Sexiest Thing About The Zodiac Signs…

Sexy zodiac traits

Sexy can be a hard thing to define thing and isn’t necessarily about a sizzling body and knockout looks – although it can’t hurt if you’ve got that going on as well. Sexy can be a slow burn and it may take while before you realize that someone’s goofy smile or loopy walk is actually hot. It can also be instant when a new encounter just bedazzles the crap out of you the minute they walk passed. The Zodiac identifies each signs sexy hotspots so that you can play to strengths and find the sign that knocks your socks of. Today in pursuit of universal sexiness we present “the sexiest things about the zodiac signs!”.

Aries sexy traits: a bucket load of confidence.

Confident Aries

Can a human really have that much confidence – the answer is a resounding yes if they are Aries and it’s infectious, motivating and very sexy. We all love winners and that how Aries projects – you’ll come hopelessly undone by their take no prisoners, we can rule the universe attitude.

Sexiest feature: Torsos – six packs and cut waists.

Taurus sexy traits: they’re nerdishly cute.

Sexy nerd

Geeks are in and apparently bad boys and girls are yesterdays news – which should make Taurus ecstatic as it’s been a long time between drinks. The world is now waking up to the sensual delights of awkwardness and feeling uncomfortable in your own skin. The thing is – Taurus is bright and fully aware the universe has shifted – they are out there taking advantage of the fact their sexy time has arrived.

Sexiest feature: Shoulders – saucy beasts of burden.

Gemini sexy traits: they’re like elusive butterflies.

Elusive Gemini

Gemini sparkle brilliantly and quickly and then like a magic trick they are gone in a puff of smoke. They don’t deliberately play hard to get but it comes across that way. They will dazzle with wit intelligence and shock with their edgy tongue. There’s nothing more sexy than that which leaves you wanting more.

Sexiest feature: Hands – rude, lewd and proud.

Cancer sexy traits: their kind and warm lovers.

Compassionate couple

Cancers thoughtfulness can be a sexy slow burner but you’ll come to realise their noble traits are what makes them keepers and infinitely attractive. Cancer friends are diverse and long term, small animals are nurtured and anyone in need can have their spare change. Kindness is always sexy.

Sexiest feature: Soulful eyes with bedroom lashes.

Leo sexy traits: their playful and protective nature.

Playful Leo couple

Leo is of course the jewel of any party but once you get past the initial fabulousness , substance does kick it. You’ll rediscover your inner child when it comes to playful Leo and there’s a sexy joy in unbridled silliness. Leo is also extremely protective. Its incredibly alluring to feel safe and protected by a Lion.

Sexiest feature: Hair – the Leo main is a sex machine.

Virgo sexy traits: they can make all of your problems disappear.

Couple riding bikes outdoors

Virgo are problem solvers which – on the surface- doesn’t sound like sexiness to the max. But when you see how nimble their minds are and how efficient and creatively Virgo arrives at solutions –  admiration can take on a sexy undertone. They are the people you want to save the planet from a hurtling meteorite and watching them develop a Laser beam capable of repulsion with 30 seconds to spare will get you all hot and sweaty in the right places.

Sexiest feature: Neck – swanlike and asking to be nibbled.

Libra sexy traits: their soothing and sexy auro.

Sexy couple

Being the sign of balance Libra often radiates a tranquil calm. Their voices are lyrical and soothing and their hands love nothing more than to massage your cares away. People instinctively gravitate to Libra in order to de-stress and their ability to create harmony and light is seriously hot and attractive.

Sexiest feature: Mouths – lips with a licence to thrill.

Scorpio sexy traits: they have a natural talent for seduction.

Sexy Scorpio

The sexiest thing about a Scorpio is their mastery of seduction. Many have elevated the mating dance to a high art form. It’s sexy to watch and even sexier to be the object of affection. Even Scorpios who don’t rank as oil  paintings are transformed into sex on a stick when weaving their seduction magic.

Sexiest feature: Bottoms – the Scorpio tail is just soooo fine.

Sagittarius sexy traits: their happiness is not only contagious but totally hot!

Happy couple

Hilarious and born with boundless energy you’ll laugh till you fall in love. Naturally charismatic, Sag shoots out laser beams of endless positive joy. They will make you wonder why things seemed all gloom and doom before this sexy bungle of comedic sunshine lit up the room. Funny is very sexy.

Sexiest feature: Their legs – sleek and racehorse like.

Capricorn sexy traits: be intrigued by these keepers of secrets.

Mystery woman

You can tell a Capricorn everyone of your dirty dark secrets and they will not blab to anyone – cross my heart and hope to die. These guys are very honourable and trustworthy.  They will let you know they appreciate your confidence and know when to shut up and listen. The sexy part is that the more secrets you tell them the closer and more intimate you’ll feel.

Sexiest feature: Arms – abs to die for.

Aquarius sexy traits: they’re deliciously nutty.

Nutty lovers

Aquarius would like to think it’s their mind that oozes sex appeal but the reality is it’s more like to be their eccentricities. Aquarius is so off centre that you’ll either get the odd socks and clown shoes and be strangely attracted or just have an everyday case of WTF. To those of you who find kooky sexy Aquarius will get your heart racing.

Sexiest feature: Backs – silky elegance.

Pisces sexy traits: they’re ministers of love.

Pisces are the shamans of the Zodiac and often intuitive and wise. Extremely non judgemental they dispense advise that is both smart and practical. Pisces own lives may be chaotic and out of kilter but they are brilliant at saving lost souls and giving prospective. Their spirituality can be so alluring that you just want to curl up in their arms and listening to endless pearl of wisdom.

Sexiest feature: Often it’s the naughty bits – wowsers!!!!