cleansing and purification rituals and maybe adverse to love in the mornings – what with bad breath and all. There’s also the control issues and who micro manages who between the sheets.

Sensual experience

Sometimes sex just becomes too hard and they resort to a completely contented platonic relationship. This is not to say that Virgo can’t rock it in the bedroom – indeed there’s creative Uber sex maniac hiding just under the surface – it just requires a fiery Leo or creative Cancer to unlock it. A course in couples intimate massage wouldn’t go astray for Virgo/Virgo.

Virgo and Virgo marriage compatibility…

Generally a good and lasting union – as mutable signs they embrace change as long as it is self directed. Forward thinking Virgo/Virgo are always planning the next renovation or holiday and like the challenge of new experiences – that have undergone a thorough risk assessment first. The wedding will be immaculate with a succession of caterers and florists fired for poor attention to detail. Bridesmaid and Groomsmen also risk wedding party evictions if they fail to pass muster.

Beautiful wedding

Virgo love children and are devoted parents. No child has a more creative book week costume or more extensive labelling of lunch boxes and school uniforms. Virgo needs to avoid turning offspring into germaphobes – let them play in the mud and build resistance through the common cold – also the white shag pile carpet isn’t going to work with babies – no matter how hard you try. When they relax a little and lower impossible standards a sweet spot occurs.

The Good:
Fabulous hosts.
High achievers.
Creative souls.
The Bad:
A pair of hypochondriacs.
Control freaks.
Compatibility Score

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