How The Signs Respond To Compliments…

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Not everyone reacts to compliments the same way. Some will feel uncomfortable and weird when given praise whilst others lap up every word and positively glow when told they are fabulous, beautiful, clever or irresistible. Each zodiac sign has its own unique way of handling compliments, find out how your sign responds below!

Aries: they’ll fish for more as their appetite is insatiable!

Aries fishing for compliments

Aries will rarely turn away a good compliment – in fact they will probably fish for more. They see themselves as daring, courageous and willing to take risks that others would avoid. Give them praise focusing on these traits and they will soar. They are also not above telling you that the level of praise was not high enough – only just excellent? You’ve got to be joking! They can be a little arrogant but they’re thrilled to receive the right compliment.

Taurus: they’re not always so comfortable receiving compliments.

Fun Gemini

Taurus don’t know where to look when complimented and they can get a bit tongue-tied. They are likely to drop their bull head and stare at the ground until the praise ceases. They are, however quite good at singing their own virtues and at reminding people of the value they bring to the table!

Cancer: they’re highly motivated and encouraged by kind words.

Encouraged Cancer

Cancerians loves a compliment – it makes them feel warm and gooey inside and inspires them to return the favor with words or actions. Since the Cancer personality is family and relationship orientated they place high value on praise from those closest to them and less on those from the mouths of strangers. When complimented, hey love to show their appreciation so expect gifts and flattery in return.

Gemini: “thank you but don’t do it again!”.

Skeptical Gemini receiving compliment

Gemini is not always so sure how they feel about praise, some days they are okay with the concept but on others it can feel so fake. What they really dislike are gushing compliments that come with an agenda attached. And they will be brutal with anyone they suspect of speaking with a false tongue. Often its just best to say nothing.

Leo: “tell me more, tell me more, no please don’t stop!”.

Leo loves compliments

Sometimes it seems like the compliment was invented with the Leo personality in mind. Proud and haughty they love to bask in the limelight created by endless platitudes and slavish adulation. They will always acknowledge and thank the compliment giver and if you keep stroking their ego with lavish words you will have made a life long friend.

Virgo: “yeah I know…. what else is news?”.

Self assured Virgo

Virgo are practical realists with a healthy dose of skepticism. If you dig their style – they would much rather see real action that proves it instead of meaningless flowery words. They are likely to brush off empty platitudes with doubt and bluntness. They also know their value and possess a good self-worth so it might seem to them like you’re just stating the bleeding obvious.

Libra: “why thanks and right back at you!”.

Supportive woman

Usually Libra is more likely to be doing the complimenting but when they do receive praise they will giggle, blush and hug you with joy. To balance the scales they often immediately return the favor by telling you just how wonderful, brilliant and amazing you are too. This could easily turn into a mutual admiration society.

Scorpio: in search of quality compliments only.

Raised eyebrows

The Scorpio personality will appear to be indifferent when complimented but they are just processing and evaluating its worth. They will respond when they’ve ranked the quality of your praise to decide whether it’s sheer poetry or total nonsense. They hate fake flattery but thoroughly enjoy unique compliments that have obviously had thought put into them.

Sagittarius: they laugh it off like it aint nothing (even though they love it!).

Complimented Sagittarius

Sagittarius deflects a lot of praise with jokes and laughter. This doesn’t mean they don’t enjoy receiving compliments, it’s just that humor is their go to position for just about everything. They actually love a bit of buttering up – they use it as motivation to dazzle you with their brilliance. Sometimes compliments can lead to a stellar Sagittarius performance.

Capricorn: “that’s great but what how will it help me?”.

Complimented Capricorn

Capricorn is a fan of useful and constructive praise. They enjoy a positive performance evaluation and will use it to strive for perfection. This sign likes to connect the dots so they require substance instead of fluff and they may even ask you further elaborate. In turn when they compliment you, you’ll know that they’re serious and that you’ve done a damn fine job.

Aquarius: if you’re sincere they will give you a massive hug and thanks.

Fun couple

The Aquarius can take a moment to respond whilst they evaluate whether you are genuine or just trying to get something out of them. But if they find you to be truthful they will respond by giving thanks and a massive hug to whoever it is they are talking to. For bonus points try complimenting them on their intellect – they love that type of thing!

Pisces: they’ll over analyze every word and wonder if you really mean it.

Curious Pisces

The Pisces personality – to their detriment – over analyses compliments. At first they can appear to be thrilled by praise. But then they will go away to forensically examine every word until they turn them into a negative. Often they create a story around what wasn’t said – so if told their eyes are lovely, they’ll eventually decide it was only to avoid talking about the extra 5 kilos gained over winter. Expect to be quizzed about the real meaning of your compliment!

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