Traits Each Zodiac Sign Finds IRRESISTIBLE In A Potential Partner…

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Traits The Signs Can't Resist

Every zodiac sign has specific qualities that they look for in a potential partner.

Attractiveness, family history, financial status… it all comes into consideration.

But sometimes a person will just have a trait or characteristic so special and unique that they become totally irresistible to certain signs.

Here’s the lowdown on what each zodiac sign is simply unable to resist.

Aries… can’t resist self-confidence and a risk-taker.


Nothing attracts an Aries more than a strong sense of self confidence and willingness to take gambles in life.

Taurus… can’t resist a nurturing and intuitive personality.

Kissing Couple

Taurus melt in the presence of nurturing types who posses a strong sense of intuition.

Gemini… can’t resist a creative type.

Creative Painting Artist

For one reason or another Geminis can never seem to get enough of those free-spirited creative types.

Cancer… can’t resist an intelligent and caring personality.

Bookworm Couple

The Cancer is a sucker for a partner with a brain and a strong sense of compassion.

Leo… can’t resist the mysterious types.

Mysterious Man

There’s something about the unkown that a Leo simply cannot resist.

Virgo… can’t resist an open mind and care free attitude.

Care Free Couple

Virgos can’t resist an open mind and a care free attitude.

Libra… can’t resist the heart-breakers and heart-broken.

Heart Broken

For better or worse Libras always find themselves drawn to the slightly damaged.

Scorpios… can’t resist the detached and ‘hard to get’.

Emotionally Distant

Scorpios often find themselves pining after those that are just out of reach.

Sagittarius… can’t resist a devoted romantic.

Old School Romantic

Sagittarius is a sucker for a good old fashioned romantic. Flowers, dinner, the works!

Capricorn… can’t resist those with a kind heart and soul.

Kind Eyes

A Capricorn is drawn to those with a kind and generous spirit.

Aquarius… can’t resist a courageous leader with BALLS.

Suit And Tie

Aquarius dig a guy or girl that’s willing to take charge of their life and not take ‘no’ for an answer!

Pisces… can’t resist the spontaneous and adventurous type.

Adventurous Couple Outdoors

Pisces can’t resist a partner that’s always for a crazy adventure at any given moment.